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  1. I was checking in on the "other side of the world" and had Fox news on this afternoon. Before a break (I think on "Outnumbered") they showed a picture of the new Nautilus over white background and a voice over said, "Brought to you by the brand new Ford Lincoln Nautilus". I even listened twice--they definitely said "Ford Lincoln"--and it wasn't local. How does this even happen?
  2. probeGT

    1.5 Million recall

    I was the same with my 2013 ST, and then 6 days ago out of nowhere it died on the freeway. Distance to empty still said 35 miles left. Luckily, I got over to the side of the road safely. After towing it to the dealer, it was diagnosed as out of gas.
  3. I've put almost 50,000 on my FoST and I have had no problems at all. It's only been back to the dealer for a door latch recall. There are also people doing aggressive tuning, bolting on bigger turbos and all kinds of other mayhem and as far as I know there have not been an inordinate number of issues.
  4. Does anyone have any insight on how much you'll actually get to "tour" the building? In other words, how much of it you'll be able to see?
  5. Are those Michigan road slabs a consistent size? This seems to be just about exactly as long as the slab it's on.
  6. So, why is this? Seems like I used to know, but I've forgotten.
  7. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2015-ford-edge-sport-27l-ecoboost-test-review
  8. Oof! I am not digging that interior switchwork AT ALL.
  9. probeGT

    Any Focus ST drivers here??

    I bought mine two days ago, and things are going very well!
  10. Not that it matters much to what you're saying, but the new Mazda6 just beat the Accord in a comparison test over at Car and Driver. The first time anything's beat the Accord for them, at least as far as I can remember. And (to stray even further afield). . . . I still haven't driven a Ford with a V-6 in it I'd trade my Mazda-designed KL for
  11. probeGT

    Focus ST

    Well, much as I'd like to lose some weight, I think it's more likely I go with an ST1 with cloth seats. The Shelby Focus (which has a slightly gussied up version of the ST1 seats), felt a lot more comfortable. Or, I was thinking I get an ST2 and then trade the Recaros to someone with regular Focus leather seats. I do want one of these. . . As you can see, I'm really not in a hurry to lose weight. . . .
  12. probeGT

    Focus ST

    So . . question to the OP. What size/weight are you and how to you fit in the Recaros? I want this to be my next car, but I sat in a couple at NAIAS and those Recaros were TIGHT! I'm 6'1'' and about 200.
  13. probeGT

    My comparison: 10 midsize sedans

    Did you miss that sweet delicious light-blue Camry?
  14. People are getting pretty worked up about this idea of "bias," which is a very overused and abused word when it comes to the media. I don't see that first paragraph as exhibiting any particular "bias"; to me, it seems like a pretty good summation of this guy's opinion about the car based on having spent some time with it. He is a car reviewer, right? Which means he's entitled to his opinions. He drove the MKZ, he has driven the Fusion, and IHO, there's not much substantial in the MKZ that's not in the Fusion. Is there any real evidence that Phelan approached the car on Day 1 before even driving it with this "bias" that it's just a re-badged Fusion? And, did he hold on to this "bias" in the face of convincing evidence to the contrary? Is his review totally out of line with what other reviewers have said about the car? If the answer to any of these was a convincing "yes," well then we might have bias; otherwise I think people are just fired up because he's given a lukewarm review to a car a lot of people on this board have high hopes for.