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  1. Saw a gladiator on the road yesterday. looked weird. Not a fan.
  2. When are the spy shots going to start?
  3. needs to be convertible. I don't like the removable roof panels, To much noise from the B and C pillars.
  4. I like it. just make sure the top comes off.
  5. All those struts, door frames, etc. will create a ton of wind noise when the top is down. That is a total negative.
  6. Gnostic

    GM Sales February 2019

    I think that generation of chevy is the best looking one they produced. More modern looking than the Ford of that era.
  7. I think ford going with performance EV is the way to go initially. People will spend more for performance than for fuel economy. People aren't buying Teslas because they are economical
  8. Gnostic

    2020 Chevrolet trax teased

    very C-max looking in front
  9. Gnostic

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    I thought it was a Caiman
  10. Gnostic

    Lincoln BEV

    another "tarted up" ford 🙄
  11. Gnostic

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Maximum torque at 1 rpm helps.
  12. Gnostic

    Ranger sales estimate

    If this is true. Its on my short list.
  13. still looks the same to me.
  14. Gnostic

    MKC replacement spied

    Nautilus is Greek for sailor. Supposedly the inspiration for the name