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  1. Or Hackett is a douche and Shanks can't stand working for him.
  2. New safety feature: no more exhausting the cabin
  3. Low take rate when they offered it previously
  4. If price and discounting are the prime motivators, just wait until Ram beings the Dakota back.
  5. J-150

    7.3 hp/tq numbers?

    Hp and torque numbers are: Good grief/Holy crap!
  6. J-150

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    Planning your load.
  7. J-150

    Tailgate wars heating up.

    Hmm, does no one think to load the bed before attaching a trailer? Kind of like how it's been done for several hundred years.
  8. Both the Coors and Molson families were equally proud of even older family owned companies. They merged because they could, not because they had to. Ford is one recession away from needing to sell.
  9. Tails... maybe. Headlights no. We think vertical headlights because the Art and Science look since the mid 90s. Maybe a couple of 70s models. Did ya know Ford sold more vertical taillight Econoline than Cadillac sold cars?
  10. Any of those vertical headlights in the 80s and 90s?
  11. I guess you weren't around in the 80s and 90s
  12. J-150

    Bronco news?

    Ford didn't lose anything. For everything they do to appease you, they lost a sale to some other armchair CEO.
  13. J-150

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Enough room to address any future competitive threats from Ram or GM
  14. Can and Do are two different things. I wholeheartedly agree the Ridgeline is a joke, but it's serves its purpose. The others are woefully over engineered for what most people do with them. Same with half tons. People don't need to tow 8000# at 100mph, but they want to be able to.