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  1. atomcat68

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    You beat me to it! If you cover the front, it looks like an evolution of the Saturn Ion.
  2. Quick! stop the sale on that one Dodge Avenger this month!
  3. I like that. That's more of a high riding hatchback than a CUV. I'd even name that Fiesta X or Active to use some of the brand equity established with the Fiesta.. Both the Ecosport itself and the cruddy name are just all around bad and not appropriate for the American market.
  4. atomcat68

    Bronco mule

    The only other thing I can think of is that it could be some sort of Hummer like independent suspension.
  5. atomcat68

    Bronco mule

    It's almost as if whatever is the most expected suspension set up isn't the one the Bronco is getting. Could it be some sort of air spring to adjust ride height instead of a leaf spring?...
  6. atomcat68

    GM Sales February 2019

    That's probably it. Some supplier issue and a slow ramp up to production.
  7. Never say never, after all they did beat the Super bowl winner in the regular season. The pieces are in place, they just have to figure out how to use them.
  8. I remember when I was a kid in New England wishing the Sox could win a world series and the Pats could have better than a 4 and 12 season. EDIT- My point is not to brag, but tell everyone who picks on the Browns and other sports teams to cut it out and that teams that may not be doing well now, to never give up. They may be the next champions.
  9. atomcat68

    Bronco mule

    I guess the take away from this may be that it is small and more true to the original Bronco than the "OJ" Bronco. This makes me happier. After all, if they had to cut that much off a Ranger, to get this mule to fit, it has to be somewhat small.
  10. atomcat68

    2020 Jaguar XE Revealed

    I think the XF will survive. The XJ will probably die in favor of a 7 seat CUV and the XE will also probably be phased out for a small CUV. The XF is the best possible size to please the sporty and luxury ends of the market.
  11. atomcat68

    2020 Jaguar XE Revealed

    Maybe Ford can send them the tooling for the Fusion to make another X type. It is still better looking than this, and Ford is not going to use it anymore. All joking aside, this will not stop this car's sales slide and this model does not have much of a future.
  12. I like it. I think if they did a sedan like car, it would have coach doors. I think the whole reason they put this in that special edition Continental, was to gauge the reactions of the public and it will find its way on a future SUV coupe or sedan and possibly on some CUV models as well.
  13. Eagle, which was AMC after Chrysler bought it. EDIT: oops, Eagle was 1998, but almost 2000ish.
  14. The problem is that when that segment disappears, the race to the bottom will start with CUVs as auto makers will discount and rebate these models to gain market share.
  15. atomcat68

    Focus ST

    So, wishful thinking says, "let's make it the Ford 230 ST and not have a Focus badge on it at all and bring it over in limited amounts."
  16. atomcat68

    GM to exit Oz, hand sales to distributor..?

    In 2009, During the bankruptcy, GM was trying to sell the Saturn dealer network and the right to use the Saturn name to other manufacturers, but it fell through when Penske failed to secure a deal with Renault Samsung to import cars they built to the USA to be sold as Saturns after GM stopped making them. They could do the same with Holden and allow someone not in the Aussie market to enter the market selling their cars as Holden branded cars. But I think if they took this route, history would repeat itself and the brand would probably disappear like Saturn.
  17. Beat me to it! My 2005 Mustang had the same problem. There is a port under the dashboard where a mechanic can diagnose the car and read the error code. I borrowed this device from a friend who is a mechanic and the error code came back as a throttle body. I went to Allied auto parts and fixed it myself for under 20 dollars. It is a stupid tiny part you can fix yourself that sits right on top of the engine and is easy to get to. It takes more effort to replace a wipe blade. You really don't need to spend serious money for a dealer to do this.
  18. atomcat68

    Reuss on Cadillac: "One Last Chance"

    The biggest problem with Cadillac is that the market and Cadillac's own customers told them what they wanted and voted with their wallets, and GM didn't listen. Over the past 10 years, sedan buyers voted with their wallets for a Deville/DTS/XTS type of sedan, but GM wrongly told their customers they wanted a BMW fighter. The customers loved the second generation SRX, and instead of working on a three row like everyone else was doing, they invested more into BMW fighting sedans. Buyers don't like being told what they want. Now imagine if they designed an Alpha platform in 2009 that spawned an elegant three row CUV and sedan (Deville like), and a sporty two row CUV and sporty sedan...
  19. The success may be that there is still equity in the Continental nameplate. Even if they don't design any more sedans, it could still be used for a CUV or whitespace vehicle.
  20. atomcat68

    Reuss on Cadillac: "One Last Chance"

    One chance or what? No one thinks they'd pull the plug on future Cadillac EV vehicles if they fail on this one if everyone else is going to make them. Just shut up and make everything your best effort!
  21. atomcat68

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    This of course was a joke. I hated the MK naming scheme an I'm happy to see it go. That being said, it's fun to be a troll once in a while. I still think a high performance EV should try the Continental name, seeing as how a sedan probably won't be using it for long.
  22. atomcat68

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    How about MKE... 😈
  23. atomcat68

    Ford mondeo

    UUUUG! It still looks the same!