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  1. The Chinese Taurus is a Ford version of the Lincoln Continental which is based on Fusion and not related to the Volvo based one that just ended production here. Space should be on point with what the Lincoln has.
  2. And I cringe to think that the 58 mpg was probably achieved by going 15 mph under the speed limit with five miles of open road in front of him and 20 miles of bumper to bumper cars with pissed off drivers behind him getting every red light along the way.
  3. China produces more than twice the amount of cars that the USA does. This is roughly the same percentage of EV cars per capita that the USA currently sells. Edit: and last time I checked, CA is still a part of the USA, so if CA's sales weren't included in the whole US output, then the USA has a higher adoption rate (%) among cars sold.
  4. To a point, yes. But Ford's name is on the car and they had the final say on how the transmission was built. Ford must have had some sort of problem when testing the prototypes of the car, especially when such a high percentage of these transmissions failed. When Ford was aware of the problem, they continued building the cars with the faulty transmissions when alternatives were available.
  5. I saw at least four of them at Herb Chambers Ford in Braintree MA. That orang-y color Ranger was in the showroom.
  6. That would be a good way to bring back the Fusion or Taurus name.
  7. My hope is that the regular sedan is Zephyr and the extended wheelbase with coach doors is Continental and both are at Flat Rock with the Mustang.
  8. If they go down to one sedan, I hope it's named Continental.
  9. Whenever I get an il change or service at the dealer I like to look at the new cars on the lot, specifically Mustangs, to see if one serenades me into buying it like my last two did. Now, there's usually around three at Herb Chambers in MA. They usually just carry Escapes by the billion which is as exciting as going to Home Depot to look at the new line of toilet plungers. And I don't want an SUV or pickup. Then there's Quirk in Quincy MA. The worst dealership in the universe with sales men with gold rings and watches and slicked back hair. They have some Mustangs. A base model with cloth seats and manual for around $35,000 with a surprisingly empty option list, a GT for around $50,000 and the usual Shelby with a $65,000 sticker and a $50,000 ADM sitting by the entrance for around 18 months with six salesmen standing around it that say, "You'd look good driving that home." And they wonder why they cant sell this car for the years they have it and never lower the ADM. Then they have the usual array of Toilet plungers... um Escapes. Sooo, I think I'll be driving my 2012 car for life.
  10. I don't doubt him. I was just saying that many are going to believe C&D because they were right on that one. It's like people believing a fortune teller because one prediction was correct and forget the 100 that were wrong. I think in a year we'll be laughing at all of their Bronco renderings too.
  11. I think I'd be happy if this would be a low cost option like the 90's Mustang LX, but methinks this is probably going to cost in excess of $40,000.
  12. Oh, come on! It's going to be another CUV.
  13. In 2014, C&D did do a render of what they thought the gen 6 Mustang would look like, and they were pretty close. I think this is why so many are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  14. I don't really like CUVs, but I do like the style the new Lincolns bring to the table (Navigator, Aviator and now Corsair... not so much Nautilus). I saw my first Aviator on the road and it really stands out. This Corsair should do well too. The two models will probably be 2/3 of total Lincoln sales.
  15. I'm starting to wish that they named the rugged off road Escape, because it is square-ish like the original Escape and the urban active Fusion or use the European name Kuga.
  16. And the fact that there is no second generation Mosel S when the competition like the Porsche comes out, will add the compound interest to this equation.
  17. atomcat68

    Mustang Mach-E trademarked

    If it looked like that, I'd lose the pony badge and name it Fusion. That would work in Europe as well as the Fusion name was on a CUV.
  18. I also think it's interesting that they classify Escape as an MPV (multipurpose vehicle like C-max ) as opposed to a CUV or SUV.
  19. atomcat68

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

    I believe in this segment (Mid sized pickups) The Gladiator will be a runaway hit. I don't think it will pinch many sales away from Wrangler. I think it will steal sales away from other brands. I also think the brands that will have the most to lose will be Nissan and Toyota, whose dated products stand in stark contrast to this, as well as Jeep's ability to appeal to customers who wouldn't otherwise consider an American brand.
  20. Stallion? I was looking at different horse breeds and none of those names a really good. There's even a Fjord horse! "Introducing the Frod Fjord" So maybe the possible names should include Cowboy influenced themes like Ranchero for the small pickup. Maverick certainly fits this bill as in a strange way so does Taurus. Maybe something new is in order, so I like Stallion, or Range for a small pickup . Range can be to Ranger what Explorer is to Expedition.
  21. ...Aaaaannnnnd, there's usually a reason for that.
  22. I think that is Mr. Hackett's strategy.
  23. A lot of times, journalists get some facts wrong or make generalizations. The five models may start production at different times like start building two models and adding as they go along. I was a journalist at one time and I always found myself saying to others, "are you sure you should be printing that?, That's not exactly what they said."
  24. atomcat68

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    No, Moldmobile will never come back.