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  1. atomcat68

    Reuss on Cadillac: "One Last Chance"

    The biggest problem with Cadillac is that the market and Cadillac's own customers told them what they wanted and voted with their wallets, and GM didn't listen. Over the past 10 years, sedan buyers voted with their wallets for a Deville/DTS/XTS type of sedan, but GM wrongly told their customers they wanted a BMW fighter. The customers loved the second generation SRX, and instead of working on a three row like everyone else was doing, they invested more into BMW fighting sedans. Buyers don't like being told what they want. Now imagine if they designed an Alpha platform in 2009 that spawned an elegant three row CUV and sedan (Deville like), and a sporty two row CUV and sporty sedan...
  2. The success may be that there is still equity in the Continental nameplate. Even if they don't design any more sedans, it could still be used for a CUV or whitespace vehicle.
  3. atomcat68

    Reuss on Cadillac: "One Last Chance"

    One chance or what? No one thinks they'd pull the plug on future Cadillac EV vehicles if they fail on this one if everyone else is going to make them. Just shut up and make everything your best effort!
  4. atomcat68

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    This of course was a joke. I hated the MK naming scheme an I'm happy to see it go. That being said, it's fun to be a troll once in a while. I still think a high performance EV should try the Continental name, seeing as how a sedan probably won't be using it for long.
  5. atomcat68

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    How about MKE... 😈
  6. atomcat68

    Ford mondeo

    UUUUG! It still looks the same!
  7. They could use Lincolns as the dealer loaner cars for those brands when they go into the service department, and their customers will probably spend more time in Lincolns than the brands they bought and see that Lincolns are much nicer than expected.
  8. atomcat68

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Let’s use Continental...
  9. The Toyota brand could be made up of 30 percent sedans as other brands phase them out and stubborn sedan buyers migrate to brands like Toyota who keep sedans.
  10. All I know is that the big three Japanese carmakers, say they will continue to support cars in some capacity and all the American makers are bailing or appear to be bailing as GM and Chrysler seem to be keeping at least one car (other than the pony car) in the line up. So, who do I believe is right? I guess I'm going to have to believe the one who took half the market share of the other. I think the big three are making a mistake if they 100 percent abandon cars.
  11. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Dodge was just going to be 2 cars (Challenger and Charger) and Chrysler will just be "people movers" which will end up being 4 models. Pacifica, and then a small minivan called Portal will arrive next, the 300 and Dodge Journey get replaced by a CUV based off the minivan and the Durango will turn into the Chrysler Aspen again in its next generation, which is ironic, as the Aspen name started as a Dodge. And this Aspen is the Jeep Commander in China as it is based on the Grand Cherokee.
  12. I would have made Ram a Jeep product if I was going to separate it from Dodge. There was no need for a new brand and Jeep carries a great deal of weight.
  13. Corsair and Nautilus are not even on the same platform as Aviator, which should deliver a totally different driving experience being the weight distribution and driving dynamics are different from FWD based cars.
  14. And now they did it with CUVs. XT4, XT5, and XT6 are all too close to each other in my opinion.
  15. atomcat68

    What!!, CT6 gets new life in US.

    They got bad press for cancelling the super sedan after they spent so much designing it, and now they're getting some pretty bad vibes so far about the XT6. I think they want to save face a bit by ignoring the CT6 isn't selling. This is a little like, "I meant to do that"...