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  1. What the hell?!! Levorg sounds like some big brained alien that chases the Enterprise in a cube shaped spaceship! Couldn't they come up with something better?
  2. A few years ago or so, I put on this forum that the Focus transmission problems were going to seriously damage Ford's reputation and cause many buyers, most of which are first time buyers to swear off Ford for good. Someone, I forget who posted in response, "Drama much?" Well... here you go. Read the articles and see. It is simply not just the people who bought the car that got burned, its also those who bought the car second hand, and between these people many were first time buyers (young) who will now never buy Ford again. At least if I got burned by this, I'd have other Fords I owned that I liked and may still consider Ford based on that. But these kids, will trash Ford to their friends too and they won't buy them either. Henry Ford was pretty explicit on how he viewed reputation. (You cant build a reputation based on something you say you're going to do.) It takes may years to build confidence in your product and one bad experience to lose it. Multiply this over seven years averaging 200,000 cars a year or so and all the used car experiences and that's a lot of angry people who are advising everyone they know to stay away from Ford. So drama much? Yes, I'd say so.
  3. atomcat68

    2020 Corvette revealed

    It almost looks like something one would expect Alfa Romeo to make. I don't like the look of it at all, my first impression was to post that Darth Vader screaming "Nooooooo" again, but here's my serious take on it. I think they are in danger of taking too much of the "Corvette-ness" out of it and alienating its fan base. This reminds me of the recent 007 news story. The new product may be great if we view it as an isolated event, but it is part of a tradition that has an established fan base and that fan base may not accept it. It wont perform like a Corvette, be more expensive, and they didn't improve the way it looks.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-sports/new-c8-corvette-door-rendering-seeks-to-reveal-the-car-early/ar-AAE8KTB?ocid=spartanntp This may be one of those times where a car looked better under the padding and camouflage. I hope this render is not accurate.
  5. Those are like my Mustang's radio buttons.
  6. Also jellymold and that Lemon guy and Hemisbc.
  7. Mustang is a given and if I suppose they mean Bronco as another. Bronco Scout would be interesting too.
  8. atomcat68

    New Ford Puma

    It just seems like it would be the same thing as naming a new small CUV the Ford Probe or EXP over here. Puma doesn't fit and there were better legacy names to use. This seems like the moment when Mercury was going to name their version of the Generation 3 Focus in 2012 "Tracer" while leaving Comet or Meteor in the dust bin.
  9. atomcat68

    GM urges patience as Silverado falls to No. 3

    Even a full sized pick up sold to a fleet sale, is worth more profit than a mid sized car sold at retail. GM is throwing away truck sales which are more profitable than those of CUVs and cars. To add insult to injury they are now being beaten by Ram, who used to be the JV team. So as much I grind my teeth at Ford cancelling cars, I can see their point to a degree. GM now better start praying to whatever auto industry god is out there that Toyota doesn't figure out a winning formula for trucks as they are not afraid to take market share from others.
  10. atomcat68

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    ...Meanwhile at the GM forums,
  11. atomcat68

    New Ford Puma

    Dang! forgot about that...
  12. atomcat68

    New Ford Puma

    Yeah, but I was thinking of an added model of Fiesta to augment the one in Europe and replace the one here.
  13. atomcat68

    New Ford Puma

    The Puma seems more like a tall hatchback than a CUV to me, which I think is fine as I'm not a big CUV fan. I waited a few days to comment, as I am now getting used to the styling and I have to say I'm starting to like it, especially the interior! I don't know why they are calling this a Puma, when it could wear a Fiesta Active name. Like Alan Mullaly, I like using brand equity and Fiesta is a world car and not a Europe name like the Puma was when it was a small coupe. I hope it does come here as well.
  14. Also telling is today's announcement from Ford about closing plants and cutting the work force in Europe.
  15. atomcat68

    Camaro may go on hiatus.

    I had a feeling this would probably happen. Maybe instead of developing a Next generation Camaro maybe an alpha based high performance CUV would be a better fit as a Chevy Nomad.