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  1. I think that is Mr. Hackett's strategy.
  2. A lot of times, journalists get some facts wrong or make generalizations. The five models may start production at different times like start building two models and adding as they go along. I was a journalist at one time and I always found myself saying to others, "are you sure you should be printing that?, That's not exactly what they said."
  3. atomcat68

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    No, Moldmobile will never come back.
  4. atomcat68

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    I find this really distressing that Cadillac is regressing to the 80's Cadillac where their cars were luxury in name only. This is made worse by the fact the sedan is on its own platform and should stand out from the rest of GM's lineup. It seriously looks like a Saturn or Pontiac revival.
  5. Absolutely true! The overall product is king. The importance of names would be the tradition. BMW can get away with number cars, because that is what they did from the beginning. Everyone knows what a 3, 5, x5 or whatever because they have always maintained a consistency of nameplates. Lincoln and Cadillac adopted an alphanumeric scheme that makes no sense and they were not consistent with it. Even people in the industry like auto writers and salesmen often spoke of an MKZ as a MKS or MKX. It was hard to conjure up a mental image of what it was. Names are the easiest to latch on to. I am a car nut, and I cant remember what Acura is what. The only one I get right is the NSX, the sports car, and I'm still not sure I'm putting the letters in the right order. Cadillac isn't going to make it easier by calling a car a CT5 574854753^%(*^)* or whatever. It also doesn't help that the car is styled as forgettable as it is. I feel they dropped a pass on both the 7seat CUV and new sedan both do not look luxurious, and have forgettable names.
  6. I think if they come up with a truly breakthrough BEV or plug in that's revolutionary, then Escala or Elmiraj would be great. I can't just see applying Escala which was amazing as a show car to such a "regular" car as the CT5. What was even more sad is how badly they watered down the Escala style and changed enough to make it suck.
  7. Never throw away tradition. Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston all use old sounding names (Phantom, Vanquish, Mulsanne.) Even Lincoln's nameplates are old sounding, but work. Older people are the ones with the money to buy the cars. Also, the number of Spanish speakers people in the USA are growing and having Spanish nameplates can't hurt there either. The only word nameplate Cadillac has is Escalade which I still find a cringeworthy name. It almost sounds like some forgotten Joel Gray musical.
  8. atomcat68

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    It's amazing to think those came out in 1986! The Taurus looks a bit dated, but the Sable looks like it aged really well!
  9. At this point they should just make the VIN number the model with the last six digits "the personal touch". Here's what I would do: 7 seat CUV: Fleetwood 5 seat CUV: Deville large sedan: Seville Sporty sedan: Eldorado XT4: Eldorado Shooting Brake
  10. Agree. Mustang design cues like the scalloped doors have made their way to other Ford cars before. This BEV may go a little crazy with them, but the Mustang is a good car to emulate.
  11. atomcat68

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    You beat me to it! If you cover the front, it looks like an evolution of the Saturn Ion.
  12. Quick! stop the sale on that one Dodge Avenger this month!
  13. atomcat68

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

  14. I like that. That's more of a high riding hatchback than a CUV. I'd even name that Fiesta X or Active to use some of the brand equity established with the Fiesta.. Both the Ecosport itself and the cruddy name are just all around bad and not appropriate for the American market.