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  1. Exit32

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    Status update, please: 1FM5K8HC3LGA21316 This Explorer has been stuck "In Production" since June 17. Thank you in advance for some good news!
  2. Exit32

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    Status update, please: 1FM5K8HC3LGA21316 Thank you for what you do to help us manage the wait!
  3. Status, please: 1FM5K8HC3LGA21316 Thank you!
  4. Thanks for explaining why the Base model is missing from the 2020 Explorer Packaging Guide. I learned something new!
  5. Thank you, ice-capades, for sharing the 2020 Explorer Packaging Guide with us. Much appreciated! Noticed that the Base model Explorer is not included in this guide. Only the XLT, Limited, Platinum, and ST models are presented.
  6. I know the 2020 Explorer was shown at the Detroit Auto Show, and I believe the same 2020 Explorer prototypes were on display at the recent Chicago Auto Show. My wife and I would like to see the 2020 Explorers at an upcoming auto show -- and we're willing to travel to do so -- but can't seem to find which auto shows will feature the 2020 Explorer. Is there a website that presents Ford's auto-show schedule and indicates which locations will have the 2020 Explorer on display? I know most of the auto shows are supported by the area's Ford dealers, but "future" vehicles like the 2020 Explorer must be supplied by corporate. Correct?
  7. My dealer was also unable to provide lease info for the 2020 Explorer. So we have at least two dealers who agree they are in the dark.
  8. The problem is that dealers don't understand Ford's process. My dealer thought ordering my 2018 Explorer as stock would speed delivery, but I agree with blwnsmoke in that for early builds, the stock-order vehicles get buried -- and remain buried -- while retail orders are built and shipped after "OK to Buy" I issued. This is why I insisted on a retail order for my 2020 Explorer. And why I had to explain all this to the dealer because they wanted to do the stock-order thing again.
  9. I did not have a good experience when I placed a stock order for my 2018 Explorer Platinum. I ordered my 2018 Explorer on August 9, 2017 -- shortly after the order bank opened for the 2018 models. With this vehicle, I experienced a seven-week delay between the build date and delivery date. During that time, my Explorer sat outside the Chicago Assembly plant. My dealer knew I wanted this 2018 Explorer as soon as possible, so they ordered it as dealer stock -- not retail. Because it was an early build, I suspect my 2018 Explorer was stashed at the back of the storage lot and forgotten. I didn't hear anything about a delay in the "OK to Sell" for the 2018 models, and I'm sure there were retail-order vehicles being shipped while my stock-order Explorer languished in outdoor storage as last winter's snow arrived in Chicago. This time, I've placed a retail order for my 2020 Explorer and hope it will be built and ship shortly after the "OK to Sell" is announced. FWIW, here's the timeline I experienced with my 2018 Explorer: 8/9/2017: Order placed for 2018 Explorer Platinum 9/15/2017: VIN assigned 11/8/2017: Production scheduled 11/9/2017: Window sticker available 11/16/2017: Explorer built in Chicago 1/2/2018: Explorer delivered to dealership
  10. I was able to order my 2020 Explorer Platinum this morning. Per akirby's advice, I asked the dealer to order my vehicle as RETAIL rather than STOCK. If all goes as planned at Chicago Assembly, I'm guessing I'll take delivery sometime in July. I appreciate all the knowledge that's shared by the Ford experts on this forum!
  11. It's now been two weeks since the 2020 Explorer order bank was scheduled to open. As of today, my sales guy says pricing info has not been released, and he won't be able to submit my order for a 2020 Platinum until pricing is available. Make sense?
  12. Thank you ice-capades. I printed a copy of the 2020 Explorer Order Guide, studied it, then visited my local Ford dealership to order a 2020 Platinum with the Premium Technology Package. My sales guy was pleased to see me but was unable to enter my order -- the order bank for the 2020 Explorer hasn't opened yet.
  13. Thank you for this update, ice-capades. I want to order a 2020 Explorer ASAP and was told the retail order bank will open on January 16. Of course, I want to study the order guide before visiting my local Ford dealer. Standing by ...
  14. Exit32

    2018 Explorer Platinum

    Thank you, cyberdman!
  15. Exit32

    2018 Explorer Platinum

    Status update, please ... VIN: 1FM5K8HT1JGA17018 Thanks!