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  1. Eel

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

    You will like your Edge more as time goes on. We recently purchased a new 2018 Titanium to replace our 2009 Limited. The 09 was a great SUV and had no problems in our nearly 10 years together. We sold it ourselves and got about $2000 more than we could have received by trading it in. The 2018 has the 302A package and it does everything with ease and is a vehicle that we like more every time we drive it. Congrats on the 2016 SEL I am sure you will enjoy it for many years!
  2. Eel

    Blue Oval Paint

    Does anyone know where I can order pre-mixed touch up paint that will match the dark blue on Ford emblems. Dealer does not carry it. I can probably get it matched at a paint shop but would rather just order a small tube of it.
  3. http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130527/AUTO0102/305270307/1148/auto01/U-S-investigates-400-000-Ford-F-150-trucks-engine-problems
  4. I read one time that Ford gives a price break to Ford stock owners. If true, what is the name of that plan?
  5. Eel

    2013 Mustang GT

    Well said. I could not agree more. The last Mustang I owned was a GT and in window down weather I preferred the exhaust sound to the sound system. There is nothing like a great V-8. It is like comparing a Harley to a mo-ped as far as the sound quality goes. Loudness is not the key factor, it is the quality and depth of the sound.
  6. Eel

    Leather problems

    Very glad to hear that they satisfied your needs. And, you are right aobut repeat customers. Should I buy another Ford, it would be from this dealership. While their service record on our Edge has not been perfect, I think most of the folks in the service dept. are trying their best and are successful most of the time. We have the Edge in now for a transmission problem and I am hoping they come through on it. They have slowly built up a level of trust and confidence that I think they will do it right.
  7. I am very glad you got it fixed so quickly and hope it stays in good working order. As I said earlier, our Edge has a slipping or hesitation in the transmission as well. I took it in for service today and they checked it out. The dealer is really a good one and has ordered the parts needed. The tech said he has had two or three of these and the fix seems good. While there, I test drove a F-150 FX-4, 5.0. It was a beautiful black truck with black interior. It was super quiet and powerful. However, it too had a transmission problem. While driving along I punched it so feel the power and it hesitated and then slammed into a lower gear. Very rough downshift. The salesman looked a little perplexed when I told him our Edge was going through similar problems. The truck was a demo, not a brand new one. Ford does have some problematic transmissions out there based on my experience and what the transmission tech told me. I am glad I have a good quality dealer to work with. I drive past two Ford dealers to trade and deal with this one. When the cars and trucks are problematic, you better have some support.
  8. Eel

    Leather problems

    I took the Edge back today for service. I asked the service manager who covered the repair. He stated that Ford, not the dealership, paid for the repair. I thought this was the case based on how it was initially handled. He reviewed the problem, checked with someone else (presumably Ford) and then gave me the good news. Evidently my warranty did cover the problem. I was pleased obviously.
  9. Eel

    Truck Advertising

    That is probably accurate. I last bought a new truck in 2006.
  10. Eel

    Truck Advertising

    I stand (or rather sit) corrected! I thought that Ford only had a 3/36 on the drivetrain. Great news and seems competitive.
  11. Eel

    Truck Advertising

    The Ram ad was simple and to the point. The question is why does Ford not offer a better warranty, at least as good as the competition? I currently drive a Frontier that had a good warranty on the drivetrain (5/60.000). The Frontier is getting some age on it and I am just now considering a trade. Believe me, the warranty is a consideration. I would not consider a Silverado, but a Ram could be considered. Of course, another Frontier or Toyota Tacoma seems more likely as I like their size and garagibility. I am taking our Edge in tomorrow for service and will probably drive a F-150 as I have a promotion paper that gives me a $50.00 gift card for doing so. I know the Ford is a great truck, probably the best available. Question is still why does Ford not have that confidence? It has not hurt sales so far, but the added emphasis on warranties in these ads could make that change.
  12. That is really bad news. I hate it for you, especially with so few miles. Upside is there should be no problem getting it fixed. Your truck is the same as I have been Internet shopping. Not ready to buy yet, depends a lot on what happens personally in the next few months. My wife's Edge's transmission does the "slip or skip" move occasionally. It had it's worse episode last Friday. Next oil change, I will have it checked out . Best wishes in getting it back on the road.
  13. Eel

    5.0L EB???????

    I agree with you. An F-150 with the EB 5.0 would be a great option. Also, throw in true dual exhausts with the package. I think the Ram pickups look so great with the carved bumpers and duals. Ford should move this direction as it would help performance, efficiency and appearance.
  14. Eel

    Leather problems

    Since I started this topic about the '09 Edge, I will update. We got an entire new lower half seat cover and a new leather steering wheel at no cost. This was a CPO car. It took a second attempt to get it all done, but the dealer checked the warranty and took care of it. Other things have been poorly done by this dealer, but on this one I am very satisfied. They did a good job on it all this time. Concerning the time frame of reporting the Lincoln tear, it sounds reasonable to me that the dealer and Ford should help this customer. My torn leather on the Mustang that I mentioned earlier, was taken care of by a Ford dealer well after two weeks. It was probably in the second month of ownership that I got it fixed. The car had several initial problems and since the dealer was an hour or twoaway I just waited to get the entire listing before contacting them. The longer I owned it, the more I found. Then one trip took care of it. Sometimes you just have to be very persistant. I had an experience with a Toyota one time that illustrates this. I bought the car new (my wife's first new car) and it arrived with defective bushings in the front end. It squeeked and moaned like it had 200,000 miles on it. The Toyota dealer was willing to lube them and that was it. After a couple trips there, I told him the car was staying with him until fixed and I insisted on a loaner car. We argued a little but he finally gave it up and fixed the car. That was the second new Toyota I had bought, and after that difficulty, it was my last. But, he did fix it finally at no cost to me. The aggravation and arguing lost him some future sales however. The thing of singing an acceptance form saying everything is fine with a new car is, in my mind, weak. It may be binding, but still seems silly. I have very seldom found the problems until I get the car home and give it a first washing and waxing. At that point, if you have cosmetic problems, they will be obvious.
  15. The argument that the auto workers are paying taxes is a weak one. We all pay taxes. Every category of worker does, as well as a lot of retired people. Should GM have been bought by another company those workers would still be paying taxes. AND, we would not be out any tax dollars for GM. My argument is not with the Volt itself, it is with the government always thinking that the taxpayer is an endless supply of cash. The Volt is not selling well, despite the incentives that the taxpayer is providing. A large portion of the 6000 or so they have sold has been to municipalities using federal money. GE also is a big buyer of them. If you want one, I encourage you to buy it. I would not want to help or hinder your free choice of how to spend your hard earned money. On the other hand, I do not want the government to take my hard earned money and us it to support GM. The government should not be picking winners and losers. They should just stay out of the game and let the companies do what they do best (or in GM's case, not so well). Either we live in a free-market system or we don't. Currently we do not, but I long for the day that embrace free-market principles as a society.