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  1. ZanatWork

    1994 Bronco Dually on eBay

    So...add weight and drag, but leave the little 302 in the nose? I do NOT get the point.
  2. Torn on the whole IFS debate, because a well tuned IFS could be better, if losing some "macho" points in the process. I want the Bronco to be genuinely capable off-road...but I don't know if trying to out-hardcore the Wrangler is the best way for the model to succeed.
  3. Hmmm... ...I keep kinda thinking that they could have something that would be easily scalable to compete with, say, half of Subaru's offerings within a single mode's range. I thought the Focus Active had that potential, but maybe this one...?
  4. What's obviously the most important take from this is that the Flex is still humming along, and deserves a worthy successor.
  5. I'll always think that Fields' greatest issue was that he couldn't "take the room" with leadership charisma. He wasn't admired, respected, and/or feared enough to keep the old bad habits from returning. He may or may not have had the political clout within the company to do much, either...but I'm well aware the my viewpoint is basically up in the nosebleed section. I don't have any real insider information. The new financial guy may be a boon or a curse...but what's unchanging is that the next few years of Ford's future are at least as important as those heading into last decade's recession. The new products need to be pretty amazing, and to set precedent for a genuinely strong step into a very nebulous future.
  6. I remember Corvairs in my old neighborhoods, thought the "Monza" variant was kinda attractive...but mostly, they represent how big an bulky our attempts at copying European designs were.
  7. ZanatWork

    IRS for the F-150?

    Kinda saw this coming, with RAM making inroads via their coil-sprung 1500 model and its gentler ride (if also less payload/towing) than its half ton rivals. Knowing that Ford theoretically had the pieces rolling under Expys and Navs already, I'd been wondering if this could occur.
  8. Hey, I hope he's right. Most of the product rumblings seem basically positive and reflective of current trends. However, the time in limbo is both annoying for brand loyalists and fodder for every Wall Street analyst d-bag. The "turning point" needs to be clipping the apex of the corner, ASAFP.
  9. Thanks for the numbers, it gives some idea of what's actually going on. Rough month for the Continental...yikes....
  10. ZanatWork

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    I would not, as GM's actual offerings are largely crap...in fact, they define mediocrity/failure as much as any time that I can remember.
  11. If they could find a good way to make an AWD Mustang available with both engines and both transmissions, I'd find that interesting...but I don't see that happening until the hybrid model.
  12. ZanatWork

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    A huge amount of the current frustration with Ford is the extended limbo period that we're currently inhabiting; we're years into the rumors regarding the Bronco, the forthcoming electrification, which we've seen the cars getting cut and two recent offerings (Ecosport and Ranger) coming in as aging place holders. Granted, the Ranger is being welcomed with impressive sales...but the big news with Ford has mostly been news, not anything in the metal. This is an odd position for me, as I'm very much an analog guy that's always interested in the performance models first and foremost; I generally spend little time caring about the run-of-the-mill offerings. That said, I'm with many other Blue Oval fans that are watching carefully to see if Ecosports and Escapes will truly supplant the Fiesta/Focus/Fusion sales in the market. Does and Edge make for an attractive Taurus alternative? Will the showroom suffer from being 70+ percent CUV blobs, with only the occasional Mustang or F-series making and visual difference? The undeniable importance of the new Explorer and Super Duty aside, we're still just around the corner from...well, we're not quite sure. We get snippets about dealers being impressed with "Mach E" previews and get glimpses of forthcoming PHEV tech in the imminent models...but we've basically been led to believe that there's a new Ford era dawning in the next 1-2 years, after years of rumor and delays. Wall Street can go commit a physical/carnal impossibility for all I care...but the brand's fans have plenty of cause to be frustrated. How much of that rests on Fields vs. Hackett, I'm not certain.
  13. Being the fan of a brand is unsettlingly like being the fan of a sports team...complete with all the peaks and valleys, love/hate relationships with various coaches and players, and occasionally looking back at previous eras with new eyes....
  14. ZanatWork

    Focus ST

    Oh, I'm grateful for what we have...but this is a familiar annoyance, even if it's not as bad as the old days of Cosworth Fords overseas while ford kept trying to re-invent the Fairmont. Living near Seattle as I do, having a Ford hot hatch to deal with the traffic/parking issues there would be ideal. Well, that, and my now-dashed hopes that the Focus Active was going to bring a real WRX competitor. I'm still hopeful that the "whitespace" vehicles have a good surprise or two ahead.
  15. ZanatWork

    Focus ST

    ...aaaaand once again, the Ford's USA performance customers get to be pissed about offerings that are offered elsewhere, but not in the company's home country. Hey, I get all the math involved, and even kinda-sorta agree with the large "car phaseout"...though I still think that a couple of Focus Active models would have served as easy Subaru competitors. Still, this feeling is as maddening as it is familiar; I'm back to wondering why we can't have the Sierra Cosworth all over again....