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  1. I have found that dealers frown on ordering. They always push for what is on their lot or they want to search inventory and find it for you as opposed to taking the time to order. There are also limited options as compared to the past. Colors, especially interior, are extremely limited. Options are lumped into packages, forcing you to buy things you may not ever consider or want. For example you cannot just order heated seats, you have to a buy a trim level and then an option package which often times includes things that are in no way related to the option you are after. If manufacturers offered options singularly, I think you would see a vastly different end result on what people would buy.
  2. mercurymichael

    2016 Edge cargo area shade - rear vinyl piece and clips

    I have a 2015 Edge with the shade and wish I had not bothered with this option. Very poorly designed compared to shades in other similar vehicles. It needed to mount higher and closer to the seat backs to truly be of use. I find it is more in the way than of use. When not in use, the pull part of the shade hangs down and covers the one tiny little cargo light. The cabin of the car lights beautifully with multiple ceiling lights and ambient floor/door lighting not so much in the cargo area. One of my few complaints about an otherwise awesome vehicle.
  3. The point of using the cosmo name is not only it's past use with Lincoln but the true definition of the word fits quite well with worldy traveler theme of the the other Lincoln names. Not a hard concept. cos·mo·pol·i·tan1 /ˌkäzməˈpälətn/ adjective synonyms: worldly, worldly-wise, well travelled, experienced familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures:
  4. Cosmopolitan is another great name from Lincoln's past that compliments the Continental name. I like Zephyr and Capri as well, however, they have a muddied history going from Lincoln to Mercury and back to Lincoln in the case of Zephyr. I like the idea of worldly traveler names for Lincoln: Navigator, Aviator, Continental, Cosmopolitan. Town Car is still a great name even though it may be a little damaged. The right car could cure that quickly.
  5. I guess that is my point. The last four Mercury models produced did not have appreciable external changes and had sales increase during a recession. Plus it gave Lincoln dealers a little traffic. Just seems like it goes against all of the arguments to shutter Mercury and salvage Lincoln.
  6. Looks great, but wasn't this the entire point of Mercury?
  7. Versailles was a dippy car and not worthy of the name Versailles or Lincoln!
  8. favorite Ford = 1956 Thunderbird favorite Mercury = 1957 Turnpike Cruiser favorite Lincoln = 1956 Mark II other favorites are almost the entire Thunderbird run , Cougar run (minus sedans and wagons), Mark Series I-XIII, 76-78 Marquis, 77-78 Town Car, 86 Sable, 58 Edsel, 67 Galaxie 500, MKX, 56 f-100, 77-78 f series, 86 f series Just too name a few
  9. mercurymichael

    US companies have large hoards of cash

    I wish this was an option! 25 years in to it and I would still walk away from it all if I could. I feel I can do much better saving on my own than letting Washington piss it away!
  10. mercurymichael

    Some Lincoln Dealers Hesitant to Updgade

    This was your same arguement for eliminating Mercury so maybe Lincoln should be next since there is apparently no point to having any options or models above a Ford. They may throw Lincoln a transmision or engine, but it will end up in a Ford somewhere along the way--it will not be a Lincoln exclusive. Audio systems can always be upgraded if Ford's are not up to snuff. And if quality is truely job one and delivered then warrently/loaner/service cars are somewhat mute and so will Lincoln be if these features and a polorizing nose clip are all they have to offer for a premium price. It seems to me that Ford is playing a very dangerous game. They are trying to be all things. Companies that play this game, for example retailers, that try to be all things to all people are usually not very good at anything except being mundane.
  11. mercurymichael

    Should Ford build another SuperCar?

    I don't disagree with the coupe market being small, however noone is truely playing in that field either--Ford could own it and that would take them farther than a super car of sorts. A Fusion based t-bird would be no different than the LTD II birds of the late 70's -- the highest volume thunderbirds ever. I would also prefer a serious minivan to competer with Chrysler/Honda/Toyota. Ford has never had a real contender here. The Wind/Freestar was a nice try, but missed the mark on several key things.
  12. mercurymichael

    Should Ford build another SuperCar?

    Based on their current fleet it would prove rather difficult for them I think!
  13. mercurymichael

    Should Ford build another SuperCar?

    I completely agree. There is alegedly no money to invest in Mercury, which based on recent years could not have added up to much. They have not put nearly enough into Lincoln. There is no Thunderbird, which could very easily be Ford's halo car. There is no replacement for Ranger or Panthers. Outside of Mustang there are no convertibles or coupes. No mini-vans. Bottom line the money could be spent more wisely in other areas.
  14. You are correct, the two are very different things entirely. However, you asked me what I would pick and I told you what and what I did not like about it. While I may stand alone on Blueovalnews, I know I do not in the real world. As far as Ford being fixed, my point is that I hope this is not as good as it gets. They have a lot of debt to pay off and a limited line up of vehicles to do it with.