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  1. Kudos indeed. Great looking car however the Crown Victoria name does not fit with this. Needs a different and hopefully all-new name. But of course it's not going into production anyways as it's just a rendering. But great design though.
  2. First I've heard of Mach E using unique horse logo. May I ask where you heard of that? I ask because why would Ford chose to use image of Mustang's running horse while Tesla was revealing the Model Y if they were not going to use the Mustang running logo for Mach E? Makes sense to give Mach E a unique horse logo separate from Mustang and Bronco. In addition to those will be the Maverick with its bull logo as well. Mustang-inspired to me means like what fuzzymoomoo said regarding the fastback styling and Mustang tri-bar taillights. Ford Mach E is good enough for me and Mustang name should not be included which I do not think is the case anyways. I'm excited to see the reveal sometime soon. I do know Ford did say that we would see the next F-150 before the Bronco reveal so the next F-150 going on sale by June 2020 sounds right to me. I suspect sometime this year is when we'll see next gen F-150 reveal in which the June 2020 Detroit Auto Show being the place to reveal the Bronco anyways. So timeline does fit right to me.
  3. pffan1990

    IRS for the F-150?

    What I'm thinking. Hmm.... Lightning??
  4. pffan1990

    New light & medium duty news

    I wasn't aware there were mistakes and that it had been corrected/updated. Clearly I didn't see the updated production schedule. I won't be buying the commercial vehicles either but am still excited to see what are coming out to compete in the commercial market.
  5. pffan1990

    New light & medium duty news

    Not sure if you saw that but I had already posted the link about 10 minutes ago. This is so exciting for me! What do you think about all this?
  6. pffan1990

    New light & medium duty news

    That actually answers our question as to why there were no 2020 Medium Duty listed in the future products plan. Didn't think about that until you brought it up. True what you say about the potential of F-600 taking sales from F-650 and F-750. But I'm more excited about the fact that the Econoline E-Series is sticking around. I figured it would go away replaced with a Transit cab of sorts for body-on-frame setup. This is great to me and interesting that the Econoline cab seems to not be changed at all.
  7. pffan1990

    New light & medium duty news

    Well looks like the announcement has just arrived. More info about updated 2020 Super Duty and Transit. Updated 2020 Medium Duty as well as the fact that the E-Series does indeed live on! Updated for 2021 as well as its F53 and F59 Stripped Chassis. Oh yeah, check out the all-new F600 Super Duty!!! https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2019/03/05/updated-ford-commercial-vehicle-lineup.html
  8. pffan1990

    New light & medium duty news

    Surely that's a misprint on their part. Impossible to tow that much electric power, let alone diesel in the towing vehicle's size. Also, Mike Levine posted some info about the updated 2020 Transit van on his Twitter. He then Tweeted that there will be more Ford Trucks news coming later. Someone asked if it was Medium Duty and he replied with 'all duty'. I'm thinking Medium Duty and more info about the updated 2020 Super Duty including the likely more info of the new gas 7.3L V8 engine. Next generation F-150 perhaps including the Hybrid and Electric? I heard rumors that there will be a next generation Econoline E-Series coming so hopefully announcement/reveal of that coming if it's true. Seeing how Ford has a presentation tomorrow morning at Work Truck Show, I'm guessing Mike meant more info coming later when the embargo lifts after midnight tonight. http://www.worktruckshow.com/WTS/educational_sessions/WTS19_sessions/Ford_Commercial_Vehicles_Update_Session_9_45_11_a.m._.aspx
  9. Whoa, did not realize Ford was actually considering all wheel drive of the Transit even though it's offered in other countries. This is great, I think. I also did a Google check and came up with that CNET article that gave me the 404 error. I think maybe the article got pulled or wasn't supposed to post yet but made its way into Google's search listings. Midnight embargo passes and article gets published then, perhaps? @ausrtherford, maybe a good guess on your part. But surely sometime soon though.
  10. You may be right on that. I had forgotten that the Work Truck Show is this week. Was preoccupied with last month's Chicago Auto Show and looking to New York Auto Show next month that I'd forgotten that the Work Truck Show is in between the two. I found the schedule on the website that on Wednesday the 6th at 9:45-11am, Ford will have a conference held there. Likely the cargo van version of the Transit and then passenger version of Transit at another time. Or both together at once. http://www.worktruckshow.com/WTS/educational_sessions/WTS19_sessions/Ford_Commercial_Vehicles_Update_Session_9_45_11_a.m._.aspx Agree also about the Escape and Corsair at NYAS which I figured. Is that an educated guess about Mach E at Washington DC Auto Show or do you know for certain about this? I wonder because I hadn't heard about that at all. Nothing mentioned of the sort on the show's website. It may very well happen to be shown there due to politics. I do know the Ford family is quite liberal when it comes to environment so would make sense to reveal it there to satisfy the liberals there (seeing with the Green New Deal debate going on these days) and also satisfy the investors as well.
  11. Not sure if this helps any but Mike Levine posted this on his Twitter account last Friday. I don't have Twitter but did save his page in my browser bookmarks and check it few times a week. Seems like reveals of the Mach E, Maverick, and even Bronco is not too long ahead of us. Not sure why he would make this post if reveals are not coming this year for these three (including Bronco). I'm still waiting for the reveals of the Escape and Transit which were previously thought to be Chicago but didn't. I suppose these are for New York Auto Show next month along with the Lincoln Corsair.
  12. pffan1990

    2020 Escape Production Information

    Yeah that was one thought I had. Seeing how I'm not into production nor even work for Ford, I would not know. I'm sure they got it all figured out. It is different where you're at since the plant you're at went from making Focus and C-Max into Ranger pickup so the entire plant had to be retooled and changed around. I guess the plant in LAP have been set up in a modular sort of way where the lines and process stay the same for the redesign except changes to how the parts are stamped and so forth. But still go down the same lines and order as far as dipping, paint, assembly, drive out, etc.
  13. pffan1990

    2020 Escape Production Information

    Hmm, I wonder something. Seeing how there's 17 days from last 2019 job date and job #1 date for the 2020, I wonder if Ford plans to move production of the 2020 Escape/Corsair elsewhere out of Louisville Assembly Plant? I doubt 17 days is enough to do re-tooling for an all-new Escape/Corsair. Also MKC/Corsair has only 3 days of gap between August 2 and August 5. What's going on here. Is Ford really able to do quick re-tooling for redesigns or are they indeed moving production elsewhere but not yet announced it? Makes me wonder if LAP will be used to build something else later. Just an observation of mine.
  14. pffan1990

    Bronco mule

    Oh I didn't think they would do the 2 door/4 door ratio of that similar to the Wrangler but that does makes sense. I figured the 2 door would be much less and pretty much marketed for the purists while the 4 door being made as mainstream Bronco model. But you may be right on that regarding the similarity of Wrangler 2 door/4 door ratio.
  15. pffan1990

    Bronco mule

    This actually got me excited seeing this. Confirms that they are definitely going ahead with the 2 door version of new Bronco. Heard some rumors that either only few 2 doors will be made or have been canceled. I already know what a mule is and why they did the Ranger cab and short bed of it. Makes sense that it's a powertrain test and will do Bronco trial body later.