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  1. You mean Lincoln actually plans on continuing production of the Continental? I thought they were just going to wind down production over the next few years with minimal changes until they kill it off at the end of its cycle. It would be a good sign if Lincoln does do some mid-cycle refresh in terms of styling and packaging. Maybe 8-speed auto transmission? Now I'm really excited about this. I already heard of the 80th anniversary with coach doors a few months ago as I'm on the closed Lincoln fan FB group where one of the dealers who runs the group had already announced it. She did not know any other info about it though other than a limited run of coach doors to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first model year. So perhaps there are some surprises along the way. Lincoln has been quite secretive about their future plans unlike Ford.
  2. Great sales from Ford trucks, some SUVs, and Lincolns. Just imagine how great sales will be once the new products go on sale: Ranger, Escape, Explorer/Aviator, Maverick, and Bronco. Ford should only do much better from here on out in terms of crossovers, vans, and trucks.
  3. Does anyone know what was discussed at Ford's meeting with investors this morning? I know they held press conference with investors right around the time the November sales were announced. I was wondering if anything was announced regarding: new products, what will happen to the plants and employees, etc.? I see articles online that MorganStanley analysts say Ford could do more layoffs than GM as part of costs reduction but nothing in particular as to how this morning's meeting went. Anyone knows? May be best to start separate thread with this morning's meeting info and place a link here for me and others to continue on with that issue.
  4. Is something about to be announced at the shareholders conference tomorrow (Monday the 3rd) or is it just a customary thing for companies to sometimes hold meetings during monthly sales releases? Just wondering since it's been a few months since Ford held a meeting with the shareholders so I'm wondering if maybe they're about to announce something tomorrow.
  5. pffan1990

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    I'm guessing this new upcoming CX758 utility will be the similar size/market of the current EcoSport? I'm thinking the current EcoSport from India is just a placeholder for American market until this new CX758 enters production as a new named utility or even the next generation EcoSport. I also don't think there will be much bed space of the P758 pickup considering only four doors would be offered. I'm trying to imagine what it would look like and can only envision a four door version of the previous Courier pickup with 2 doors. Either way, I'm excited to see what these two upcoming vehicles will bring to the American and global markets. It's only 2 and a half years to go at least until production starts. Thanks for the info, @Assimilator
  6. Nothing other then personal preference for me. If others like it and have good use of it, then great. I don't even have a smartphone as I use regular phone with non-contract TracFone paid minutes. A key fob would just be fine for me. Not that I'm planning on buying a new Aviator or any other vehicle for that matter. But just a personal preference on my part.
  7. That is a nice thing to think about. Seeing how much you know the inside info, I'm guessing the Mustang Hybrid will be a very sweet car. If I can make a quick guess based on increase of power the 3.0L TT V6 hybrid makes over regular engine, I would say the Mustang Hybrid will make upwards of at least 500 horsepower and 550 torque?
  8. The video didn't stop at all from what I seen though it did get blurry at the beginning which I'm guessing was the connection buffering issue. I watched it on Lincoln's Facebook page so I'm wondering if perhaps Lincoln actually did the live reveal on a delay basis in case something happened like a tech glitch. So maybe the live delay was enough for them to do a quick edit to make it look like the presentation was seamless. Or I probably just didn't hear the cheers since Lincoln president Joy had been microphoned directly to the live video feed. I did noticed her mistake though when she spoke of power figures and said '450 pounds horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque'. lol As for what a couple others said regarding the phone as key, I also don't like it. I'm glad that there will still be a traditional key fob offered though as well as the keypad on the driver door.
  9. You mean this afternoon's press conference? I didn't see the part where the crowd gasp and cheered and the presentation had to temporarily stop.
  10. lol I actually laughed when Lincoln rep said '450 pounds horsepower' in the reveal video I watched live. I knew she had meant to say 'pounds' only when revealing the torque but must have been so excited to reveal the power figures that she messed up.
  11. Impressive! Lincoln has nailed it here and I expect huge success with this. I love the PHEV power figures!!! 😮
  12. pffan1990

    Aviator Revealed!

    Impressive! Very impressive. The PHEV gets 450 horsepower and 600 torque. Lincoln has hit a home run with this.
  13. I was not aware that powertrain details were being discussed/announced too. I thought it was just a reveal with some few ambiguous info that leaves some wanting for more info. The main reason why it won't be much excitement is that the Concept was already shown last spring. Sure there will be powertrain details but still. I guess I'll just wait and see tomorrow. Also, it doesn't even have to be concept of the Corsair as they could have gone on and shown the production of the Corsair and then production of Escape in Detroit next month. Perhaps some additional info about other lineup will be discussed too. I can't wait to see what the Corsair will look like then based on how you describe it. Don't get me wrong, I love the Aviator and know it will be a great success for Lincoln. I was disappointed at first that the Aviator was to be shown when I didn't realize that other details would be discussed too. So I'll see how it all goes tomorrow.
  14. How interesting. Had not seen that spy shot of the test vehicle's interior before. So I guess not much is changing then which kinda defeats the purpose of even showing the production version of the Aviator at all then when they could have shown the concept for the Lincoln Corsair ahead of 2020 Escape reveal at Detroit Auto Show. Something that would have brought excitement to the LA show. Then they could reveal some other Lincoln product for the New York Auto Show in a few months. But will still be waiting for embargo to lift come midnight though.
  15. I'm guessing the embargo lifts right after midnight so only just over 7 hours from now? I figured there would be similarities as far as how the Aviator looks on the exterior. I wonder about the interior of the production version as the concept shown earlier this year was a bit too Concept-y. Can't wait to see it! I am hoping to be able to view the live streaming of the reveal if I can find where I can view it.