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  1. pffan1990

    NEW 2021 F150

    Would it be fair to say that the reveal for the 2021 F-150 will be at the 2020 Detroit Auto Show seeing how it's set to launch in second half of 2020? Can you also elaborate on the Sync 4? How is it different compared to current Sync 3?
  2. pffan1990

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    If that's true, now would be a good time to update the engines and finally put in the 8-speed auto along with other exterior changes. Otherwise, Ford will continue to wonder why they are not selling enough Fusions. They should do the new auto for the 2020 model year and make some changes to options/packages too.
  3. Oh okay. Didn't know you saw it. Sometimes the thread posts get so busy that I miss some posts and have to go back to catch up. Your list was so similar that I thought the coincidence was interesting and wondered if you saw it. But it makes sense now since you used it as a starting point. I do think ours may be correct except that Raptor will not be used. There was 'Max FX4' recently trademarked but I do think it was later said to be used only for Super Duty trucks later on (2020??).
  4. Hopefully Ford has designed the S650 to be easier to build with better quality in mind. We'll see.
  5. I had made a similar list on the previous page. I had the Timberline as the rock crawling off roader and the Raptor (or whatever it will be called) for a high speed Baja-style off roader along with Bronco 2-door and 4-door. Then the Bronco Scout and Bronco Scout-based small pickup.
  6. Ah, that makes sense. Now I'm thinking along the lines of: 1. Bronco 2-door 2. Bronco 4-door 3. Bronco Raptor (whatever it may be called but off-road capable; high speed) 4. Bronco Timberline ??? (whatever it may be called but off-road capable; slow rock crawling) 5. Bronco Scout 4-door utility 6. Bronco Scout 4-door pickup
  7. I recall the 'Timberline' and 'Max FX4' having been trademarked some time ago, so perhaps one of these two names would be used instead of Raptor for Bronco off road version. The Max FX4 would make sense to me instead of Timberline. I'm confused, what point did Ford announced Bronco becoming a sub brand with five vehicles (or 6 as fuzzy said)? I know the Bronco (Ranger-based) and Bronco Scout (formerly thought as Maverick). Ford did say small sub-brand-of-sorts of off roading vehicles but I don't recall specifically five or six. I figured Bronco, Bronco Scout, and the small utility and pickup. I trust you as you know the inside info but trying to wrap my brain how they are going to do this regarding the Bronco sub-branding. I really hope they won't screw up the naming system as well as the traditional Bronco vehicle itself (though it will feature both 2 doors and 4 doors and the have the roof and rear hatch door thing you mentioned but yet can't mentioned). I guess it will make sense when they officially announce the plans and reveal the vehicles later on. But they better do some creative marketing with clever ads to explain the sub-branding to make sense of it all. Clever like the recent Built Ford Proud ads.
  8. Your guess is my guess too. Bronco at Detroit in June 2020 and Bronco Scout in LA. Ford did say that the 'baby Bronco' would be in production 6 months after the Escape. So if Escape goes into production around September or so (correct me if I'm wrong) then guess around this time of next year for baby Bronco to go on sale. So it would have to be LA this November.
  9. I know you likely can't say, but do you know exactly when Ford's plans for the Bronco and the Bronco Scout (whatever it'll be called) will be announced to the public? As well as the official unveiling of the two off roaders? Just wondering if you know the timeline of when they'll be announced/revealed. Just counting down the days until then. I know you cannot comment on the plans themselves as well as other details.
  10. There is the Mexican-made small utility and small pickup coming in a few years. Maybe this new small utility will have the Maverick name and be used to replace EcoSport. Sadly looks like we are not getting the Puma but don't see why not. The Puma could be sporty soft going crossover while this utility could be the smaller rough boxier one (just guessing here; not yet confirmed by Ford). Not sure of the small pickup but I hope the Ranchero name will not be used as it should be a rear driven small pickup if they make one. I'd be fine with Courier for the small pickup name.
  11. pffan1990

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Dang, hope it's nothing major.
  12. Yeah I was already aware of the first one and the second one (third was was new to me) being Mavericks which I would have no problem with that name attached to the Baby Bronco as I said in the last sentence that the name would be fine and still good. I just like the Scout and Bronco Scout but it is possible that they're just trademarking names as backup as well as possible trimlines too though.
  13. I agree too. I did like the Maverick name for the Baby Bronco but Bronco Scout or Scout sounds good. It's part of the off roading brand without degrading the Bronco name in itself. I also agree with the alpha-numeric you mentioned as Bronco XS or even Bronco III. The Scout or Bronco Scout is good enough for me. Maverick can be used for one of the upcoming rear drive CD6 white space vehicles seeing how they already trademarked the Maverick name. But even then, Maverick is a good name too though.
  14. pffan1990

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    Yeah I already knew what the mules and prototypes were used for but I was just wondering what specifically the ones that were supposedly going to be built this Monday. It's looking to me like it's going to be prototypes if it's that closer to production. Like I said earlier, I do think the reveal possibly is this coming Texas State Fair later this fall.
  15. pffan1990

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    The few P702 that will be built on Monday... are these test mules or actual prototypes? Meaning they are actual next generation F-150 but with camo covering on it rather than botched up mules based on current F-150? Looking like indeed soon. A reveal at Texas State Fair in the fall perhaps?