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  1. danglin

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome to the forum! What is the holdup on your Mustang? My very first Mustang is the one I own now, a 2011 Race Red Premium GT that I ordered in April 2010. I absolutely love this machine!!! I finally broke 20,000 miles on it late last year. Looking forward to your pics.
  2. danglin

    Hello from Germany

    Gorgeous!!! Have fun on the Autobahn
  3. danglin

    Automatic Door Unlocking

    Did you try looking in your owner's manual?
  4. danglin

    2020 Hyundai sonata

    Investing money in a shrinking Market!!
  5. I do not know why there is so much hate on here for this machine. Reliable, very comfortable (for me and my wife anyway) and it is built like a tank! Just made a deal to buy a new 2018 SEL today. Will pick it up on Thursday! (Could not pass up on $6500 in cash back)
  6. "During development, we tried different glass variations before we found a combination that provided both weight savings and the durability needed for exterior automotive glass," said Paul Linden, Ford body exteriors engineer. "We learned, somewhat counter intuitively, that the strengthened interior layer of the windshield is key to the success of the hybrid window." "The new Gorilla Glass hybrid window laminate is approximately 25 percent to 50 percent thinner, and has equal to, or greater strength than traditional laminate" Did you read the article? Or just wanting to be a troll? It is not the same glass used on an iPhone!!
  7. danglin

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the Forum!! I have a Race Red 2011 Premium GT. Finally Broke 20,000 miles late last year. Wish I had an Autobahn to "cruise" on Make sure to post when you finally get it
  8. danglin

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    I will be getting rid of the 2008 Mercury for and nice used Sport Trac. Not sure when I plan on purchasing a new vehicle again. My Vehicles are garage kept and I am particular about maintenance and care. I plan on keeping the Mustang until I die! (Hopefully that will be while).
  9. danglin

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

  10. What an Awesome Machine!!! Enjoy!!! https://youtu.be/wecVzPzf8R4
  11. Check out Cooper Tires. I have been very pleased with my Discoverer tires on the Super Duty. They offer a Discoverer True North tire for the Escape. One Hundred Percent American Company Also!
  12. danglin

    '10 Escape V6 FWD Transmission Stud Issue

    I have only owned Fords and none of them been trouble prone. Sorry to here you had trouble with an Escape, but any brand of modern vehicle can be expensive to fix, and none are perfect. If you are so happy to have left Ford, why are you on here? Hopefully Fordtech1 will see this and provide some insight for you tuxedohybrid...