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  1. It’s going to be interesting where Ford takes the Ranger and if it will try to create the Luxury midsized truck market with more luxury features. With the markets where it will be projected to sell the absence of cooled seats seams odd. I hope for later model years, not just in the US but for the world as well things are addes. Ford can easily rule this high ATP for the segment area. I don’t see much overlap between the Ranger and F150 customers, just as the F-150 and Super Duty customers don’t overlap much. I suspect the Ranger is going to be crossed shopped with an exsisting Ford customer more with the Edge and Explorer than F150s. The Ranger does offer some things the F-150 doesn’t some of which are to accodimate tighter parking area and more consumer based truck; front parking sensors, and even auto climate control and power folding mirrors are optional on the XLT. This truck is going to be the hit ford needed. Brace yourself though next year analysts are going to be doom and gloom. f series sales will be down and everyone will say it is because of the Ranger, never mind the industry as a whole is probably going to lose 1.5 million units.
  2. Mine would be a 2.7T, Heated Steering wheel, Power sliding rear window, Cooled Front seats, heated back seats, agate black paint and the Raptor suspension. I would hand them my 53K check and walk out very happy for the next 10 years.
  3. jasonj80

    Caddy to show off XT6 at Detroit

    Add another $1000 for destination and don't forget the Aviator will most likely get the full $7500 Tax Rebate as its based on battery size. The Aviator option packages are also going to be pretty expensive, though a few might be standard on the PHEV (Co-Pilot360 Plus, Elements Plus, Convenience?). Aviator Convenience Package: Head-Up Display, Phone As A Key, Wireless Charging Pad, and Soft Close Doors with Light Touch Handle Aviator Luxury Package: Perfect Position Seats (30-Way) with Active Motion, Revel™ Ultima™ 3D Audio System with 28 Speakers , and Manual Rear Door Sunshades Dynamic Handling Package: Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview, Air Glide Suspension with Dynamic Lower Entry, and Adaptive Steering Elements Package Plus: first-row heated/ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, heated/ventilated second-row seats, and heated VisioBlade™ wipers Illumination Package: Adaptive Pixel LED Headlamps, Lincoln Dynamic Signature Lighting (LED Daytime Running Lamps - Sequential On/Off), Lincoln Lit Star Lincoln Co-Pilot360™ Plus: Traffic Jam Assist (Adaptive Cruise Control, Stop-and-Go, and Traffic Sign Recognition), Evasive Steering Assist, Reverse Brake Assist, and Active Park Assist Plus FREE-STANDING PACKAGES AND OPTIONS OPTIONAL Panoramic Moonroof Trailer Tow Package includes 4-pin & 7-pin connectors, class IV hitch & wiring, BLIS w/ CTA & Trailer Tow (when properly equipped), Smart Trailer Tow, and Trailer Sway Control Lincoln Play (Late Availability) Loaded it is coming close if not crossing 90K before any of the PHEV rebates.
  4. jasonj80

    Caddy to show off XT6 at Detroit

    Aviator will be expensive, It will start above a Platinum Explorer and that will be in the upper 50's.
  5. jasonj80

    2020 Explorer Spied

    China, Middle East and I think Russia of late, but that might be grey market. Biggest difference is the rear bumpers have the rear fog lights, the Tail lights used are the ones with Amber Rear turn signals like on the base raptor with now without BLIS. You can't get BLIS on Export Models as the Radar unit is in the Tail-lamp and that tail lamp does not have the Amber. Headlights have a different LED(Xenon?)projector in the upper part of the light fixture and turn signal is mounted more on the outside of it. Mexico can use both UN/US lighting standards like Canada. (Though they are moving toward the UN Standard)
  6. jasonj80

    2020 Explorer Spied

    The new Explorers are all over now, If you sit on Oakwood for 15 min you will see one. Saw a bunch of Aviators and some Export F-150's on 96 by Milford last week, and a Focus ST wagon on 75 last week just north of Toledo.
  7. jasonj80

    Caddy to show off XT6 at Detroit

    The XT6 will probably beat the Aviator in sales just based on Price, XT6 will probably start in the mid-high 40's and top out in the Mid 70's with super cruise etc. The Aviator will be Mid 60's base and could see 100K fully loaded.
  8. People seem to be having a hard time understanding the difference between calendar year and model year.
  9. Some Ford SUV's are also in VW's future as well as powertrain sharing.
  10. jasonj80

    Ranger sales estimate

    Exactly, Ford needs to take the Mustang Fully Electric with in the next 10 years if it wants any long term future out of the brand. You can sell old people a young persons car, you can't sell a young person an old persons car.
  11. That Grill looks very nice on the Escape too
  12. They didn't think the market in the North American Market would pay it. I mean our Edge still is watered down to the Euro version (No Heated Windshield, Power folding mirrors, Fully digital IP) Would consumers pay $1000 for those options? Canada/Midwest/East might pay for the fully heated windshield but the vast majority of buyers wouldn't or even if they would few dealers won't stock units with those options and use the price advantage to talk a customer out from buying it. This is the reason Ford is also doing the limited stand alone options -- it increases ATP's, makes them easier to build and allows for auctions to get top dollar when they are sold off lease.
  13. The Euro/China Version of the previous always looked much better than the U.S.
  14. jasonj80

    Ranger sales estimate

    That is Expensive! I just remember in High School everyone had the $59/month 0 down Ranger lease back in 1998.
  15. jasonj80

    GM Novenber 2018 Sales

    While Hackett has been bad there seems to be at least some listening from managers and consumers on cost cuts and maybe raising costs vs just cutting. Some 2019 models are still from the Fields days of cost cutting, where programs were required to cut a fixed % from the product over so many years, you hit that you get a bonus -- you don't and your perforce review would reflect it. He is why the Ranger is missing some of the Lux options, they were in the original program but needed to be cut to meet those numbers, some they were added back to the program and will be out for the 2020 MY. The Explorer program also got hit really hard as well during this time. The problem is that you can't keep cutting and cutting and not expect your product to suffer, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.