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  1. Ford/Lincoln and Hyundai/Kia have the best infotainment systems on the market. Impressed with the Ranger for a new vehicle, and hopefully they can keep up those numbers. This next year will be more of a tell. Edge/Nautilus/Ranger were the only updated products for 2019. 2020 with the all new Explorer/Aviator showing up soon, Escape/Corsair in mid fall, along with the new small SUV, F-150, Bronco, BEV, Mustang coming in the next year its going to be an accomplishment to keep those numbers high which I really hope they do.
  2. jasonj80

    '19 Expedition Tail Lights

    Part of that is that Ford cheeped out and didn't use separate turn signals / Brake sections. So the Expedition bulb/LED going to function Brake/Turn out of the same section of the assembly, they saved $1 doing it on your $70,000 vehicle.
  3. jasonj80

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Not to mention preproduction units.
  4. jasonj80

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Its standard on the SE Hybrid Escape.
  5. jasonj80

    2020 Explorer Reviews

    The Platinum really should have the CCD system for the suspension system. (Considering it is 60K) Also odd is that the 12.3" LCD gauges cluster isn't available on the hybrid Explorer but is standard on the Hybrid Escape, and not having UBS's is just odd. Good reviews and huge improvement but seem that late cost cutting happened on the program. Also Fuel Economy for the Hybrid looks to be about 28MPG. Assuming a 17.9 gas tank and 500 mile range,
  6. Talk to the owner or dealership manager first thing in the morning, in person. Be done with the service department personal, especially that they couldn't even call you back. They know they are wrong and don't want to pay. Most likely when you will go in and ask for the owner and they will say he/she isn't here or in a meeting. They then will say if this is a service issue you need to talk to the service manager. Answer with something short but along the lines of "My vehicle was damaged while under your care, the service dept has admitted it was damaged under your care, yet they are demanding I pay for it. I have spoke to the manager who dodged me then had someone call me back giving me a deal to fix my vehicle that the dealership has damaged, this unacceptable, I will wait for the owners meeting to be done or is there someone else that can properly rectify the issue" The person will go find someone. Stay calm but be firm. If after you meet with them they still want you to pay (I don't think this will happen) call a TV station and have them do a story. Out of Town person, just in town dealing with an ill mother, local dealership screwing them, they come to the rescue. Those stories get a lot of traction online and get the reporters/TV stations social media score up and you don't have to pay. Otherwise you're going to be in court and fronting a lot of money in a lawsuit, or paying for it and trying to collect from the garage keepers insurance policy. I suspect once you talk to the Owner/Dealership Manager it all goes away.
  7. jasonj80

    Holy $%!#... Another Avenger was sold!

    Some of this could go back to the fake sales of models, remember Chrysler was falsifying its sales numbers for years. (https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2019/04/05/fca-settles-suit-claims-phony-auto-sales/39303611/) They could be finding models that were counted and pulled back then counted again and pulled back and sold as demo/etc but were never counted as actually sold after they restated numbers.
  8. The Jeep guys I know all think the Gladiator is way to long/big and way to expensive, they want a 2 door version. Even in Detroit I have only seen 1 Gladiator on the road and the dealerships are fully stocked with them. (local Jeep dealers have way more Gladiator's than the Ford dealers have Rangers) 4 Door Wranglers are another story, those are closing in on the $59 Equinox territory for market penetration.
  9. They are driving your car they are responsible, just as if you got in an accident in their rental you would be. I'd talk to the dealership owner, on the showroom floor. Start nice, but be firm that they are fixing it and you're not paying for it they are. If that doesn't work a local TV station/Newspaper/Autoblog article as well as reach out to Ford thought they won't be able to help much. If that still doesn't work you're going to be in a lawsuit, remember if you go there you'll need a lawyer and also be sure to include your time and their costs in the lawsuit damages.
  10. No one is going to mention the new F-150 at about a minute into the video?
  11. Honestly I don't understand why anyone would buy a new Fusion, unless you were getting an Energi with all the rebates. You can get a 2 year old platinum for 18K with 20K miles on it,(https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/765918353/overview/) toss on the Ford 8 year 150K ESP warranty and you're still out the door for ~20K+tax and don't have to worry about anything for the next 6 years other than tires. Can Find Titanium's and SE way cheaper than that.
  12. jasonj80

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    It never would have passed Anti-Trust for vehicle segments, the new company would have had to spin out / sell the Van and Truck market as they would own way to much of it, and that is where all the profit was going to be at. Once you take out the trucks FCA has Jeep which has great potential but it isn't something so special that Ford couldn't duplicate it, which it seems to be doing. Going to be interesting to see who Ford ends up with in the long term, VW, Hyundai, PSA, Toyota, Mercedes, Tesla. The biggest issue is that Ford's organization doesn't like to play nice with others, it goes back to that corporate culture where they can't even play nice with each other in the same organization.
  13. jasonj80

    Toyota announces major EV offensive

    What is most interesting is that they will use a solid state battery in a year. Long term solid state battery's would be cheaper, charge faster, are less volatile and should have better range density.
  14. Part of the problem is that they are realizing that a majority of existing Ford sedan buyers are not going to suv’s; they are going elsewhere. You have data from surveys before it happens, you get real data when you make the change. As good as survey metrics are they don’t always work well in future predictions. You also have an issue is that Gen Z likes sedans, and ship them equal to suv’s. Gen Z is important as they like cars more than millennials do.