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  1. Even they won’t be able to hit those price points with mileage, crash standards, emissions, infotainment and build quality they need to meet that to compete in this market. They will be cheaper but not 7k cheaper. What’s wrong with Korean cars? In certain segments they have the vehicle in the segment.
  2. Affordability is going to take on a new meaning in the over the next 5 years, affordable is not a < 20K vehicle, it is going to be a < $27K vehicle. There are buyers that are going to become used vehicle buyers by default.
  3. I was surprised that the Explorer/Aviator didn't feature it. Not so much for the Aviator but developed for the PI version of the Explorer. That would see to be a very useful feature for law enforcement officers, the systems in the CT6 and X5 basically lets you see everything you would see in daylight. Ford showed the system a few years ago but never incorporated it into the vehicle.
  4. Depends on the buyer. Some want the badge, some want the luxury, some technology and some want performance. But what the market is showing is that they want a unique experience. They don't want a brand that is trying to be another brand, at that point they just drive the original and not the "fake".
  5. jasonj80

    Ford and VW partnership

    It will happen here just based on the moves of California and states that adopt their emissions standards. Colorado is the latest state to adopt them and Illinois, Minnesota and Georgia are currently considering it. The development costs of vehicles and markets they are sold in by default means those vehicles will be sold here as part of the portfolio to recover costs that for the most part were paid for in US dollars. Also at the end of it VW and Hyundai/Kia are all that is really left to tie up with, that fit with Ford and their world wide product/sales market positions. Even though there will be issue with VW, it is less cultural difference than what Hyundai/Kia would bring and going it alone isn't really an option.
  6. It is an oversight not to offer the regular hybrid for launch, that would sell well in West Coast markets and markets where Lincoln isn't strong.
  7. They said it is coming in the one press release.
  8. jasonj80

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    The maps with factory Nav are over 3 years old, they also use a horrid real time traffic data provider.
  9. jasonj80

    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    If it is on the build sticker it is tied to the VIN so shouldn't have any update issues, it shows the vehicle as having navigation. The dealer probably deleted the Tech package option code and deleted the option code for the Adaptive cruise and didn't delete the option code for the Nav, which should have thrown an error, so it is either a issue with the system, or someone at Ford over ruled the error when the dealer was trying to change it and pushed it into the system. I remember when Ford had the B-lot there used to be some really weird optioned cars on it because people would over rule the ordering requirements and get different interiors and options on vehicles trim lines. I know they are rolling out a new ordering system to try and speed custom orders so that is also how the error could have occurred.
  10. If those buyers want to buy a new cheap transportation there are the Asians to fill that market or those buyers might just be forced to the used car market. The Versa/Sentra sell models out side of the US and are designed as low price point vehicles so offering them here are just incremental sales to the factories already pumping those models out. Ford and most manufactures are not going to be a full line car company, they are going to pick the segments where they can make money and focus resources there, for Ford that is not cheap cars at the low end of the market. GM, Renault/Nissan and Toyota are really the only ones that are still there and even they are starting to drop models and are exiting markets.
  11. jasonj80

    Wayne Assembly

    I agree, but if they see there is a market for it... Ram is going to be launching a Mid-sized truck, so will be interesting in how that plays out with the Jeep.
  12. jasonj80

    Wayne Assembly

    As far fetched as it might be, you can bet that Ford is going to be watching sales and will respond according. I'm sure the design guys have already done some paper sketches, just in case...
  13. Ford isn't competing in the low end of the market, they are done with that. Ford is focusing on higher priced SUV's and Trucks as its actually easier to hit CAFE target numbers with them, they are in demand in the market and vastly more profit for the resources that need to be spent. Crash tests and regulations get harder and harder so an old Focus isn't going to cut it and would get massacred in the market. US/Canada have different bumper requirements than ROW, you'd have to certify a powertrain that would be acceptable to US consumers. The US/Canada/Western Europe Market is if there is not sustained profit model Ford isn't going into the market segment, with brand loyalty shrinking they don't view the we sell a cheap entry level car and that is a customer for life. They would rather lease a higher priced car for 36months, for the payment of a lower priced car then sell that nicer vehicle to a new customer as a Used vehicle. They are even considering leasing used cars that would have full warranty for an additional 36 months, then selling that 6 year old car. Fiesta was a filler product for us here as it was going to be sold in SA at volumes that were thought to be much higher than turned out, even at those higher numbers Ford needed more volume to make the plant profitable so it was designed for the US as it would also help CAFE under the old rules. Ranger didn't have a home, when Thailand was though to have a free trade agreement with the US the plan was going to be to import them, that trade deal didn't happen and Ford knew the Ranger didn't have volume for its own plant and the Truck plants were already maxed out with more profitable product so NA left the program.
  14. Never going to happen; not at all the place Ford wants to be positioned in the US market. Not to mention the money that it would be needed to modify structure for US Crash and Bumper requirements. The US/Canadian market do buy plenty of expensive compact cars, its just the fact that Ford didn't do anything to the Focus after the launch to fix the disaster transmission that sank the car here. Honda has sold tons on Civic Touring from the 2016 and the new Corolla is actually a pretty nice car. Ironic the Corolla now uses an independent rear suspension and the Focus is now Torsen beam.
  15. jasonj80

    Hackett, the Change Agent

    Morale has always been an issue at Ford. I've never worked at a place where so many people were as miserable as they were. The hourly personal get mad at the salary guys or the lazy other blue collar guys who get the better jobs because they are in with the Union, they get mad they have to work overtime and then are mad there is no over time. Salary gets mad they aren't in the chosen group and get passed over, but also stay in their box, they get mad finance comes in and cuts budgets or changes directions based on market and have to do something they don't want. If you're miserable at the job (any job) leave, you're happiness is worth way more than a few extra dollars in your paycheck.