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  1. Platinum Explorers serve the purpose of small and medium sized business owners who can afford much more expensive vehicles however prefer to have a daily driver that employees and vendors see from a mass market brand. It’s the reason why High end Tahoe’s and Expeditions are also popular with certain groups.
  2. jasonj80

    F150 Electric Spied

    From a pretty decent source, there will probably be an announcement in New York about the electric F-150, and a current version with electric powertrain may be shown. Ford wants to show Wall Street in person that they are taking the threat seriously and that this will be on the Market in the next 2 years. Ford is losing the PR war on Electric Vehicles and management is very concerned about others entering into the pickup truck market and Ford losing the idea they lead the industry in pickup trucks.
  3. They do it thought, I’m assuming they look at it by if they have an issue for 1 in 20000 units it’s still more cost effective that bringing those 20000 vehicles to the dealership for the update. It’s the future good or bad; it’s coming...
  4. Looking at the software updates, this is the exact reason Ford needs embedded modems in their vehicles, these software updates could be pushed and not have to issue a recall as they would be taken care of remotely. It’s a huge advantage Tesla/GM has in terms of updating their vehicles and it dramatically lowers the cost of updating and increases customer satisfaction as things can be fixed remotely even if the customer doesn’t know it happens.
  5. GM really looks like they are trying get the profit numbers really high and get top dollar for the company when they sell it GM will probably be bought in the next 3 years.
  6. There are many ways dealers can be rewarded that can't be quantified and cases would be dismissed. Approval of after an expired warranty claim for a special customer, when inventory is pushed out you might get a few more desirable units for your market, or first choice etc.
  7. You'd be surprised at what they care about in instances like this, could affect future allocation at the dealership. Don't think Ford doesn't notice when someone is local to one dealer and goes to another dealer. All part of that crazy data mining that is going on, I'm sure some OEM will think of a way to make compensation tied to this data in the future.
  8. I'd message Ford and let them know about that "Dealer Markup" with the dealer name. They don't take that well when dealers do that.
  9. Well with X-plan those dealer fees are capped, I did a quick 0 option 4x4 Crewcab build on the Xplan site. XLT (300A), and Lariat (500A) and they came to $34,137 and $38,221 respectively.
  10. Not at all, Find a new dealer. I'd have moved on after one day.
  11. x1000 It makes Government kingdoms look like a joke, I'm being serious when I say a 3 star general would run out of Fords upper management in 6 months saying he couldn't handle it. The amount of back stabbing and going around people is a masters game unlike I have even witnessed. I think some of it comes from the Family-ness of the company. There are people that have worked for Ford for 4 and 5 generations. Ford Family loves that but also it breeds the connection to the past as well as loyalties that spread departments. There are battles between family's and groups that go back decades that are still being fought. This guy went after my uncle's department under Nassar and now his kid works over here so I'm going to get him back. I didn't think he knew when he took over just how bad things were at Ford again. From what's been said the walls were being built the last year Mullaly was there. People knew Mullaly was going and that Fields played by and was great at the old Ford playbook and departments needed to be ready. Mullaly just tore down the walls and signed some peace agreements, some were his management style but a lot was just people had to get along as even they knew if they didn't stop fighting they would all be out of jobs. So they tore down walls but made sure the foundations were getting strengthened so when they needed to build the wall and go to battle they were good and ready.
  12. It says 1.7 billion annually, that's almost 10 billion dollars over the years. I can see why a lot of people hate him, no one likes the guy that is cutting and trying to streamline things. You're eliminating departments and cutting the people someone manages, that means they could be in a position of not having a job. If the company wasn't on the brink of bankruptcy Mullaly would have been hated as well, they are trying to change a corporate culture at Ford which is unlike any place I have ever worked.
  13. jasonj80

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    People throw good money after bad on old cars all the time. The best thing you can do is pick up a 2-3 year old car/suv for ~18K-~20K that has under 36K on it, toss on an ESP/HondaCare/MOPAR to 8 year 125K for $1500 and you're under 20K out the door for a car that is going to cost you the same monthly as the old beater, has updated technology and safety equipment. Ford/Honda/FCA are great in that you can buy their extended warranty cheap as long as you're still in the Factory and use it at any dealer and they stand behind it and a lot of dealers online discount them.
  14. Doesn't fit a narrative either side of the political spectrum is trying to gain voters, or reassure existing voters with. Is it News worthy, yes; is it important, yes; do Americans care enough that we can exploit it for ratings or voters. No,..
  15. jasonj80

    Kia Telluride

    Don't; as soon as you visit you'll be thinking about how to move there.