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  1. You can disconnect the battery monitor sensor to disable start/stop. Or, hold your foot *lightly* on the brake pedal, and it won't activate. However, I fail to see why people are obsessed with disabling it. The transition is seamless and instant, the cabin is quieter at stops and it saves fuel. I haven't seen a higher starter failure rate either.
  2. YT90SC

    Old Ranger

    If it moves *at all* there is a market for them. I have a 99 with a LOT more miles than you and have ZERO plans of getting rid of it.
  3. If you think the 6.0 was bad, you have never experienced the 6.4. 7.3 was reliable IF you could keep the valve cover gaskets and under valve cover harnesses from burning up or coming loose, OR keep the EBP's from sticking shut, OR the up pipes didn't start leaking and losing drive pressure on the turbo, OR keep the water pumps from leaking and/or dropping the fan in the radiator, OR keep the IDM dry, OR worst of all keep oil in it from the HPOP, external HP oil lines, cross drill ports, galley plugs, turbo pedestal and rotted oil pans. But yeah, the base engine was reliable because it made so little power it couldn't break... that is, unless you had sintered rods. In light duty applications the OBS dual mass flywheel always broke and the 6 speed manual was an absolute POS. The topper? E4OD/4R100. Proper maintenance procedures and timing, blue spring regulator, fuel pressure guage and volt meter solve 80% of the stock 6.0 "problems" as long as the operator will use them and the T/S 5 was WORLDS better than the 4 speed ever dreamed.
  4. YT90SC

    Engine management light not coming on

    YOu would be better off going to a euro site. THis is mainly american. We dont get the diesel here.
  5. YT90SC

    AC compressor lockup

    There really aren't any issues with that compressor, per se. If you have a good relationship with your dealer you might get some assistance from Ford, if you (and I can't stress this enough) ASK kindly.
  6. Only because of morons who didn't take care of them properly or idiots trying to repair them. They needed something that the 7.3 never did... maintenance. 99% of the injector issues were fuel pressure and oil quality. 90% of the FICM issues were guys who didn't keep the charging system up to snuff. Stuck Turbo? Can't let them sit. They were designed to work every day, not be grocery getters. EGR cooler failures were usually lack of maintenance of the cooling system, leading to oil cooler failure plugging which starved the EGR cooler. Headgaskets were the only real issue that could be blamed on design. Most of the heavy truck applications of the VT365 never had 90% of the issues Ford did with the engine.
  7. YT90SC

    AC Fan speed switch

    Most likely, the switch has melted and damaged its pigtail. The resistor is NOT a part of the circuit on high. Replace the pigtail and switch and check the motor for excessive current draw when running.
  8. YT90SC

    Strange engine whining noise

    Sounds somewhat like the noise the trans makes when the bearings fail on the transfer shaft, though I can't tell without being there in person. There is a TSB for it, and hybrid specific components are covered by a 8 year 100,000 mile warranty.
  9. I can't remember what it has for sure. Some of the ENDS (where the cap screws on) are replaceable and that is the only way to service the valves. They usually will have flats that you can put a wrench on. Some of them have larger valves than the typical tire type, for which you need a different tool. You might need to add a couple ounces of PAG oil, but I'd do so sparingly.
  10. Dude. Fixing the AC wont do dick if you can't control the air doors correctly. A/C working or not, you can't defog without proper airflow. You say you want to fix it cheap, but are still putting money into the A/C. Not using an AC machine, I would slowly add through the low side with one of those aftermarket fillers so as to NOT flood the compressor with liquid. Ambient temp, underhood temp and moisture in the air play a role in calculating pressures. WARM ENGINE, FAN ON HIGH, RECIRC DOOR OPEN at 60 degrees F, I would probably expect your high side pressure to be stable in the 150 psi range, with the low in the very low 30s. I might expect some cycling, but not much. Altering temps will alter those readings.
  11. YT90SC

    What is this

    That's also why the one outside has a backup power supply.
  12. YT90SC

    Cmax Oil Change

    A shop must inflate to placard this to avoid litigation. Over inflation will decrease the contact patch of the tire, which does decrease rolling resistance. However due to the contact patch being reduced you reduce the ability of the tire to maintain grip, which is not good if you have to make a sudden lane change, or environmental issues like rain, snowing, etc. It also wears the center of the tire (especially on Michelin) faster, reducing its life. On a personal note, I *HATE* French tires. Only tire I've ever personally had quality issues with. Was SUPER glad to get rid of them on my wife's C-Max.
  13. YT90SC

    What is this

    It is one of a pair of anti-theft alarm horns. There is another with a battery backup in the rear of the engine compartment on the right side.
  14. You gotta get the HVAC doors working correctly, and achieve correct flow first. This still uses vacuum to control the mode doors. Defrost on, outside air door open is the default (no vacuum) setting, so either the door(s) are binding or something is going on in the control. THEN worry about what the AC clutch is or is not doing.
  15. YT90SC

    2013 Ford Escape Cruise Issue

    As stated, if all other functions work, no. Unless you feel comfortable dealing with the airbag. Scan tool time.
  16. YT90SC

    Jeep gladiator starts at $35k

    ONE V6, TWO sticks on the floor and THREE pedals. They are gonna sell the sh*t out of these.
  17. YT90SC

    2013 Ford Escape Cruise Issue

    The switch itself is its own backup, only on the pedal. Four wires, two switches, all the same assembly. One turns off, the other on, opposite of one another.
  18. YT90SC

    2013 Ford Escape Cruise Issue

    akirby is right about oddball battery issues. But I've never seen a specific to cruise only issue from one. Not saying its impossible, just very improbable. Brain farted the brake lamp switch as a check, I apologize. The brake pedal switch is a dual contact, reversing switch. When one is closed, the other is open. That way, the switch has a backup. Since the lamps work, half is working. But that does leave the other half. Off the top of my head I can't remember which is which. MAke sure that the wiring hasnt accidentally been kicked. I've seen that happen. AS far as the U3003's you got, you did have the battery unhooked. Also to NOT have some network codes in an Escape is unusual. There are some network codes that can suspend cruise function. But realistically, all those other functions work and the car runs.
  19. YT90SC

    2013 Ford Escape Cruise Issue

    You could test the switches and clockspring yourself, if you are capable of dealing with the airbag system, but unless you are VERY sure you can, you shouldn't. Since it's drive by wire (and cruise) does it run and move? If it does, the PCM is capable of controlling the throttle/speed. Do ALL the other switches in the column work and are there no ABS/Traction control/Check Engine lamps illuminated? If they do, the SASM is capable of outputting information onto the network and the other modules are receiving it. Beyond that, there is very little you can test yourself without a scan tool.
  20. YT90SC

    Help explain Roof Rails

    BE aware that the cross bars add A LOT of wind noise, and can make an odd flutter noise if installed backwards.
  21. Same thing happened to Pontiac Vibe/ Toy Matrix.
  22. YT90SC

    2013 explorer sport exhaust o2 sensor problems

    All three codes point to an issue with bank 1 upstream sensor, wiring or PCM. Bank 1 is the rear, FWIW. Probably NOT the PCM.
  23. When you service the rear brakes it has to be put in service mode with a scan tool. Also, unless you have a higher end scan tool, you won't get the codes output.
  24. YT90SC

    Eco Boost engine cover

    Akirby is right. The beauty cover was deleted. SSM 47714.
  25. YT90SC

    New Here - 2013 SEL 4.2” radio upgrade

    You will lose all functionality of SYNC2 because it ALL will be replaced to add CarPlay. Several people have installed the Sync3 hardware and made it work with aftermarket programming. Then all normal Sync 3 stuff works, including CarPlay and Android Auto. Ford's Nav is definitely not the best on the market with either system. Aftermarket makers make replacement head units that will do it all, and may be cheaper than cobbling in Sync3. Honestly, you're best off to contact local car audio shops, or start looking at online places like Crutchfield. Personally, If I was doing it, I would just do a couple line level converters out of the existing system to run your amp(s) and call it a day.