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  1. YT90SC

    Spring rates

    With the 18's it should ride pretty darn well. Again I ask.. what tires? Are you running the pressures listed on the door?
  2. YT90SC

    Part number assistance

    The pan gasket is supposed to be reuseable. It usually isn't. The pump adaptor needs replaced if its not olive green. Save yourself the headache and replace the filter as well, as the old one is too heavy to stay in the pump very well. If the tube seals come out with the main control, put them back in the trans case first. Do not leave them stuck to the control. Finally, have some COLD petroleum jelly available to "glue" the thermostat assembly into the case while you rehang the control (spring towards case).
  3. YT90SC

    Spring rates

    What size wheel combo and what tire are installed? Tires and wheel combo make HUGE differences on Flex. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the wheel, the crappier it will ride. This is due to several factors *unrelated* to spring rate. First is sidewall height. Generally, lower side wall height reduces the ability of the tire to flex and absorb road force. Add to that, the bigger tires' compound is usually harder as well, further increasing road feel. Second, the big rims weigh more. This is referred to as unsprung weight. The higher the unsprung weight, the worse the ride quality.
  4. YT90SC

    Lemon Law Vehicles

    I wouldn't be scared of a RAV if I knew why it was reaquired, and that the issue had been fixed. Yours seems fairly cut and dried. Simple problem that got bough back due to a parts supply issue (surprise surprise). IF it was really that simple, it wouldn't be any different than any other warranty repair. What I would verify is the warranty status. Seems to me that RAV status changes the warranty significantly, but it has been several years since I dealt with any of them.
  5. You CAN do it without an "air lift" but it sucks. The T-stat has to be out and the heater hose on the rear of the intake has to be off. Fill the engine through the T-stat hole until coolant is visible in the heater hose outlet on the intake. Put the hose back on. Fill the T-stat hole, then install the t-stat and upper hose. Set coolant level in the degas bottle, install the cap and warm it up. I usually hold it at 2000 to 2500 rpm, hoping it will burp itself. Shut it off. Once it cools back off, fill the coolant level. Recheck the coolant level the next couple drive cycles.
  6. YT90SC

    Transit 250 LWB Lift

    Wizard, no labscope needed. Short GENMON to GENCOM, and watch live data for those PIDs when started. They will rise and fall and mirror each other if the wiring and PCM are ok. From that point, its just a "standard" charging system. All the "old" testing applies.
  7. If it is the steel gasket, just reuse. If it is the fiber one, as long as you don't tear it, it will be fine to reuse as well.
  8. YT90SC

    2013 SEL water pump

    What happened to the $1100 quote from your guy?
  9. YT90SC

    2013 SEL water pump

    Typical water pump life we see varies a lot. Seems to be with engine run hours vs actual mileage. Police cars seem to go early due to their high idle time. We have a local school that gets about 40k on their "DPS" cars. High mile highway pounders seem to go late. Those are the 200k+ milers that Akirby references. Typically, we tell customers to budget to expect them around 100k miles. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  10. What type of manifold? The one in your pic requires separate gaskets.
  11. YT90SC

    Transit 250 LWB Lift

    It is possible, I suppose. Vulcans used to have real issues with oil contamination killing starters.
  12. YT90SC

    2017 Fusion Hybrid Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Ford also wants you to replace the knuckle pinch bolt and nut, the hub to knuckle retainer bolts, the axle nut and, if removed, the tie rod end nut.
  13. YT90SC

    2017 Fusion Hybrid Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    It's fairly straight forward. I strongly suggest you beg, borrow or steal a halfshaft remover tool and the installer for the half shaft. Ford number 204-161 (T97P-1175-A) for the installer as the halfshaft may be hard to pull through the hub. Plus its a good idea to fully seat the halfshaft before torquing the nut, to avoid early failure. The knuckle stays on the car, but you have to take the lower control arm out of the knuckle to get the halfshaft out of the hub to access the bolts, If I remember right.
  14. First, You didn't say what year or which axle, but Dana axles SHOULD NOT be filled all the way up. Sterlings too, but don't quote me on that. They are supposed to be set below the fill hole. Second, you HAVE TO lube the hub bearings, as Duff said, with grease or completely fill/coat the bearings with gear oil. Finally, If they were lubed right, you're probably not setting preload on the bearings properly. You didn't say what year or which axle (Dana, Ford or Sterling) But as a general rule of thumb, you spin the hub, and while spinning torque to 70 lb-ft, back the nut off a half turn, then re-torque to 18 lb-ft for most. Over or under-torque or just setting to final without the proper seating that the 70/backoff setup gives you will also cause failure. What bearings are you using?
  15. YT90SC

    Transit 250 LWB Lift

    He has the wrong lift. Rotary 12k lb symmetrical with 3 piece arms do just fine. Whose alternator are they using? DO NOT USE FORD/MOTORCRAFT. If he is, keep installing them till you get a good one. That is, if he properly diagnosed it.
  16. YT90SC

    '10 Escape V6 FWD Transmission Stud Issue

    Thanks for the follow up! Glad they got it going at a much more reasonable cost. They treated you well, for the labor they performed.
  17. YT90SC

    This car is trying my patience

    ALL DPS6 have hill start assist.
  18. Forgot to add... its called the coolant bypass tube. Get the o rings for it too. There are two for sure, might be three, I cant remember for 100%
  19. ALL 8mm headed bolts are 89 lb inch. The 10 mm headed bolts on small bolts (like alternator bracket retainers) are 106 lb inch. All thick 10mm headed bolts are 18 lb ft. The crash bracket has I believe a 13 or 15 mm headed bolt or two and are 18 lb ft. Tighten all bolts on the actual intake in a star pattern, working out from the middle. INJECTORS HAVE TO BE SEATED IN RAIL first, then the rail installed on manifold. EGR feed tube itself is 32 lb ft at both ends.
  20. Some of the aftermarket tanks have less than adequate venting and water tightness. I.e. It rains and fills the tank with water. Get too much water in one and you will fill the water separator and bypass it, sending water to the pump. Personally, I'd want at least a water separator between the aux and stock tanks.
  21. YT90SC

    '10 Escape V6 FWD Transmission Stud Issue

    While they may know something else about the trans you don't, or are scared of the mileage on the unit the reality is most general repair independent shops are scared of actually opening up a transmission for *any* reason, even if it is an easy fix. Take it to a REPUTABLE shop that specializes in transmission repair or dealer with an experienced trans tech. They need to drop the side cover off and see what actually happened, if the lever is indeed free to move up and down in the case.
  22. FWIW: you don't *have* to remove the cab to do this repair, but it is pretty easy to do so and a lot of guys do.
  23. WSM= WorkShop Manual. I have seen aftermarket tanks cause issues with diesels because they overwhelm the stock system with excess water or, in some cases welding slag from the tank's production that was not cleaned. A bigger factor is not to EVER use products that contain alcohol or other water dispersant. AS for the PS reservoir, it has no need to be filled to the max. But sometimes what happens is they fill it to max and it works an air pocket out during the process, resulting in a level at minimum. I wouldnt get too carried away with chasing that, as long as you are not losing fluid.
  24. YT90SC

    '10 Escape V6 FWD Transmission Stud Issue

    I feel like there is more to this story. Why would they want to replace the trans based on an internal shifter linkage issue? Are there other issues with the trans than this? The rod is held into the MLP sensor with a roll pin. Sounds to me per your description, that pin has either sheared or fallen out. Either way, I'd want to pull the valve body and look at the linkage without condemning the trans. All of which is an IN CHASSIS repair. It could literally be a $0.90 roll pin plus fluid and whatever part actually broke. At most, that would be 3.5 hour repair.