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    PTU Fluid change, Ford service manual?

    Pull the lower plug. Drain. Reinstall. Remove fill plug. Fill even to fill plug with XY-75W140-QL. Its in the WSM under "General Procedures" subheading "Transfer Case Draining and Filling ". Since you didnt specify engine, Section 308-07B for 2.0, Section 308-07C for 2.7 and Section 308-07D for the 3.5. 2014 and prior do not have a drain plug from the factory. Its easy to install one though.
  2. Coils and plugs. Get a different mechanic if he is suggesting 02 sensors to fix a miss...
  3. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    Honestly, you should have someone properly diagnose it. It could very well be just the PTU. No noise in neutral tends to rule out planetary failure, but it is hard to tell over the internet.:)
  4. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    Does it make grinding noise when running, and not moving or only when trying to move it.
  5. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    Now that the forum is back to normal, CAN you push it forward or back in neutral? PTU failure can "lock it up".
  6. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    No. The early takes Mercon V fluid, the late takes Mercon LV, so valve body calibrations are different, and as stated, I believe there is a final drive ratio change there as well. I also doubt that the early PCM would allow use of the later TRID file that has to be loaded.
  7. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    What exactly failed in the trans? 6F50 failures are rare.
  8. YT90SC

    Ford Flex AWD transmission confusion

    There are FOUR potential versions for 09 Flex. Since you said its an AWD, that narrows it to two, dependent on final drive ratios. The build date split seems to be 5/10/09. Don't trust your build date, just in case. The best and easiest way would be to find the information sticker on the top of the trans. Early trans will say 9E9P-7000-KA. Late will say AA8P-7000-K*.
  9. The best answer is to run a full tank or two and see. Sometimes MPG suffers dramatically based on YOUR particular driving style and fuel. Ecoboost engines run best with higher octane and no ethanol. However, when you put pen to paper and calculate it, it might not be worth it for YOUR useage.
  10. YT90SC

    2.7L oil pan leaks

    Wizard, they have been that way since they got rid of "idiot" lights. SOME of the newer ones have actual sensors because the PCM watches/controls oil pressure. ALL the instruments are filtered by the sending module (PCM, TCM, etc) or the cluster. The gage itself moves very little unless it is at the end of the spec. i.e. "coolant temp". Ever notice it comes up to "normal" awful fast? Could be 140 degrees or 210, it wouldn't move much, if at all. As it approaches different stages of "hot" it moves rapidly up. There are several that don't even monitor actual coolant temp, but use the CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) and guess-timate. Fuel senders have been "anti slosh" since the 70's. Ford figured out a long time ago that overly sweepy needles make more warranty claims.
  11. YT90SC

    2.7L oil pan leaks

    The 10R80 also has a plastic pan. The pans are replaced because they often break when removed and the WSM states to replace when removed. I've never had a comeback on any of the pans I've done. The factory sealant bead size is insufficient and the block has clearly not been prepped correctly. Sometimes the block face is not flat as well. Most of the "redo" pans I see that have been done before have had improper cleanup/drain time/cure time, no prep of the block with ZC-31, improper sealant type or OTHER leaks that look like the pan, but aren't. *cough*oil pressure sensor*cough* Its not a TSB, its an SSM 47446. GSB G0000166 should also be referenced.
  12. Depends on the failure mode. You probably need a complete fuel system, if it fragged. Best bet is to get a copy of the WSM.
  13. YT90SC

    Ford's EPAS quality

    P07AE can set due to an internal rack failure. BUT with *SO* many "failures" it most likely lies outside of the rack. P07AE can also set due to tire pressure issues, severe pulls from tires or bad alignment, or bound ball joints, tie rod ends or strut mounts/struts. ANYTHING that causes constant drag on the rack can overheat it and set that code. While it IS possible it could be a severe misfortune of racks, I highly doubt it.
  14. YT90SC

    Ranger power and tow ratings finally released

    AS to the I-5 in Ranger, won't happen in North America. It won't meet NVH goals in the truck. NLPRacing- Shares nearly the same dimensions as a 10th Gen too.