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  1. Go aftermarket. Adding the Ford parts will be prohibitively expensive as well as not be able to be programmed to operate properly with IDS/FDRS at your dealer.
  2. Must be a regional thing. We 6006/6007 and 6049 (especially in 18s) too much to call them "reliable", in addition to all the coolant leaks and water pumps.
  3. If you can't sell cars/parts/service, you can't make money. IF you cost cut your cars and gut service after the sale, no one will buy your product no matter how many investors threw money at you. No one apparently remembers what Jac Nasser's stint did to the company.
  4. The current issue IS chasing profit at the expense of all else and it really shows lately. Maybe stop worrying about shareholders and return to building great cars?
  5. 2 valves were fantastic. Won't win races, but smooth, relatively quiet, and reliable. Will eventually need intake gaskets and exhaust manifolds. Might spit a plug from incorrect repair procedures. 3 valve needs strict maintenance and repair techniques and you still can't guarantee that it will not suffer failure. 4 valve 5.4 had *lots* of valve train issues. 5.0 is very very far from perfect, but doesn't have phaser issues like 3 valve.
  6. I can't see this as a good thing. Ford has been struggling with quality lately and aligning with VW is definitely NOT going to help that.
  7. Make sure all the connectors are seated properly and locked on the SJB, particularly c2280A which should be tan.
  8. IF the brake shift interlock doesn't work, you need to chase that first. Do you have power on fuse 2.18, KOEO?
  9. I don't put a lot of faith in their lists. The 3 valve 5.4 was on their "ten best" list at one point.
  10. YT90SC

    Embedded modem location

    I believe you mean the TCU? IF so, you have to remove most of the trim in the trunk.
  11. YT90SC

    2017 Fusion Transmission Maintence

    The 6F35 has a tiny filter, coupled with a TCC strategy that produces HUGE amounts of debris. The service filter has more magnetic surface area which helps slow the inevitable. Filtration failure often occurs in 6F35 and/or mass amounts of too tiny to filter debris gets in critical areas like solenoids, the solenoid pressure control valve in the main control, or accelerating wear on the case half differential thrust washer area or clutch tower/direct drum.
  12. YT90SC

    2017 Fusion Transmission Maintence

    Your 21 year old van doesn't have Mercon LV in it. Nor is it VERY hard on fluid like 6F35, nor does it modulate the TCC to dampen NVH and thus produce copious amounts of wear material that clogs filters. 6F35 does not have a removeable sump pan, nor is the filter serviceable in chassis.
  13. YT90SC

    2019 Ranger Leveling Kit

    Hope not. They kill suspension and driveline components.
  14. Why is this such a big deal to so many people?