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  1. YT90SC

    Lost Keys

    Ford DOES NOT have keycodes older than 10 years. Locksmith is gonna be cheapest, but beware, they often use cheap or "cloned" keys that can cause issues down the road.
  2. The test is NOT flawed. Any shudder recording of less than 250 RPM passes. Any recording 250 rpm or over, it fails and gets a clutch. The time time given to the technician is flawed. It pays .6 of an hour to the tech for all this: Get the car into the bay, verify warranty status, check for any new TSBs or other updated information related to it, connect a finicky diagnostic system, check for any codes that may relate to the shudder, perform the adaptive relearn on the clutch, test drive and record the shudder readings, and do the calculations for the shudder readings. If it passes, the job is done. If it doesn't, then *for no more pay* the technician must upload the data to Ford, then complete the required online (if Ford's website works) diagnostic form to get a required Repair Validation Code, or RVC, because Ford does not trust the word or competence of technicians. No RVC and the clutch replacement will not be paid for by Ford. Fudge the numbers or break the *VERY* specific criteria to record the shudder and the claim can and will be bounced by Ford even after the repair is done. If it was for any other non shudder/non TCM reason, the tech would get 1.0 hour *without* being chained to the upload and online RVC process. Again, the test is fine. I get over 90% failure rate even with the lack of time given to do the whole procedure. Their interpretation of the memo is wrong. The memo says that the vehicle MUST be repaired as per established procedures i.e. TSB 16-0109, the online guided routine in WSM section 307-01. Customer Resource Center has to be contacted for any after warranty assistance. Contacting CRC rarely gets the entire job covered, rather, it will give a portion towards the repair, unless they radically change the policies in this instance. I wouldn't hold my breath. Let's suppose they do cover your car. It HAS to be diagnosed as per the description I gave mybkvu above. If it can't hit the 250 RPM threshold or the seals are not leaking, you don't get a clutch, period.
  3. They're most likely NOT going to extend to cover your car if it is out on miles or time for the 7 years or 100k miles that FSA 14M01 covered. IF they do, you will still have to be diagnosed and repaired as per Ford's already established procedures. In other words, it has to go through the online guided routine and repaired as per TSB 16-0109/14M01. IF the seals are not leaking and the clutch doesn't fail the shudder test, you don't get parts replacement.
  4. YT90SC

    VCMII with FJDS and MS-CAN on 2017?

    I just don't know. I have never been forced to use it. FDRS is the replacement for IDS going forward as models get refreshed. IDS has never been perfect, but FDRS is a total piece of shit.
  5. I'm averaging right around $1300 for most out of warranty clutch replacements. You more than likely won't get that back in resale.
  6. TCM (Which is 95% of "shifting issues") is covered under 14M02 for 10 years or 150k miles. This DOES NOT cover hard part issues in the trans itself which are rare. Again, for those in the back not listening: Shudder=Clutch. Neutrals and the majority of other "shift issues" = TCM.
  7. YT90SC

    Gear Ratio

    There were several available 3.55, 3.73 and 4.10 I believe. What does it list on the rear axle tag? If that isn't available, what does it say on the VIN sticker in the door? VIN can be used to decode too with OASIS.
  8. YT90SC

    Bring back the Excursion

    Those are, for the most part, well done, but they NEVER match the front fenders to the rear and they end up looking awkward.
  9. YT90SC

    Value of 2003 Ford Excursion

    Varies greatly due to miles, overall condition options, but mostly engine. Diesels are worth a great deal more than 6.8's for some reason. 5.4 versions are worth whatever iron is going for a ton. Appraisal by someone like CarMax?
  10. YT90SC

    VCMII with FJDS and MS-CAN on 2017?

    I am just not sure about the MS-CAN stuff. VCM, VCM2 and VCMM are clearly capable. software, I don't know.
  11. YT90SC

    VCMII with FJDS and MS-CAN on 2017?

    I had to look FJDS up. I've never used it. Looks like a rattier version of IDS and I bet that the calibrations available won't be up to date as the aftermarket server seems to be a few months back on releases. Updating the ACM for speed compensated volume or parasitic draw? I assume the door modules for window bounce back issues? FWIW, I get 0.3hr per module for reprogramming. Would put you less than $130 out the door.
  12. YT90SC

    VCMII with FJDS and MS-CAN on 2017?

    Do you mean FDRS? The first vehicles to use FDRS are the Ecosport and the new body Expedition for 2018. FDRS is NOT backwards compatible. What are you working on and/or trying to do? There may be some Forscan coverage for what you like.
  13. YT90SC

    Oldie but a Goodie!

    Nice ride! 98 was NPI heads and aluminum intakes. Not the quickest, but dead reliable if you do even a half ass job of maintaining it. There is a reason that lots of the guys I work with have tenth gens or lament giving theirs up for newer ones. I won't give mine up until the midwest salt and sand claim it.
  14. ROW has them in Ecosport. Maybe that is the confusion?
  15. Reliability wise it would have been enough better to not have this fiasco, maybe. But 1.5 Ecoboost is a completely different beast than the 2.0 N/A. MPG loss with 6f35 paired to 2.0 would put Focus with no real advantage over the competition and when DPoS6 is right, it "works" better with the 2.0's output than a standard slushbox would. Drive a 2wd Ecosport and a Focus back to back, ignoring the obvious differences in chassis. Their weights are essentially the same. JPD the fault is not with the converter itself, it is with the way that they use it to smooth the inherent roughness of a FWD 4 banger's power impulses. I am in no way defending the DPoS6, but 6F35 was not the answer. Forgot to add, that Friday, Ford essentially expanded 14M01 to include up to MY17.