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  1. econolineman

    Profit sharing date?

    Those super duty cabs are made in Ohio Fuzzy.
  2. econolineman

    Profit sharing date?

    I'll get you that answer brother.
  3. econolineman

    Profit sharing date?

    Fuzzy I used to. I still follow the chairman's page. I'm at LAP now.
  4. econolineman

    Profit sharing date?

    The chairman at OHAP just posted it's $3.39 per compensated hour
  5. They're about to boost SUV production at KTP by 20%. Louisville Assembly is losing it's 3rd shift and will be sending people to KTP to support an increase in production.
  6. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    I know several have been speculating about Chassis cab super duties from KTP moving to Ohio Assembly. Yesterday it was official that they are. http://chronicle.northcoastnow.com/2016/01/16/ford-revs-up-truck-plant/
  7. econolineman

    Fiat Chrysler, UAW reach tentative contract

    It's always been this way. Once a tentative agreement has been reached, the info is passed along to local leaders. They then arrange meetings with their members to lay out the terms of the agreement and set a ratification vote. They have never just released everything publicly on the spot. Some things are slowly coming out and will clear up soon after the locals hear the details. Until the details are discussed locally, relying on these news articles are risky. This one was just released today... http://www.autonews.com/article/20150917/OEM01/150919822?template=mobile
  8. econolineman

    Avon Lake Medium Duty

    There's actually very little history for it. After the Thunderbird was discontinued it left half of the Lorain plant empty. This was a very brief attempt at utilizing the empty plant space to make something Ford thought it could market. This lasted a very short while with them building only a handful per day. It never caught on and eventually they stopped making it and ultimately closed the plant, moving the final assembly of the econoline to Avon Lake.
  9. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    Yes that is true. I started in Lorain. That was around a 20 mile trip requiring specially made trailers. I don't put anything past Ford, but I don't see this repeating itself. IMHO, If Ohio gets the F-450/550 chassis cab production I'm betting they'll do all the assembly there. But any of us on the factory floor knows it's never easy trying to figure what the company may or may not do Pioneer is correct. We left Lorain in December 2005.
  10. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    I think the comment regarding cost was in reference to shipping entire cabs fully assembled. That's how I read it anyway. That wouldn't happen. Parts for assembly however could be feasible.
  11. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    Contract talks usually begin in the months leading up to September. If there's product movement it will begin to surface soon. I'm over at the Escape plant so I'm not in the building at KTP. I don't know what the plans are for them. Their chairman has said openly he intends to fight to make sure all super duty production stays there. So is there something in the works that would remove some product there? I have no idea. What I do know is after more than 2 decades inside Ford Motor factories and working under new agreements every few years, is every contract you speculate your plant is either gaining something or losing something. Folks in Ohio are hoping to gain product, KTP undoubtedly is going to fight to maintain product. Ford will use this as leverage in the coming contract, bet on that. Either way it goes, KTP is getting a huge amount of work done to prepare it for the aluminum super duty. Why they wouldn't include all of them (250-550) would have to come down to some business model numbers telling them not to I suppose. Estimated production numbers of F-450/550 chassis cabs is 40-60k per Ford. A big boost for Ohio, but a big loss for KTP so expect a battle. That's a lot of production. Not sure why the need to add a 3rd crew at KTP if you're planning to reduce production numbers on that scale, but I'm just an hourly guy that's not privy to all the behind closed doors talks.
  12. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    Wizard...I don't know where the Expedition/Navigator fit in the aluminum plans, but coming from KTP along side the SD, I would expect they go that route eventually. KTP is adding a 3rd crew sometime late this year tentatively. I'm over at LAP so I'm getting my info through the vine a bit. This is a post from one of the regular guys over there regarding the upcoming added shift and new bodyshop: The 3 crew schedule for the front end of the plant has always been the 3rd or 4th quarter of 15. The new paint dept and body shop should be active by the spring/early summer of 15, producing ppu's and such. They need to run both for cycle tests, training and to produce pre-production and engineering units. Unlike previous model launches were blocks of units could be run on the same line, this new one requires ALL new tooling in body, hence the reason the new body shop needs to be up and running long before the actual launch. To meet demand and have the extra production capabilities for ppu's the front end (chassis, frame, trim etc.) will need to run 3 crews to support 2 body shops and 2 paint depts to kick those units out. Dearborn switched over to the new 150 while KC continues to build the old 150. We will follow that model, but we will just do it at ONE plant. KTP WILL have 2 body and 2 paint shops running AFTER the LAUNCH of the new SD. Once production ramps up on the new Super Duty our plant will have the capacity to run almost 500,000 units a year. (Good Luck Trim) I know from driving past the plant, there's big construction projects there. Sounds like they're going to have a lot of volume capacity.
  13. econolineman

    New light & medium duty news

    For what it's worth....There's massive construction going on at KTP. I work at LAP, but some from the plant are saying Ford is building all new body/paint for the switch to aluminum for the SD's. Since they don't have the luxury of idling the plant the way Dearborn and KCAP did, I guess in theory, they would essentially be able to run both steel and aluminum. Or just run steel up to the moment they need to flip the switch on the aluminum side and go from there. I hadn't considered the possibility of running both until someone mentioned it above, but it sounds if it could be possible from what I've heard. I left OHAP. They're still just building the E-series cutaways. The truck production is tentatively to begin it's launch in May. No specifics known other than that. They're dropping to one shift sometime March/April.
  14. econolineman

    60 Openings at Avon?

    Avon is getting ready to send the last round of transfers to Kentucky first week of March. They're going to be needing replacements.
  15. econolineman

    Avon Lake building Transit ?

    Are class C's the ones with the cutaway cab? I think they call these frames F53 and F59? I've never heard those names before, so I think they're the larger, more bus-like motorhomes....that and this is work being insourced meaning it's not here now so it's likely unrelated to the current Econoline.