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  1. It also gives Ford a neat sub-brand of up to five or six vehicles linked by the Bronco name....... I wonder if the compact pick up now becomes Maverick instead of say, Courier (reserved for another global vehicle) .
  2. The wording of his response could have been better..
  3. Correct. So much happened in 2010-2011 that it's hard/unfair to consider Ranger in isolation. Ford basically killed off all Mercury and BOF vehicles - Ranger, Explorer, Aviator, Mountaineer, Sport Trac, Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Town car. All of those vehicles and their plants were either closed or reassigned to vehicles which complied greater fuel economy under the conditions of Ford's $5.9 billion DOA Lending.It is unfortunate that Ford didn't include T6 Ranger but far from a tragedy. In hindsight, the only area I would criticize Ford's plan is that Focus/C-Max wasn't built at lower cost plant like Cuautitlan with Fiesta, allowing MAP to build Ranger in 2012 and eventually, Bronco (2015). .....but that's water under the bridge.
  4. jpd80

    Ford and VW partnership

    Those decisions are probably being made now with regards future of C2 and transitioning to next gen, is that electric or one more ice hybrid......
  5. jpd80

    Ford and VW partnership

    Not entirely correct but I don’t completely trust Ford management to not outsource next gen small cars. something like that sounds great to accounting but dreadful to fans and techs that have to work on them
  6. Maybe the dealers are getting their way.......they were pleading with Ford to not let the Fusion name / vehicle size die as there is a lot of cache with the name.
  7. Correct more reference to gen 1 at the top of the doors......
  8. Correct, the 4-door CGI is a conflation of hybrid V8 Mustang's looks and the Model E, the latter is more of a crossover with Mustang DNA front and back so less bulby. man, this is like describing how the chocolate changes ice cream into chocolate ice cream.
  9. ^^^^^ Could be why nothing has been mentioned regarding Lincoln cars, maybe they carry through until two new EVs take their place? Or is that too far out?
  10. How much money would Ford have saved by developing MKZ and Continental together at the same time. For the ridiculous amount of money spent on Continental, Lincoln ended up with a car that was just over 7" longer and barely 2" wider, the extra width not really translating in better hip and shoulder room, especially in the rear of the vehicle. The MKR pointed the way years ago with a RWD concept that eerily mirrored the Aussie Falcon's length width and wheelbase, it's only a short hop from that to a long wheelbase for Continental /Town car. That same philosophy could and should be embraced when developing any future Lincoln cars. The whole reason Ford struggled to justify quick and efficient development of vehicles has been exposed and corrected by Jim Hackett, vehicles don't need to be researched for years and contrived business cases entered just to get past financing. I like Jim Hackett's holistic and inclusive view of developing products that are needed and stepping back from those that no longer make sense..
  11. Most of you probably wouldn't know but Jim Baumbick was Engineering Director overseeing development of T6 Ranger. Everest was developed under the guidance of Ford’s SUV specialist and vehicle engineering manager, Todd Hoevener.
  12. I guess we'll see if these are protos or something cobbled up to test new chassis...Electric F150?
  13. From what I gather the Mach E Utility is pretty much like a Tesla with flat battery pack on the floor and electric drive front and back and every bit as impressive as a Tesla but won't be shared with Lincoln. The new EVs being built from about 2023 at Flat Rock are on an all new platform, that will be Lincoln's first EV.
  14. jpd80

    Ford and VW partnership

    Would VW have been so willing to share development if hadn't suffered a $30 billion nose bleed from dieselgate... XW is outsource Amarok and Transporter vans to Ford saving a few billion on development costs and \ Ford is also keen to pick up the extra production and sales VW. The big carrot here for Ford is cutting its own development costs on AV and EV by partnering with VW who I suspect is playing the long game of reducing its own costs....electrification is more important to VW's home European market where the group's sales are around four times bigger than Ford Europe. America will be much slower adopting BEVs but it is coming and VW is positioning itself now as a supplier and asking Ford to get on board... The question is whether Ford is buying a ticket on the right bus....
  15. And this is the fourth Gen Escort Sedan
  16. which is IIRC, related to the Bentley Continental............how ironic...🤗 For something that was touted as a Utility, that sure sounds a lot like a car........
  17. Farley was pushing for Mach 1 but the backlash was huge. Looks like Mach-E is the Electric sub brand rather than Mustang.
  18. jpd80

    Wayne Assembly

    No Everest for North America, next gen is not until 2022. T6 Everest was a much later arrival (2015) due to product cycle timing with the previous Mazda developed version. Who knows, MAP might get an order for North American Amaroks when NG Ranger arrives but I wouldn't hold my breath
  19. I hope so Bob, I think F600 will definitely blunt any impact from GM/Navitar's class 6 truck, the goal posts have just been shifted by Ford answering the feedback of its class 3 to 7 gasoline buyers, not just Class 6. The whole landscape is being transformed as class F250 to F600 now have 6.2 V8, 7.3 V8 and 6.7 V8 PS - all with 10-speed auto. Ford casts a wide net for Super Duty truck sales . F600 answers F650 gasoline buyers' needs up to 22,000 lb GVR but Ford is also offering F650 and F750 buyers the 7.3 V8 gasoline engine and 6.7 Powerstroke with 6AT. Ford also has a version of F750 that just touches into class 8 but the 6.7 powerstroke diesel sales are comparatively low in class 6 and 7/8, suggesting that it's either too small, to expensive or just not prepared to take the risk. To compete at this level, Fotd needs the cargo's 9 liter and 13 liter Duratorq engines. Heck, even a gasoline or LPG version of the 9 liter or 13 liter Duratorq I-6 would do to feel out class 7 sales.
  20. No, it's from a British magazine site that keeps misquoting Model E as Mustang based, not Mustang inspired. in the space of a day, they changed their previous rendering to look more like a Mustang based on what they thought they heard, not what was actually said. We know that hackett made Ford redo the styling of Model E to make it more desirable for people to won and drive, so it will have some of that Mustang DNA but certainly not a direct copy. We may however be approaching a time where Ford will start offering the performance oriented buyer more choices than just an ICE based package.
  21. Cost, VW has lost a combined $30 Billion thanks to Dieselgate. So wherever it suits them to pass on developing vehicles and or power trains and just buy into those markets, then they will do it. At the moment, the alliance with Ford is just Ranger and Transit vans but that could be enough to get a foot in the door. I don't see VW and Ford engaging in co-development of NG F150 or large SUVs but, I think the door is open for Ford to sign up with VW's North American Electric vehicle production and sales. F600 is an expansion of the popular F550, increased sales will come from F650's gasoline sales. It's a more efficient production model and an exit strategy from F650 and F750. So I see Ford reducing its Medium Duty presence, not increasing.
  22. I wonder about some simpler applications of AV like easing frustration in gridlock by users switching to say "Group" or "heard", have near by vehicles working together in very slow stop -go traffic, allowing drivers in that situation to relax a bit as the chances of a crash/injury/fatality are almost zero. When the vehicles are in that mode, the driver could be permitted to hands and feet off, we already see it in park assist which is getting more sophisticated. Perhaps it's a case of focusing on what AV can do safely without too much risk as a way of getting people used to the tech at very slow speeds at first and then traveling as a pack down the freeway with intelligent cruise and lane-center (not lane keep)....stop trying to do the whole thing at once.
  23. I do not agree with beta testing of AVs on the road at this point, that is like proving a drunk driver can make it home without crashing their car.
  24. Instead of trying to make Ecosport fit all markets, Ford would have been better off developing the Euro Fusion into Ford's version of a CX-3.
  25. FCA builds both the 8HP and 9-speed FWD transmissions under license from ZF, the transmission calibrations in the ECU are all done by FCA.