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  1. jpd80

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    Is that a temporary measure (eg 6 months) to control inventory going into the model changeover?
  2. jpd80

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    I could be wrong but I suspect the case for AV commercials is not as strong as Ford is painting and that's why TC is moving to Mexico.
  3. People can and do respond differently to trace amounts of toxic gasses, so it's possible that trace amounts of gasses can cause headaches in some owners and not others. The OP also says that Ford has bought back around 100 Explorers as a good will gesture and that the person in the article has begun that process with Ford. The article points to exhaust leaks from cracked manifold welds in early vehicles that were repaired and apparently cured the CO leaks but Ford claims to have eliminated manifold leaks as the source if this problem, I wonder if this is a whole bunch of issues that come together in certain vehicles where a combination of factory tolerances between the hatch and the rear opening allows slight leaks like the ons being seen now.There is certainly something going on here and while the CO levels may be low, t's in Ford's best interest to go the extra mile here and makr sure that these relatively small anounts of owners don't slip through the cracks and be dismissed as just chasing payouts.
  4. The days of spending $20 Billion on Cadillac over x number of years is over, GM will squeeze every last dollar out of its engineering.
  5. GM has another new RWD architecture coming around 2022 (a bit like Ford's CD6), it will replace Alpha and Omega....So these are the last we will see of the current CT6, CT5 and presumably CT4.
  6. jpd80

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    I bet Ford has been sweating on the USMCA being favorable so it can make some long term changes there to not only benefit North America but to increase the efficiency of electrified vehicles to the rest of the world. Transit to Hermosillo is another piece of the puzzle falling into place, it joins the rumored small truck and companion Utility, which makes me think that Fusion's replacement might that future EV based at Flat Rock...
  7. For now but MKT and Flex existence is part of Unifor contract and most likely dead legging to the end of the contract. Nav inventory is far from filled out at the moment so I'd expect that we would get a better picture once that's fleshed out.
  8. This is the second expansion of production at KTP, the first being a 25% increase in production of the Explorer/Navigator and now this 20% increase to stay in front of surging sales. I don't think that GM would be concerned about this as it probably means that combined production of Expedition and Navigator will probably be around 12,000 per month. In proportion, the increase in Expedition production is most likely to answer requests for more XLT and possibly lower trims of Navigator to replace MKT which should end later this year. Given recent peak production levels at KTP have been around 41K combined, this increase will mean that those levels are easier to maintain or exceed without compromising Super Duty production....what they do if the 7.3 is a runaway success...
  9. jpd80

    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    1969 Trans Am Mustang, one of six prepared by Holman and Moody, made avaulable to Alan Moffatt, FoA's first works driver.. Quad Weber fed 302 Boss at full noise, beautiful...
  10. jpd80

    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    V6 Supercars requires a controlled wheelbase of 112" which mean a 5" stretch for Mustang to the Falcon's wheelbase Funny enough, the Zeta Commodores had to reduce wheelbase 2" but I think the current Insignia/Regal based Commodore is about right. Here's last year's Falcon as comparison, they've basically turned the Mustang into a 2-door Falcon.
  11. Interesting drip feed campaign from Ford, those pictures and work on cooling mean the GT500 will be one serious vehicle, no doubt there were a lot of lessons learned with the GT350. A necessary learning curve ahead of the GT500 going live... All those colors reminded me of a Jerry Lewis Joke. Jerry decided to go for a ride on the New York subway and looking up from his seat, he sees a guy with a bright multi-colored Mohawk. The guy looks down at Lewis and asks, "what are you looking at old man?". To which Jerry replied, "I had sex with a parrot in the 90s and I thought you could be my son..."
  12. Ford is more like $150 Billion revenue and around $7 Billion to $9 Billion Pre-tax profit. For the last 20 years, Ford has set out with plans to chase rainbows and unicorns and used the big profits from F Series to do it, only to realize that selling anything other than its high profit trucks ends in sorrow and a giant money pit. I don't know how many times this cycle will repeat but Ford's survival is absolutely chained to one group of buyers and the profit those sales bring, that pays for those distractible ego driven indulgences.. Anytime Ford get n trouble is because they over spend on ventures that are basically dry wells and eventually run back home to F Series..