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  1. You’ll remember that ford pulled out of the truck JV with Toyota after it realised that Toyota was miles behind them.
  2. You're half right because the ST-Line has the 1.5 EB - It's like the appearance pack ST and this is what I suspect the Puma will get. FoE seems to be making a lot more ho hum boring I-3Ts and diesels in Europe/ROW so I wouldn't be getting too excited about this...
  3. jpd80


    It sounds like Jim Hackett is actually doing what Alan Mulally pretended to do, dismantling fiefdoms that grew from all the excessive levels of management. My concern is who actually prepared this study on changes and driving it - what's their angle, keeping their own little corners?. I watched the video of Jim Hackett in the link, he made a great point, Yay, he gets it. That's a great analogy and why buyers want something new and fresh, not cheap and chinzy make overs designed to save money....
  4. It all stems back to this preoccupation with a set % return on revenue, Ford and GM chiefs stopped looking at the total amount of profit and started grizzling that the return is not "X"..so therefor, any model making X% product is then deemed a "loss maker" and is better ended than taking a slightly lower amount of profit.
  5. I think it's actually the reverse for most buyers, that F Series is Ford's gateway vehicle and acts as a catalyst for other family members and friends to go buy smaller Fords. This concentration around F Series, the large Utilities and Explorer has been both the success and Achilles heel of Ford for the last 20 years...nothing has really changed and in fact, it feels like a Ford is doubling down on what makes money and shifting away from "empty volume" vehicles. I just wish Ford hadn't written off Fusion and Focus so quickly and IMO, San Louis Potosi should have continued as the new production center for coming utilities while Hermosillo is kept for Focus and Fusion/Mondeo, C2 versions of these vehicles would have greater production efficiencies as well as right pricing with Mexican labor.
  6. Personally, I think they are going a little slower than expected getting more Rangers out there in XL and XLT but in saying that, I can understand the thinking behind not doing that - they're playing the long game here and building solid foundation for the future and a keep those sales in the face of new Bronco's arrival late next year.
  7. And why shouldn't they as Toyota has made a lot of those patents free to use until 2030 (as of April 2019)
  8. and on that theme, it's interesting with Ford's shift in emphasis has been away from comparatively lower profit FWD/AWD vehicles to generally more profitable RWD based vehicles.It keeps underscoring to me that while vehicles under $30K are far from loss makers, they don't add significantly to profits and this is a big issue for Ford, particularly in ROW markets.
  9. Also, now defunct FWD 2.3 EB Explorer was rated at 28 mpg.
  10. The pursuit rating means that the hybrid electric side expends all its energy in power assist under full throttle acceleration soprobably doesn't affect fuel economy and regen braking efficiency in normal use.... 24 MPG for an EB 3.5 F150 in mixed driving is excellent, you're obviously very pleased with that and I doubt the Hybrid explorer would give much better than that, they usually even out all the city and highway mileages like Fusion Hybrid did before being restated..
  11. Be confident that Ford has done a great job developing the 3.3 V6 HEV and 2.5 I-4 HEV and that they will achieve their expected fuel economy targets. I'm a little concerned about issues with EB + hybrids, Ford has done good work on the extended range 1.0 EB PHEV in Transit custom but the larger EBs are proving troublesome with fuel economy targets, the cure is to hide them behind a PHEV "firewall".
  12. The screaming headline is banning ICEs by <Insert date> but like Euro governments, what is actually proposed is banning stand alone ICEs without HEV or PHEV... I think the idea is to transition as much as possiple, the majority of existing ICE vehicles to more efficient HEVs with the intent of progressing to PHEVor extended range BEV and then BEVs as the charging grid establishes and matures. The objective is to reduce pollution in around major city areas - commute vehicles in particular but also service / delivery vehicles like buses and Vans/trucks.
  13. This is an older This is an older hybrid system patented by Ford that incorporates the hybrid motor and disconnect clutch within the wet area of the gearbox for added cooling. The above is for a six-speed auto adaption but I suspect that the 10-speed application is similar but in a better way incorporating 90% of the stand alone 10AT's parts. I'm having browser issues ATM but if you look at the Explorer hybrid cutaways, I think you'll get an idea of the changes.
  14. The disconnect clutch and motor of a parallel type hybrid electric vehicle are repositioned within the wet zone of an automatic transmission to compactly and efficiently reconfigure a drive line using a motor and transmission assembly. A drive shell is provided interposed between the engine output and the disconnect clutch input which surrounds the torque converter enabling the torque converter to move independent to the engine output shaft. The resulting structure is compact and provides good structural support and cooling for the disconnect clutch and motor.