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  1. And given the same timeline of several decades, we can expect the same for BEVs... But that's the thing, the cost difference with Ecoboost was lowered to make it much more affordable to reach more people, that was one of Mulally's key points, delivering affordable quality and technology to the masses. There will always be a group of buyers prepared to embrace new technology, the harder thing to do is decide which part of the market to play in, which segments make sense to pioneer that tech and maybe that's the delay, switching from cars to utilties may actually capture an more engaging buyer group..
  2. Correct and that's what the article said, arriving in Europe in 2020 so maybe they show Model E before the April European event...
  3. I'm so glad you brought up that emerging research, maybe it time for a new player to enter the game and make Lithium redundant..
  4. Well you did say, "Not sure why ford needs a Bronco, AND Troller, AND Everest, Etc etc " zSo obvously, you didn know how they all work together Too expensive and wrong driveline and still 2 years away, Ranger CrewCab already fills that role without needing an SUV Rest of the World already has Everest, a tough 4x4 SUV with proper diesel engines, not thirsty gasoline engines.
  5. Two things, 1. Navigator starts at $52,195, that's a bargain when you look at MKT with a starting price of $49,500.. 2. The 3.0 TTV6 with PHEV, total power and torque = 450 HP and 600 lb ft....holy crap, that's serious performance and in a Lincoln too.
  6. 1. Currently, Ford doesn't have a Bronco and won't for another two years. 2. Troller is not a T6 vehicle, it was gifted engine, trans, HVAC and door latch components. If you saw it in person you would understand why it not US bound, it's even more agricultural than a Mahindra and almost completely devoid of basic safety features that Americans take for granted, it's perfect in its South American environment but nowhere near ready for prime time. 3. Everest competes with Toyota Landcruiser 200/Prado, that was the main bench mark vehicle chosen during development, you can bet that the next generation will be better aimed at those buyers thanks to a bit of "Bronco" DNA in Everst's bones but not until CY2022.
  7. The OP article even says, Some people will see the value in paying a higher up front cost because they see value in that in the long run but many regular people don't. It's important to keep perspective here and understand that the majority of retail buyers are simply not prepared to pay so much more up front.
  8. That's why I suggested that the small C Puma and Bronco make a lot more sense than Ecosport which is smaller than the competition. The addition of a Trucklet version based on the Puma would also make and interesting point of differentiation. (Let's see if the news articles pick on this thread...should we add the CX number for authenticity? LOL)
  9. Well DUH, but the stumbling block is still making folks pay up front for all the savings on fuel they'll make over the next three to four years. I don't buy it, this is someone using math to justify paying more now with zero cost benefit over the normal finance period of vehicles.
  10. oh boy, there really wasn’t that much in the op article that we didn’t already know but they still haven’t put trucklet and companion utility together in Mexico, they still need to keep reading our posts, how else are we going to stay informed LOL
  11. Absolutely, how many years now has Cuautitlan plant been pumping out around a mere 6,000 Fiestas a month?
  12. When posting intel, it’s easy to come off as assertive, especially when other posters either challenge or dismiss what’s been posted, that’s why sometimes saying less is more. It’ better to be dismissed than to keep trying to prove yourself right all the time. Remember the shit storm that erupted when I said no V6 in Ranger just one EB I-4....
  13. Maybe Ford is pulling the trigger on a whole mess of new products out of Mexico to broaden the sales base...instead of small cars.
  14. 1,361 on line, 117 blue, 1 orange, 108 red, 363 Black, 306 gray, 95 silver and 287 white.