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  1. Van sales for June '19 and year to date Vehicle...............June'19 (June '18)...............6MO '19 (6MO'18) Metris........................751 (618).........................3,798 (3,455) (+9.9%) Sprinter..................2,254 (2,190).....................12,227 (13,455) (-9.1%) Transit..................12,446 (13,533)..................73,107 (71,412) (+2.4%) T' Connect..............4,160 (3,124)....................19,853 (15,454) (+28.5%) Metris doesn't seem to have affected Transit Connect sales which have actually increased by 28.5% Transit and TC combined are heads and shoulders above any other van sales combination in these segments, if there had been any real need for Transit Custom, then Ford would have added it already. Edit
  2. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    At the moment, National dealer stock of Corvette is around 4800 with about 800 of them manuals Anyone that wants a front engine Corvette has been given the message to get one while still available So if we see a "gold rush" of buyers this month, that might signal that many have bought their last 'vette.
  3. Sorry, it just boils my blood to hear what crap Ford gets up to behind the scenes, especially when they short techs on time to do work that will show Ford needs to pay for clutches or a new TCM. It's just mean spirited.
  4. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I have mixed feelings on this too but understand why the factory had to be reconfigured for one type only but I wonder if GM has again cast off its current buyer demographic before establishing the new one. IMO, they needed a longer transition on this with more time to run out the C7........ Maybe they shoulda forward build a bunch of C7s with the 495 HP 6.2 Stingray Classic as a last hurrah but time will tell if this is a master stroke to reposition Corvette or if it falls flat......I think it will be a bit of both.:(. Everyone over on the GM boards is excited by C8 save for actual Corvette buyers who have been vocal in their concerns but as usual, any dissent is dismissed as either old farts living in the past or trouble makers. GM has a track record making unilateral decisions on product and telling established buyers what they will like, keep in mind that the decisions on XT4, XT5 and Corvette were made 3-4 years ago ('15/'16) and in very different circumstances
  5. Every manufacturer has skeletons in the closet, try going a few rounds with ZF over a transmission problem, that infuriating and presumptive German logic that says the customer is always wrong, our products have no faults.
  6. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Agree and that's why I said, " assume that the GT's carbon fiber and unique parts are ten times dearer " meaning whatever suspension wheels brakes GM uses, we assume the GT's are ten times dearer. The thumbnail $400K price is all to MultiMac to build and supply, (Ford supplying engines to MultMac)
  7. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    It also didn't cost Ford $450K to do that, leaking fuel on a new vehicle is down to production Issue (MultiMac supply another) In terms of profits, I'll have a go, I was thinking along these lines, GM sells C8 Corvette at a starting price of $60K, allow a $20K hold back on the basic $60K price for funding development Production facility and profit margin, that leaves an underlying Production cost of around $40K, assume that the GT's carbon fiber and unique parts are ten times dearer, there's your $400K price that goes to MultiMac plus $50K back to Ford....
  8. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    For a start, GM has invested over $900 million in Bowling green since 2011, the latest C8 Corvette required $500 million Ford skips that by using MultiMac for both development and real world experience and production facility. The Genesis of Ford GT happened over about six months with a lot of technical help for Multimac I think that's where Ford and MultiMac kept development costs low by not having a big engineering team where as GM probably took GM at least three years to develop the C8 with a much bigger budget and eng team. Equally, I don't think that Ford made a huge profit out of the GT, their mission was to develop and sell the car and not take a bath doing that, MultiMac was instrumental in making that happen.
  9. June production was 12,276 Total production for first six months was 66,122
  10. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Except that was never the point of the Ford GT, it was always intended as a limited production vehicle. Getting a defined ROI instead of buried in red ink was the main reason the project was sourced through MultiMac.. After such a successful collaboration with MultiMac, you'd think that Ford might have another project....
  11. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I see what you mean about GM dropping factoids but not qualifying which engine is being referenced. The previous 460 HP C7 Corvette stingray would do 0-60 in around 3.6/3.7 seconds, it would be a huge effort to improve that time by more than 0.6 seconds simply because of a near 500 HP 6.2, 8-speed DCT and more weight on the rear wheels. That 0-60mph in under 3 seconds claim has to be for the S/C ZL1, the more think of it the more that makes sense. it's also 300 lbs heavier which doesn't sound much but makes a huge difference to the way the cars accelerate, handle and brake...... You know I would have been more impress if GM had a +660 HP TTV6 in there but I understand why that would never be a consideration for them...
  12. In the end, it would have been better if Ford had just used the 6F35, the comparable GM version of the JV box was used in the Chevrolet Cruze with 1.4 I-4T and the 1.8 I-4, giving similar fuel economy figures as the Focus (Cruze was ~200 lb lighter). even with the known problems associated with 6F35, it would have been a lot less problematic.(sorry for the pun.:)
  13. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    The C7 Corvette competed directly with the Ford GT in those races and I can tell you that Ford GT cut GM to the quick and they were bound and determined to equal beat it. This new C8 is a mere 300 lbs heavier and the only engine declared so far is the 6.2 V8 - that does get the car 0-60 in under 3 seconds, beating the Ford GT's 0-60. I think there are more earth shocks planned in the coming months and I can almost guarantee that every press drive will compare it to the Ford GT, so get used to it. Yes we do, the C7 Corvette road car was already beating the GT on certain road courses when the cars were doing test laps... I can almost guarantee that the C8 has been bench marked against the Ford GT and that the road going versions will most certainly eclipse the GT in most metrics, it has to because the Chevrolet engineers have been doing this for the past few years with the C7.
  14. jpd80

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Once again, GM has answered a question that was never asked, you can see that it got the shits on big time over the Ford GT and became so hell bent on "beating it" that Chevrolet lost sight of its own Corvette buyer needs and preferences The styling is so busy and generic that it reminds me of the confused mess on the front of the Silverado - too many design elements and just like flavors in cooking, less would have been so much better.
  15. Ford also took the Taurus x in another direction with longer wheelbase Flex and MKT, I just wish they'd used the squarer Flex body on the MKT and made the Flex into a low rider Explorer.