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  1. They made that engine work a little and showed ZERO refinement - watch the video. I'm no Jeep fanboy but frankly It was hard to watch - them begging it to make it to the top - At red line 10 mph below the speed limit it was not displaying any refinement!
  2. We live in an age where comparisons don't change anybody's mind. Read the comments - All the Toyota fanboys could care less about a 4th place rank and crappy seats. They brag on with the swagger of NE Patriot fans.... and are not one bit convinced that the Ranger is even in the same class as the Toyota.
  3. Gladiator's powertrain more refined? That weak Gladiator was badly exposed in the TFL Ike Gauntlet - the Ranger had its way with the Jeep - it was not even a fair fight! What is this guy thinking? How can there be such opposite opinions? The Ike does not lie, nor factor in emotions - it's the real deal!
  4. Congrats! Your patience paid off. I like the 'optic white' -and the old school bright wheels. Not a fan of the blacked out wheel look.
  5. Kev-Mo

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Agreed - Big stars etc. but I can't see the Millennials in their Subaru WRX's that somehow they think are the fastest cars ever produced in the history of the world, lining up to see decades old "non-relevant to them" American auto history. I will be eager to see it though!
  6. From the article - this for the Bronco and Ranger: Paint colors need to extend beyond the standard Ford colors of red, black, white, silver, and blue. We’d like to see some bright colors; Ford could borrow from the colors offered on the Mustang line. We’d totally buy a 2021 Ford Bronco in Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue, or Competition Orange. Broncos have always offered two-tone paint jobs, a modern Bronco with a combination of colors would be a welcome sight. http://fordauthority.com/2019/06/what-style-cues-does-the-2021-ford-bronco-need-to-have
  7. Ranger not making any conquests here...as anyone who knows the mentality of the Toyota buyer knew all along.
  8. Kev-Mo

    Don’t buy a Ford

    An occasional troublesome vehicle out of millions is plausible, but you would have had more credibility here if you didn't make it into a Toyota commercial. America was not built on the backs of foreign trucks. I think there's millions of Ford trucks out there working every day with several hundred thousand miles on each of them. Ford has nothing to prove to a Toyota fanboy.
  9. Kev-Mo

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    There's a blurb on Fox News stating that Henry II's son Edsel II is not happy with that scene in the trailer - Saying exactly what you said - no way that happened.
  10. You have nothing to prove. What does your family have that proves them right? All vehicles have to be fixed once and while, there is no shortage for service and repairs being done on foreign brands every single day.
  11. I don't like- it but that does not matter. The 40k customers a month buying RAV4 and CR-V think this is what a modern car SHOULD look like - and Chevy is very smart to copy that look with the Blazer and TrailBlazer if they want to sell!
  12. Kev-Mo

    50 Year Anniversary

    Mario Andretti 50 years ago What great time in history to be driving a Ford!
  13. So let's adjust for the present: Average payment in 2019 $545/month for nearly 6 years. -Ouch! https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/the-truth-about-car-payments
  14. Kev-Mo

    Gladiator: Ike Gauntlet

    And at the end, he was urging it to make the finish...that was painful. I know that hill well, the last 8th of a mile is indeed very steep. The Ranger crushed that climb - they held it back per their own ground rules, as they do with all Ford Ecoboost engines. Fords are the only trucks that can actually exceed the speed limits consistently with max load on that beast of a climb.
  15. Save your money Buy a truck, any color you want 'cause we're keeping it and not worried about re-sale. Drive the hell out of it, cause it's yours and you don't have to worry about mileage etc. As it ages, fix it once and while. Take good care, and it will last 15-20 years, and several hundred thousand miles.