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  1. On the topic of Trucks in America - anyone noticed how fast gas prices are going up? Of course the Business News outlets have the same old re-hashed reasons, but these trends tend to change buying habits...
  2. I am sure I had read that about CR as well, but cannot produce any proof. Therefore when Rperez says I am wrong, I have no proof, but I can assure you I did not make it up.
  3. Strongly dis-agree - Like saying: Ichiro Suzuki is an American Baseball Player. No, he is a Japanese ballplayer who practices (practiced, I guess he is retired now) his craft in America. Same with Tundra, a Japanese truck assembled in America, from Japanese suppliers operating in America. We can agree to dis-agree on this. But the bottom line: Toyota is not operating here to be American, they are operating here to profit from our economy. Not implying wrong or right, simply clarifying that they are not American.
  4. Well, remind him how ugly it is... We all know what a strange new world we live in when Tundra and Ridgeline are even mentioned in the same article or even the same breath as Ford F-150. This is what happens when you leave a crack in the door - next thing you know they're all over the place. I will say this- shame on Ford and Chevy for having two generations to turn their reputations (real or perceived) around with Gen X and Millennial's and not being able to do so. Tacoma, and Tundra are by far the weakest and ugliest trucks on the market but many the young folks don't even shop anything else. My parking garage is full of both! Two folks out of my small office recently purchased Tundra and didn't even shop Ford.
  5. CR told Toyota to go sleep on the couch tonight - I'm sure they'll kiss, make up and be all luvy-duvy again soon. We know CR was exposed for practices that put Toyota automatically into the 'recommended' category until they prove they don't deserve it. Others, especially American brands, like Ford, have to prove they deserve it to make it into the recommended category before getting there.
  6. Bloomberg went for a 75 mile ride and the detectors registered zero or minuscule - Hmmmm Real or not, the damage to the Explorer and Ford is already done when an article like this published.
  7. Ford performed the best by far, but the Honda was the only one to receive "Top Safety Pick" Please help me understand how on earth that can be rationalized.
  8. Kev-Mo

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    So, after fifteen or more years, the car buying public figured out the Prius was ugly? You totally missed the point, The Prius was/is a success in spite of questionable styling, because being conspicuous is more important to that customer than handsome styling. The designers of this truck are going with that notion.
  9. Kev-Mo

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    The geniuses at Toyota came up with that odd, but successful direction when designing the Prius. I remember reading, and I paraphrase - "...we don't care if it is perceived as ugly, just as long as it looks like nothing else on the road..." - Brilliant, and is sure worked!
  10. Kev-Mo

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    I would love to be able to get a truck with interior materials well thought our, rather than just trying to make them luxurious. A winter proof, mud proof, camping proof, and especially DOG proof interior is my number one priority in buying a truck. Nothing worse than seeing man's best friend get all exited about a ride to the dog park, and scratch/tear up all that expensive leather that I wish I didn't have in the first place.
  11. Kev-Mo

    Ranger/ 5 Star tune

    This is very cool - been around for Ford trucks a long time. I have a SCT with 3 custom tunes for my 2008 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC (given to me as a gift). Since I live in the mountain west and tow a camping trailer, I wanted longer shift points - especially around 3-4. The tuning guys crushed it! Very noticeable on steep climbs, no gear searching - holds right where it needs to be and when I creep up on a slower vehicle and back off the pedal, it stays right in the sweet spot and dosen't shift up only to have to shift back down. They also dis-engage the torque converter more actively, which is almost like adding gears in between. Cost me a bit of gas mileage, but the driving experience is well worth it. I think it is overall easier on the truck, to not want to shift all the time. When I put it back to stock I get frustrated and plug it right back in and load the mountain tune! Of course I am long out of warranty. When I finally invest big bucks in a new Ranger I am all over this. I am pretty sure Ford knows these are going to modified and that is part of their appeal.
  12. Insurance Institute gave the Taurus an "Acceptable' overall rating, not the highest. Of course they are the last word.... Glad this guy was OK, looks like the PI did a great job of protecting the officer.
  13. Nearly every vehicle in Colorado is a; Truck, SUV, Jeep, or some model of Subaru. I thought Ford would have gone after this target rich market early.
  14. Apparently, that is my disappointment, we waited all this time for: "... eh, it's pretty equal to everything else" Guess I was expecting more from the new kid...not sure what that makes me, hopeful or foolish. Well we know one thing for sure: You ain't going to get 3k more for equal.
  15. I am surprised at the lukewarm reviews - Ranger is the shinny new kid on the block and according to what we see in the media, it does not stand above the crowd, just slots right in with the rest of the pack. Personally it would be my choice, but they are saying a few bucks sways it in any direction you might want to go - that is disappointing. I live in the land of Trucks and SUVs - and Tacoma is king here in the mid-sized class. I keep looking, but I have yet to see a Ranger on the road, that is very surprising to me.