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  1. Kev-Mo

    Bronco Hybrid Cancelled/Delayed

    That leaves plenty of time to cancel the non-hybrid Bronco as well... Ouch -they haven't screwed up this bad since the T-Bird.
  2. Kev-Mo

    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    Yeah - Toyota has room to talk about hyperbole - Toyota ads make me sick and have for years. I remember the one from many years back with the SUV climbing up a vertical building...
  3. Kev-Mo

    GM Sales number December and 2018

    That's an old fashioned ass-whuppin' Rationalize all you want but it is what it is! Then there is Toyota and Honda up there as well...
  4. I had a '98 with the 5R55E and the classic 2-3 'shift flair'. As soon as I figured out it wasn't a problem I just got used to it. Many shops, including Ford Dealer where eager to sell me a new transmission, but I kept the original for the 12 years I owned the Truck. A new valve body/solenoid pack at about 100,000 miles, with Amzoil trans fluid and it was good as brand new! Wonder how many people left Ford because the shops sold them one or more new trans for that shift flare. Loved that truck! The 2-3 shift flare is non-existent on my '08 5R55W. It is replaced with shift to third that is a bit firmer than the other trans shifts. I presume they engineered it a bit further to mitigate complaints.
  5. Sorry - InBev purchased Breckenridge, not New Belgium which still remains independent and employee owned, but for who knows how long... Enjoy!
  6. Thanks - I wasn't aware of that, glad to hear, may consider them again - things in this world are always changing and changing back, hard to keep up with it all. Who would of thought that Colorado classics like Fat Tire and Breckenridge micro beer would be foreign owned!
  7. This is really the only true solution to the problem. I am in the Mountain West - had the Michelin's on my Explorer. Great tire for summer roadies, pulling the small RV (can up the tire pressure), good in the monsoon late summer rains, quiet - but they sucked in the snow and especially on black ice. Started looking around at noticed something - what nearly ALL the Sheriff's Dept vehicles had - Goodyear Ultra Grip ICE WRT. So that is what I run from Thanksgiving to Tax Day. Good luck - but my take is All Seasons are really 3 seasons. There is simply no substitute for winter tires in severer winter weather.
  8. Used to love Cooper tires till about 10 years ago - now they are no longer American owned. So, yes, check where your tires are made - no matter what brand you buy- is a good idea.
  9. Looks modern any nicely proportioned. The real question is; will it still be 'capacity constrained' if the public decides to shop it against Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4?
  10. Hell yes - the Dodge Ovis canadensis could pass the F-series with the momentum they have. It's in the back of everyone's mind on this forum! If someone were to have said that 2-3 years ago, the string would have gone nuts saying it could never happen! It's gong to be the Ranger vs. Jeep Gladiator to determine if Ford can even maintain a sales lead over FCA. Jeep shows no sign of slowing down and Toyota will have their version of a Bronco (or any new vehicle they see a market for) long before Ford will ever have one for sale. In the next year or two Ford could lose 2 spots to both Toyota and FCA.
  11. While I know there are good and bad, I feel the JIffy Lube and Grease Monkey style service shops are far more interested in up-selling than doing a great job at a simple oil change. So I am with you on wanting to do it myself - or always leery of what it going on in the bay.
  12. And then what year do they pass F-series? 2021? Ok, - let's hear the "...it can never happen..." But anything can happen!
  13. This is a real bummer - ouch for the DIY guys. The notion of going to dealer just to have an oil change - that cuts into already limited fun time. Maybe the aftermarket will come up with a remote filter kit - put an adapter where the filter goes and run some hi-temp hoses to a remote area somewhere accessible.
  14. Kev-Mo

    Left-over 2018 F-150

    Yeah, especially when returning from a long drive, all one can think about is getting home, and you forget that there are bikes on the roof...
  15. Kev-Mo

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    Not many German designs there - but that won't keep the folks around here from lining up to buy them!