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  1. cal50

    Dam Pesky FBI

    TSA. Something that sniffs people and underwear other than police dogs............
  2. cal50

    Dam Pesky FBI

    Know how that works or works out? 100% dues free?
  3. cal50

    Dam Pesky FBI

    Any members opt out of the UAW in Michigan ?
  4. Getting back what we once had, like our Xmas bonus and something real added to pensions which has been ignored for years would be a good start. I would be happy to get the same deal / increase the IUAW voted themselves percentage wise but we all know that is never going to happen, LOL!
  5. Since the UAW gave themselves a 30% raise I am sure the people paying for it will have the same 30% added to our wages and or retirement.......................LOL. How about getting back what we once HAD like our Xmas bonus ?
  6. My vehicle is a 2017 with standard ( not a push button ) ignition.
  7. If you have two working (master) keys you can program a spare yourself. I always program a 3rd spare and stick it in the safe. Be aware some cheap locksmiths will just clone one of your keys. It will work but you cannot use it as a master key to program others in the future and would have to visit the locksmith again or the dealer. If you get a low ball price ask the locksmith to make sure you are getting a programmed master key.
  8. Its not strange when viewed as a cost save on the sellers end. Looks like the state discovered a new revenue stream and removed a task from Ford , the dealership , Ford credit, etc.
  9. I get the "paperless" approach for ease of doing business BUT even in electronic format its a pdf,tiff,doc, something somewhere that should be forwarded to the dealer , Ford Credit or whomever to be printed and delivered to the buyer. The buyer should not incur added time or cost for something that is part of the vehicle , especially when it proves ownership. This might be the last new vehicle I purchase and not a fan of paying more and getting less.
  10. All that I have received is the lien release and that's the only thing I will get. (Going from what Ford Credit told me via phone) If I want a real title for my vehicle I have to take the release to the title office and pay for one. If you buy a .99 cent item from any store you get a receipt, buy a several thousand dollar vehicle and the title is not included. Simply amazing.
  11. Just a little rant towards Ford and its Ford credit arm. I am a Ford (skilled) hourly employee. In the past I have always paid cash for vehicles but putting my daughter thru college diverted funds so I decided to float a small amount ( 12 grand ) using Ford Credit on my new F150 purchase. I paid it off in short order and expected to receive my F150 title in the mail. Instead what I received is a paper release of lien and no title. I called Ford credit and asked why I am not receiving my vehicle title and was told I have to go get it myself, if I want one. This means a not fun trip to the next city over and dealing with knuckleheads in the title office. Also burning a likely half day its another $15 out of my pocket AND time. Is this seriously the customer support or care level Ford credit provides buyers that use them AND Ford employees? I was told "all the banks are doing it" which really does not address the crappy follow thru on Ford Credits part and just shifting the time and cost required to secure a title for a new vehicle purchase. Something that should be included when you purchase and PAY for a vehicle. If Ford Credit is going to be like "everyone else" I will make sure to use someone else if I ever buy a new vehicle again. If you want to do something nice for your customers proving a paper title for the vehicle they purchased and not making them have to go get it would be a nice touch . Come on Ford, don't be like everyone else and provide crappy service and be a leader for a change and put just a little effort into taking care of your customers AND employees when they make a new vehicle purchase.
  12. cal50

    Time cards & kiosks

    Sure, if they are an hourly CEO......30 minute paid lunch too.....
  13. cal50

    Time cards & kiosks

    Badges can be lost , forgotten or someone else manipulate. A bio metric scanner based on your fingers , hand or eye can not be forgotten, lost or loaned. Curious to see what or how the company implements the new system.
  14. No, I have a opinion (strong) based on facts, experience, and what I see daily that spans decades. I am entitled to my opinion , especially when I am paying for something. Opting out is not an option available but if or when it is its a consideration. "Anything good to say about the UAW ?" Nada, zip, zero today. The UAW is now a self serving organization that collects dues and has its own agenda with the focus not on its members. (Opinion) Face it if the only way you can get and keep members is by forced membership its a sad statement of affairs. With the millions of our dollars spent on "organizing " what really is to show for it ? Organizing is great for the UAW bottom line but we all pay more now because they decided so. How about the millions spent on politics to try to sway laws to eliminate worker choice ( see forced membership above ). Pretty sad. The UAW is responsible for its own public image and reputation, not anyone else especially the people funding them.