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    1966 Galaxie 7 Litre, 1967 Mustang Fastback, 1953 Dodge M-37
  1. Gears turning here - I wonder if Ford has designed this block with DOHC 4V in future plans - Just looking at what Mercury Marine Racing achieved with the LS7. NA 750 HP & 570 lb/ft from 7 Litres.
  2. My guess it hat this engine will squeeze between the shock towers of a 67 and later Mustang.
  3. Hemiman

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Heads look good. - Heart shaped chambers - Generous valve diameters. - Interesting deviation from the old FE in that the head incorporates a portion of the intake as opposed to the extended intake on the FE.
  4. Hemiman

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Closer to the second coming of the FE. Which, by the way, was also a truck engine in FT form. Bore spacing of the 7.3 is 4.60" and the FE/FT was 4.63". Possibility that the aftermarket can support this engine without all new tooling! Huge potential for performance!
  5. Hemiman

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Interesting: New 7.3L Bore: 4.22" X Stroke 3.96" 427FE Bore: 4.23" X Stroke: 3.78" Then there's this - 428FE Stroke 3.98" Common hot-rodder build was to put a 428 crank in a 427, resulting in: Bore 4.23" X Stroke 3.98" - 445CID
  6. Hemiman

    So Cars Don't Sell?

    Maybe just wishful thinking - With the elimination of Focus, Fusion, Taurus and retention of the Mustang, isn't there a much greater chance of Ford exploiting the Mustang platform? Maybe offering a Ford sedan to the line up as well as one or two Lincolns (stretched wb) all based on the Mustang platform?
  7. Hemiman

    2019 Raptor to get 7.0 V8

    Doesn't the ECM monitor EGT and back off boost and throttle when over temp occurs?
  8. Hemiman

    New 7L engine confirmed

    CCD? Please explain.
  9. Raptors are available - I just bought two at retail price - Both are being sent off for armoring - Can't wait to get them back!
  10. Hemiman

    New 7L engine confirmed

    From the article linked below: Report: 2019 F-150 Raptor To Receive Ford’s New 7.0L DOHC V8 MotorSources told Reuters that the 7X engine, designed for Ford’s truck line and other special applications, will also feature Direct Injection, Anyone know if this is factual? https://speedtwitch.com/report-2019-f-150-raptor-to-receive-fords-new-7-0l-dohc-v8-motor/
  11. Hemiman

    Getting dad's Corvette back on the road...

    Guess so. Somehow I didn't catch the it was NickF1011's post. So sorry.
  12. Hemiman

    Getting dad's Corvette back on the road...

    I owned a 70 Vette for ten years. Living in the NE, the car was put up every winter. I had constant problems with the brakes each spring. Finally went with all new calipers, and lines. (SS sleeves in the calipers, SS for all the lines including fuel). Problem solved! Had the same issues with my 66 Galaxie's Calipers. Solved that problem by moving to AZ In all other respects, the Vette was a great car! Very reliable daily driver, that was a blast to drive! Good luck with your project! PS - Make sure you lube your tach drive before running it too much. They tend to fail if sitting for long periods.
  13. Hemiman

    SRT Hellcat Horsepower Ratings Published

    Very impressive, even if you're not a Mopar fan! I'd love to see Ford respond by dusting off their plans to offer the 6.2 SOHC in the Mustang. The 6.2 is a basically modern rendition of my favorite Ford engine, the FE 427 SOHC! The 6.2 heads could easily push 750 - 800 HP. Block is more stout than that of the ChryCo Hemi. Has all the makings to pick up where the old 427 SOHC left off. Currently laying out plans to swap one (Raptor Spec) into my 67 Fastback.
  14. Not sure. . . . Your first sentence applies more to CA than any other state. Very much a "me-too" status conscious population.
  15. https://autos.yahoo.com/news/ford-vs-toyota--who-will-win-the-hybrid-war-212026755.html Interesting