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  1. Wait a second here, now you’re telling me that aluminum bodied vehicles offer no or negligible advantages over steel? After Ford revolutionized the industry by mass producing large pickups and suv’s and now it was all for nothing? I think that is bunk.
  2. Aww heck I don’t know y’all postulate a theory. I got nothing else.
  3. We don’t know that for sure. That’s what we were led to believe, I’ll give you that.
  4. Hey listen those LMP2 cars all seem to be using a Gibson V8. (Which is a modern interpretation of a Cosworth DFV in my opinion) They are this was to simplify and standardize the category around one engine. Ford races the Coyote based power plant in several divisions of sports car racing. I can see a business case for a simple Coyote based Ford GT combination.
  5. Hey my hypothesis is based on the theory that amateur GT racing may need to have costs and complexity contained. I would absolutely love to see a super high tech hypercar but to what end. So that it can be BOPped out of existence?
  6. Yes I understand that completely and I’m certainly not thinking for sure but you remove the turbos and associated plumbing and I’ll bet you could get a V8 in there especially if you’re Multimatic. I would venture to guess that a N/A V8 would be an easier thing to tune for the privateers.
  7. Privateer race cars with a Coyote V8 mounted midship?
  8. Yeah you’re right but a fella can dream can’t he?
  9. Stray Kat

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    They did the exact opposite to Edsel 1 in the movie Harley and the Davidson’s by portraying him as a tough as nails business prick. Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of Edsel Ford knows that is a complete betrayal of the man he really was.
  10. Stray Kat

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    I got $20 that says Hank the Deuce didn’t really cry after Shelby took him out in the GT40.
  11. Stray Kat

    NEW 2021 F150

    Back in the old days when pickup trucks hauled sand or gravel the flare sides were easier to unload without the obstacle of the wheelhouse.
  12. This is great! Now of course I’m going to get greedy. When I think Aviator I think 400hp 3.0 EcoBoost with a 10spd and an electric motor in the bell housing. Extrapolate that out and I can imagine a 400+ hp Coyote with a similar driveline in a Mustang. I think I read that Aviator has something like 600hp and ungodly torque right from the get go with the petrol engine and electric motor working in concert. Here’s where I get crazy. I think such a system in a Mustang could allow said vehicle to kick rocks at something like a Hellcat or ZL1 or whatever they call them. Am I very far off?
  13. Wait what? For real? That’s incredible if true.
  14. Stray Kat

    GT500 powered Raptor

    They should build as many GT500 powered Raptors as they can sell. Just my opinion of course but if Ford doesn’t do it someone else will.