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  1. LSchicago

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Yea, I'll be keeping mine.
  2. "We know it's 7_0. 790+10=800. So no, I don't mean one last hp lol". I guess you misread the post: The last digit could be a 9! Last digit, not second digit.
  3. That's some dirty dealings.
  4. LSchicago

    Full size Bronco mule?

    I heard Rumors that there will be a full size joining the smaller 2 styles
  5. LSchicago

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    Yep, put 10% of that weight on the hitch. LOLOLOL.
  6. LSchicago

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    A Stock 18 UP Mustang GT with the A10 can dust the Shelby 0-60 and 1/4 mile for thousands less than the base Model 3 too.
  7. LSchicago

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    At 3 mph, big deal a Tundra did that too.
  8. LSchicago

    A Retro Styled Panel Truck

    I had one of these when they came out. Love panels, not Chevy, but it was the only one out!
  9. The wheels are SVE SP2's, which are PP2 replicas. They are about 10 pounds lighter than each factory wheel though. The Grilles are from Cervinni's.
  10. There are different levels of the job, plus he gave me a great deal. I got the CeramicPro Silver package, with 2 stage paint correction, and 2 coats including the wheels, plastic deck lid panel (Which scratches when you look at it), and the stripes. Here is before and after photos of anfer the Cutting (first) stage. This car only had 1100 miles on it too!
  11. I just had my 18 Mustang GT done Sunday, and it is an amazing difference! Well worth the $400 I spent to a friend. 14 hours of work. The Kona blue paint looks a mile deep now!