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  1. For us "old timers" that was the site of the old NAAO building. It has been gone for quite some time now (20 years ?), but there has been construction activity there for many months now. One rumor is that it will be the site a Powertrain engineering and development building. Powertrain has always been too big to fit in any one site (except for a brief time after the the '07 Exodus) and, even then, Transmission engineering and development was in Livonia.
  2. theoldwizard

    Flat Rock to build BEV

    This could be a BIG win for Ford ! Connect sales have been "good" since it was introduced in the US, but it has always had the "chicken tax" hanging over its head so all were imported as "wagons" and then the necessary vehicle were "converted" to "vans" (back seats and windows removed). The announcement os based on the assumption that the replacement for NAFTA get approved by all parties (I thought it already HAD been approved). This could be a huge cost savings for Connect vans. The "other shoe" is, are they going to stop production completely at the current plant or is this a second plant ?
  3. theoldwizard

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I would never buy unless the second row seats could be COMPLETELY eliminated !
  4. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    Thank you YT90SC. You have proved I WAS WRONG ! Water pump for 2011 Taurus 3.5L. This is back side (internal to the engine) of the pump. Water pump for 2011 F150 3.7L. This is front side (external to the engine) of the pump
  5. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    The 3.7L was only built off of the original 3.5L block with the water pump in the valley. The whole water pump issues really got blown out of proportion because of uneducated (?) owners. They would get a warning that the coolant was low or the engine was over heating. They would refill the cooling system but NEVER properly investigate WHERE THE COOLANT WAS GOING ! I wasn't going on the ground or through the combustion chamber. It was going into oil pan. They might find out about it when they went to change the oil, but thousands of miles of coolant contaminated oil is going to mean an early death to bearings and possibly even rings. Of course, the other bad thing was the repair cost for the water pump. Even if caught early, the cost could reach around $1000 because the entire front of the engine had to be removed to replace the water pump.
  6. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    Yes. I believe that "early" 3.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines, used in the F150, had internal water pumps. They may have gone away from this design by the time it was fitted in the Mustang.
  7. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    The bottom line is, they did not build both at the same time.
  8. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    I can't prove or disprove you, but that is NOT my recollection. The F150 was available with the 3.7L and first gen 3.5L for a couple of years. The EcoBoost system was different from what was used on the Taurus SHO (which was almost 100% Bosch).
  9. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    The point is was trying to make earlier is that there are TWO versions of the 3.5L. The early on was a sister of the 3.7L (with water pump in the valley). The later 3.5L is a sister to the 3.3L. I believe those examples are the later engines.
  10. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    I believe there were/are TWO version of the 3.5L. The older one was related to the 3.7L and "featured" a water pump that was buried in the valley (which had a bad habit of leaky coolant into the oil pan) The newer 3.5L is related to the 3.3L The "nano" engine is 2.7L/3.0L.
  11. theoldwizard

    New or slightly used Expedition?

    The 5.4L still has phaser issues as well as the high mileage issues with the entire cam drive system. My daughter has a '12 Expedition EL. She has had a couple of what I consider "odd" component failure including blown rear shock, transmission speed sensor/lead frame failure and belt tensioner, on a vehicle with only 80k. None of these were overly expensive repairs (I am still ticked off because the transmission speed sensor/lead frame failure is now a recall, but only on F150), but it is only 7 years old. We live in the "rust belt", so I really want her next Expedition to have an aluminum body (despite the fact that she has the classic aluminum rear hack paint peeling problem).
  12. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit Production Information

    I can't wait to see the 2020 Order Guide !
  13. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    While the 3.0L V6 seems like the logical fit (250 hp and 440 lb-ft), the 2.0L is pretty capable (180 hp and 420) OR in a bi-turbo version (213 hp and 368 lb-ft) With the Powerstroke 3.0L maybe they could increase the anemic load/towing capacity. It would make them a lot more competitive in the Class C motorhome market with plenty of room for the E450.
  14. theoldwizard

    2020 Transit info

    I have been waiting for this for YEARS !
  15. theoldwizard

    A not so nice view on Hackett

    Well said and I concur 100%