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  1. I am all in favor of the move. I am only surprised it took so long. I have actually been inside the current computing centers probably 20 years ago. They were tight then. Probably the only reason they have survived as long as they have is the continuous shrinking of hardware. The one thing I would like to see, is if Ford has priced out the cost of outsourcing their entire email system to someone like Google. I know they are paying Microsoft a HUGE amount of money for Office on every single machine within the company. There are many other potential improvements inside of Ford IT, but no one outside of IT is "tech savvy" enough to give them direction. Again, continuous cost improvements on hardware make it look like IT and purchasing are doing a good job, when in reality if the purchased better desktop hardware to begin with, it would easily have a 5+ year life instead of replacing every desktop every 3 years. There may be a small cost saving but the labor (outsourced) to do it and the inconvenience (internal) to do it are enormous ! Also, "their one or two sizes fits all" desktop strategy just does not work in ALL cases.
  2. Don't forget that Ford Land is burning cash like crazy working on the Research and Engineering Center rebuild as well as the rebuild of the Michigan Central Train Station. There are a couple of "added starter" to this these two major projects. Kind of quietly, Ford decided they need two new computer centers. One is behind the Ford Credit building and the other is near the Flat Rock plant. Good move recognizing how important computers and the data that they create are important to the day-to-day operations. Two centers is for redundency.
  3. What plant is this ? I can find no reference to any plant in Germany assembling cans.
  4. theoldwizard

    TFL, Ranger at Moab

    I HATE that color ! Looks like baby poop !
  5. The only important thing that matters is sales. It would be nice to see some monthly increase compared to the previous year.
  6. So ? That just means that anyone involved has been retired for some time now ! Look at some of the purchases Big Jim Hackett has done lately. Do they remind you of Jacques Nasser ?
  7. I was loosely involved in the last VW/Ford JV (Autolatina). Ford got screwed BIG TIME !
  8. theoldwizard

    Lemon Law Vehicles

    Sorry to be late to this discussion and things may have changed since I was working at Ford Engineering. When the 6.0L PowerStroke came out, Ford bought back dozens and dozens of those vehicles. The engineers closest to that program told me that the dealer handling the paperwork had the first shot at purchasing the vehicle from Ford (or Red Carpet Lease). Second, they could spend AS MUCH WARRANTY MONEY AS REQUIRED to make the vehicle salable. Third, and best of all, the customer ultimately purchasing the vehicle would have the "warranty clock" reset ! Yes, the customer would get a bumper-to-bumper 3 year/36,000 mile warranty ! Things might have changed since then, but back then this was a SMOKIN' god deal.
  9. You can buy a bag of 50 for less than $10 on eBay, once you figure out the correct size. I keep a couple of sizes on hand.
  10. I believe Michelin Defenders are sold through all of the "warehouse" clubs. I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, as a matter of fact, when you catch them on sale they are a very good value. Even though they are listed as a "mud and snow" (M/S) tire, their tread is not extremely noisy on the highway. The long. fairly straight, deep tread s make them good in the wet and they wear like IRON !
  11. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    Profitability has a lot to do with the price of the sale. Because Ford is using a moderately high volume "in house" engine and transmission their potential for profit, or undercut pricing, should give them a big advantage over the competition.
  12. theoldwizard

    Well Ford, you got your way.

    While I was working in engineering, FoA leaned heavily on assistance from both FoE and FUS engineering. Much of it was unofficial assistance, never recorded. This, of course, made FoA look awesome for doing "so much, with so little", but did nothing for the people with the help hands. Now that the current generation of Ranger in is production and the Bronco is almost ready for Job #1, I can not understand why FoA engineering in Geelong would continue to exist.
  13. theoldwizard

    2017 Fusion Transmission Maintence

    In general, I never do ANYTHING with transmission fluid ! I have a 21 year E150 that still has the original fluid. If you insist on doing something drop the pan. Change the filter if "it make you feel good". While the pan is down, weld in a reinforcement for a proper drain plug. If you simply replace the fluid in the pan every 50K or less, that transmission would be living the good life !
  14. This is a follow up to this discussion regarding the 16N02 Customer Satisfaction Program Please read the actual letter issued by Ford Motor Company Customer Service Division I just got off of the phone with a Corporate Customer Service Supervisor and the claim for the refund has been denied. But here is the illogical part of their reasoning. The supervisor admitted that the vehicle met all of the requirement specified on the extended warranty letter, but because it was not listed in the OASIS database, they could not issue a refund. They also stated I had nor recourse withing the company. This extended warranty DOES cover a wide range of vehicles.
  15. theoldwizard

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

    I traded a 2007 Milan for a 2016 Edge. I really like the Edge, although the seat side bolsters are a bit tight for me. One thing new owners need to know, the A pillars and especially the B pillar make large blind spot ! My exterior mirrors have the little inset mirror for wide angle. You DEFINITELY need to use them when changing lanes ! That and the "trunk" need better lighting !