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  1. The Modular engine, especially those with variable cam timing do seem to have "issues" with the entire cam drive system, especially on high mileage engine. This is not a cheap repair as the much (all ?) of the front end accessory drive has to be removed as well as the front engine cover. If you are going to replace the timing chain, besides replacing the tensioner(s) and guides, you should also replace the oil pump. Make sure to get an upgraded oil pump like the one from Melling. Only a few dollars more. Not related to the timing chain, but it would be a good time to replace the serpentine belt, water pump and tensioner.
  2. theoldwizard

    10 speed trans in Super Duty

    I bumped into a guy who was working on that production "issues" with that transmission a few months ago. Nothing that could not be resolved.
  3. No real technical details on hoe it works.
  4. theoldwizard

    Powershift transmission law suits

    For the first couple of years of production, the recommendation was to REPLACE the transmission.
  5. theoldwizard

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    Time to start researching your state's Lemon Law !
  6. theoldwizard

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    I can not find that TSB on the 'net ! Anyone got a link ?
  7. theoldwizard

    Powershift transmission law suits

    Second major transmission debacle ! Remember the CVT ?
  8. theoldwizard

    TPMS Help!

    TPMS sensor replacement CAN be a DIY job. The biggest issue is how do you "break the bead" down off of the rim. There are dozens of video on YouTube showing how to do this with minimal/home made tools (my favorite show a guy breaking a bead using a couple of 2x4s !). If you want to buy a tool to make your life easier, I recommend the BeadBuster XB-450. If used properly, this device will not damage aluminum rims (get some scrap carpet to protect the bottom side of the rim). Genuine Ford TPMS sensors can be purchased on eBay for less than $30 a piece. The TPMS rest tool also sells for under $30 on eBay.
  9. theoldwizard

    F150 0-60 with a camper

    Back in the early 90s. I worked just down the hall from the guys doing the the development on the 7.3L PowerStroke diesel. One of theit test vehicles was an F350 dually with a manual transmission. One of their unofficial tests was to loaf the truck up to max GVW, place the transmission in 1st gear, rev to about 2000 RPM and side steep the clutch. Either the tires broke loose or something broke. Walking by one guys desk one day, I noticed a big chunk of steel on his desk. It was a piece of the driveshaft with a 90+° twist in it ! They had already blown multiple u-joints, clutches and even a few transmission input shafts !
  10. theoldwizard

    F150 0-60 with a camper

    Interesting that BOTH the front an rear joints failed. One was the cross in a U-joint. No failure on the higher powered 3.5L EcoBoost. I winder what the difference is in the drivetrain ?
  11. theoldwizard

    Ford under emissions investigation?

    From a fellow retiree
  12. theoldwizard

    Ford under emissions investigation?

    No such thing as an "honest mathematical error" ! This is a Fortune 50 company with access to thousands of high speed computer, and they are not "human computers". Road load calculation do have a bit of "fudge"/"interpretation" in them. It is NOT a PERFECT scientific process. Did they go beyond the limits ? We will find out. (Ford has been caught twice violating emission testing regulations. I worked in Engine Engineering both times.) If by "sample tests" you mean EPA Selective Enforcement Audits (SEA), my guess would be that Ford would pay for more SEA testing, but I think the real issue is fuel economy. It certainly does not look good. FYI - Since the last "debacle", engineers responsible for emission calibration and their immediate supervisors must "sign off" that there are no known "defeat device" on the vehicle. Their sign off also includes immediate dismissal if any defeat devices are later discovered. Road load calculations are done by different people and the emission engineers and certification technicians just "dial the number" into the test equipment.
  13. theoldwizard

    Dearborn Truck P702 Units

    Mules are typically for Powertrain and chassis evaluation and are "cobbled" off of existing products. These are prototypes that likely will be used to validate fit and probably used for photo shoots and other early non-driving reveals.
  14. theoldwizard

    New light & medium duty news

    I always thought that part of the Blue Diamond LCF lack of success was simply low demand. Has that changed ?
  15. theoldwizard

    Ford's fight to remain an icon

    It did not say ANYTHING new !