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  1. theoldwizard

    Performance upgrades for 2005 4.6L

    Change the axle ratio.
  2. I still can not get over how lightly GM got off considering the number of deaths and serious injuries attributed to the ignition switch fiasco !
  3. The real issue is, what is CLOGGING THE FILTER ! If is clutch material, it is too late !!
  4. At least one engineer told me that they could do a software patch that would fix the issue, but clutch life would be dramatically shortened. IIRC, the solution was to slip the clutch as soon as any transition from "power on to power off" or vice versa was detected (slight accelerator pedal position change). A tricky maneuver because to much slipping would cause a "runaway" or lack of engine breaking..
  5. Added that to the vehicles that had AX4S or AX4N (4F50N) transmissions and it is AMAZING that Ford did not lose more customers. I once challenged a manager in an "all hands" meeting about the reliability of those transmissions. He flat out denied there were any issues ! Later I realized that this was because Ford did not track any failures of part out of warranty. Their goal was to hit 50,001 miles. After that they did not care.
  6. "Sourced" is not the correct word. It was a key part of the design for a LONG time because it was lighter and cheaper. One thing that never came up in public was that the transmission was designed for "B Class" vehicles like the Fiesta, with a maximum engine size of 1.6L. Most of the development was done on that size vehicles. Very little it anything was changed when they decided to put it in the Focus quoth a larger engine. Whoever spec'd it for the Focus should be the one taking all of the heat !
  7. Depends on what you mean by "originally". I worked in Transmission Engineering in about 1985 when the very first Ford designed dual-clutch transmission prototype was built. It had wet clutches. It also used hydraulics to move the shift forks. I did not follow the development after I left that department. By the time I saw it again in about 2006, it had dry clutches and electric actuated shift forks. Both of those saved a lot of weight and cost. Luk was going to be part of a 3 way joint venture with Getrag and Ford. Ultimately, Luk was just a supplier, same as Getrag.
  8. There are hundreds of "retired" Crown Vics still "patrolling" the streets. Just down the street from my is a black and white. No push bars !
  9. theoldwizard


    I don't know when this started, but the dash oil pressure "gauge" s actually an idiot light. The oil pressure "sensor" is just a switch and the dash computer just puts a up a constant gauge position or zero. The only way to check pressure is remove the switch and temporarily install a gauge.
  10. theoldwizard

    Re-Aquired Vehicle Program

    I can not help with getting your car "bought back", but each person needs to check withe their state's attorney general's office as each state has its own set of condition.
  11. That just plain does not work in the US ! I have a friend who has been driving a Prius since shortly after they first came out. While her transportation needs are mostly home to work and back, less than 20 miles each way, there are days she has to travel all over the metro Detroit area. It is going to be many years before enough "superchargers" are installed that she could pull up to one, plug in for an hour or two while in a meeting and then jumping back in and got 50 miles across town at highway speed with the A/C blasting. Not in my of her lifetime !
  12. theoldwizard


    Electric and autonomous are coming but to what extent ? 10 years from now, I'll bet more than 66% of Ford's revenues still come from selling gasoline and diesel powered light vehicles.
  13. theoldwizard


    The population density does not justify the cost, just as today. 5G uses millimeter wavelength signals. Shorter distance (for the same power) and absolute "line of sight".
  14. theoldwizard


    Despite what Tesla has already done, I do NOT believe that "connected cars" will arrive that quickly. The car makers can see too many downsides. As for industrial campuses, they already have fiber. Ford Dearborn is a good example. All engineering facilities in SE MI (with maybe the exception of the Romeo Proving Grounds) have been connect for over 10 years. Fast and proven.
  15. theoldwizard


    My issue with electrification and AV is the order of magnitude the "experts" (Big Jim's hero Tony Seba) have predicted. At least in the US, I don't think we will see more than about 25% market penetration for light duty vehicle sales before 2030. MUCH TOO EARLY to say it is "correct" ! 5G won't be available wide spread for more than 5 years and in some locations (graphically large, but low population density) it might be well over 20 years, IF EVER. (Look at a 4G map. Lots of "white space, even today.) My gut says, 5G will be a niche, but people will pay the premium for it because it is "cool". Despite Hackett's rhetoric, he knows "which side his bread is buttered on". Major investments in SUV/CUV, with or without hybrid, look like they will pay off. This is imperative if he want to see electrification an AV actually get to production. Wall Street still has not "rewarded" him/the company. Long term investors won't buy the stock (which is at a close to a 10 year low) because they fear the dividend will be cut (as it has several times in my lifetime).