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  1. Lightning Blue looks much better in photos (in my opinion) then on the build/price section of the FMC website.
  2. IMSA-XJR9

    Ford mondeo

    If I could create my own Ford vehicle(s), I'd like a Mondeo wagon (Vignale) with Focus RS drivetrain . . . .
  3. https://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/ford-chip-ganassi-racing-unveils-rolex-24-historic-liveries/
  4. IMSA-XJR9

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I dig it! Looking forward to seeing and driving one later this year. (Hmmm . . . . wonder what one (blue, red, white) would look like with Tan lower body/wheel cladding . . . Eddie Bauer?! 😜)
  5. https://www.motor1.com/reviews/298997/2019-ford-edge-titanium-review-the-wingman/ Not a bad review . . .
  6. Pretty good read . . . https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/ford-explorer-generations-history-1991/ I had a 1993 XLT 4x4 5-Speed 4-Door . . . . still one of my favorite vehicles I've owned. Loved that Explorer! I also had a 2003 Explorer Sport 4x4 Auto that was good too.
  7. Proportions look good, perhaps a little soft styling wise, but overall not bad in my opinion.
  8. IMSA-XJR9

    Ken Miles Letter to A.C. Cars: 01 October 1963

    Thanks for sharing! 👍
  9. I was thinking along the same lines . . . Is it possible the Maverick/Baby Bronco, etc. be the same size as the Cherokee and closer to it as a competitor? (Or between a Cherokee & Compass rather than a Renegade?)
  10. Yup! Fantastic! Also . . . FMC looking for a 3rd Motorsports Championship (and Penske's 2nd) over the last couple of weeks as Scott McLaughlin and his "Ford Falcon" look to seal the deal in Aussie V8 Supercars!
  11. IMSA-XJR9

    Congratulations to Ford and Joey

    Happy for the Championship!
  12. I dig it, but also think it is the 'Baby-Bronco.' Some other outlets are indicating as much as well. From August . . . https://jalopnik.com/the-baby-ford-bronco-could-be-a-focus-based-crossover-1828229965