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  1. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a27491801/2020-focus-st-wagon-specs-hp-price-pictures-info/ Looks good, in my opinion!
  2. https://www.autonews.com/design/ford-debuts-new-transmission-system-power-next-gen-hybrids
  3. IMSA-XJR9

    Can you say Jon Kaase

    Very cool! Wouldn't mind seeing OEM front clips on the cars.
  4. IMSA-XJR9

    93' Mustang SSP Still on Patrol in Nebraska

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I was VERY close giving up my Mach for an RS. Still want one!!
  6. I still get Lemon Law letters about my 2011 Titanium Focus that I haven't owned for almost 5 years. I suppose I was one of the lucky ones. I never had an issue with mine and I traded it in with ~60K miles. I loved that little car, but I got a great deal on my F150 . . . similar to what 630land stated except I had zero issues with my Focus.
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/03/2019-shelby-gt-s-mustang-supercharged-rental-car-sixt/ I think these look very good! Design looks clean and mean, imo. Especially the orange . . .
  8. IMSA-XJR9

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Saw the new Explorer and Escape on M23 this weekend. Both looked good in the flash. Explorer looked slimmer (less bloated) than current one. It was in black and the Escape was dark green.
  9. Surprised a bit at how far the "baby' Bronco is positioned out towards "rugged." Lots of options for my next vehicle!
  10. Hah! I was thinking the same thing about my F150!
  11. IMSA-XJR9

    Wayne Assembly

  12. IMSA-XJR9

    Wayne Assembly

    Could there be a non removable Bronco option or are both 2-4 door Broncos going to have removable tops?
  13. IMSA-XJR9

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    Thank you!
  14. IMSA-XJR9

    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

  15. And kudos to the designer/renderer . . .