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  1. Of course they are, until they aren't.
  2. "We came up with the concept in just 12 weeks using our new product creation process" would seem to dispel your concern. That statement is in direct conflict with something badge engineered from elsewhere.
  3. How many times have we heard that?
  4. Lurking in the background of this seismic change is Finance. They might be quiet now, but they will be waiting for their opportunity to undercut this program, either directly or death by a thousand cuts.
  5. Got it - boils down to they are guessing with what has been made public, but their guess is not informed by having seen the actual vehicle. It's free advertising for Ford, so I guess there's that.
  6. This is the Ford teaser of the front end, how are the illustrations way off? https://www.torquenews.com/sites/default/files/images/hybrid_mustang_teaser.jpg[/img]
  7. Harley Lover

    Wayne Assembly

    Bronco pickup to go up against Jeep Gladiator! <just kidding>
  8. Probably a good spot to post this: http://www.autoextremist.com/on-the-table1/
  9. Agree. I hope the greenhouse depicted on the blue one is not nearly as pinched as that - the bunker style greenhouse is out of style.
  10. You could flip your statement around and say that FCA is linking with partners with no significant $ investment, save the value of the vehicles they are contributing, while other big global automakers are making significant investment in autonomy, to the tune of billions of $.
  11. So, you've identified $30 million (+!) in actual investment. I wonder if FCA's 'investment' as a partner with Waymo amounts to the value of the vehicles they are contributing for fitment by Waymo?
  12. And how much investment does all of this represent?
  13. Here's a quote: “Self-driving cars are going to be in our lives. The question of when is not clear yet, to have it at scale is going to take a long time.” Who said that? A Naysayer? Nope - Raquel Urtasun, who is chief scientist at Uber Advanced Technologies Group. More: "Urtasun’s comments fall in line with the rest of the self-driving industry, which after much hype and bold promises has tempered expectations and pushed out timelines for deployment. The extreme technical challenges of building cars that can predict human behavior and respond appropriately proved greater than even some of the industry’s brightest minds had anticipated." Sounds like some posts in this thread. Here's the source post, which is primarily about Uber's forthcoming IPO: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-autonomous-newsmaker/uber-scientist-says-some-time-before-self-driving-cars-dominate-the-road-idUSKCN1RK2J2
  14. This is Ford's take. What is the take of GM? Waymo? There are competitors who 'claim' to be ahead of Ford in this arena - what is their take? And where does this leave the investors in companies like Lyft and Uber, who presumably have bought into the driverless future? What about the OTR trucking companies? Etc.? This all makes for much LOL. It also makes me wonder if this is an indirect indication of why VW hasn't yet ponied up the half billion or billion for participation in Argo. FCA, meanwhile, continues to mint $$ with Jeep while investing virtually nil in this arena.