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  1. More details in this article: http://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/06/ford-volkswagen-nearing-second-agreement/
  2. Harley Lover

    David Woodhouse Resigns

    They were thinking about this: https://www.motor1.com/news/354341/lincoln-sentinel-concept-we-forgot/
  3. Harley Lover

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    You're not addressing the elephant in the room: Europe. Anyway, it's a moot point, this article is looking back, not addressing something that is currently on the table.
  4. If the suppositions in the linked article prove true, Ford might finally be getting a significant investment from VW in Argo AI: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/06/volkswagen-snubs-self-driving-startup-aurora-eyes-ford-partnership/?comments=1
  5. Isn't the Aviator going to be PIH only? That might explain the absence of a figure.
  6. Harley Lover

    Toyota announces major EV offensive

    Toyota promoting collaboration is a tacit admission they are behind their competition.
  7. Harley Lover

    2020 Ford Explorer

    A review from Motor Trend (I know, I know) that harps on the interior in a major way: https://www.motortrend.com/news/auto-showdown-2020-toyota-highlander-vs-2020-ford-explorer-comparison/ Did MT look at a base model instead of a higher trim line?
  8. It needs to look like the original model, nothing like the F150 version made famous by O.J.. Ford might be wise to go strongly retro on the first model, and gradually make it somewhat more modern over time, like it has been able to do with the Mustang over several generations.
  9. 24mpg is combined figure: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/17/ford-police-interceptor-utility-hybrid-first-drive-playing-pol/ That's not competitive with the current V6 Highlander Hybrid, much less with the updated version with an I4. I assume the PI has higher performance than the civilian version, so hopefully the civilian version will post higher mpg.
  10. Then lock the thread and let's move on. Shut down the troll.
  11. The only example given by Tesla is how to lose money. And as the events of this week show, the gig is almost up. Tesla have not proven that the business case exists for an auto company to provide charging infrastructure for BEV's, unless the goal is to lose money. Germany, for example, is planning to build out a charging infrastructure to support its auto industry (along with other industrial concerns). The bleatings of Tesla acolytes aside, the purpose of the auto companies is to make money. Without profit for reinvestment, the future cannot be secured. Unless you're Tesla, and rely on your carnival barker CEO to continue to find gullible investors to part with their money. Again, that gig might be up.
  12. Harley Lover

    Jaguar Land Rover record losses

    So, did they exceed beyond expectations, or are are they posting record losses? It appears the same geniuses who "succeeded beyond expectations" are now posting record losses. Time for them to own their failure.
  13. Harley Lover

    Jaguar Land Rover record losses

    B-b-b-but it was all Ford's fault that JLR wasn't doing well, and once freed of Ford's shackles, all would be well. Right?
  14. Harley Lover

    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    It's still a turd, no matter how much you polish it.
  15. Harley Lover

    GM Debuts New Electrical Platform

    Any idea how it compares to what Ford is currently running?