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  1. I’ve been in software development (coding) for over 30 years. Akirby is spot on in my opinion. AV’s will be a niche market for years.
  2. I read somewhere that the turbo locations and plumbing would have to be revised for the Mustang. So, it might not be a snap to drop it into the Mustang, but should not be a big effort either.
  3. I just saw my first new Chevy Silverado on the road two days ago. Overall, the truck looked pretty good. The front end, however, was a swing and a miss. One other point, I almost didn’t notice it. It doesn’t really stand out. I do see a lot of the new Rams though.
  4. You forgot to mention the Ranger. 😄 Its output is different than the Mustang or Explorer.
  5. CurtisH

    2020 Transit info

    This was also my understanding.
  6. Or talk to someone that owns an Ecoboost Mustang. Even in the “Normal” drive mode, there isn’t any lag.
  7. CurtisH

    2020 Transit info

    I thought the version with the water pump in the valley was only used in fwd vehicles. Am I wrong about that?
  8. I can’t see it either.
  9. CurtisH

    Ranger/ 5 Star tune

    I agree. I wasn’t implying you could hide it from the dealer. If I decide to tune my Ecoboost Mustang, I’ll get the Ford Performance tune. They finally announced it for the 2018/2019 models. It won’t provide as much of an increase, but I think it is a little safer.
  10. CurtisH

    Ranger/ 5 Star tune

    A lot of people will revert the tune to stock when taking the vehicle in for service. I never did with my 2005 Mustang GT. Of course, I never had a problem with my Mustang. The hp/torque improvements sounds similar to what is seen with the Ecoboost Mustang. I haven’t decided to tune my 2018 Ecoboost Mustang yet.
  11. CurtisH

    Bronco mule

    Really? I thought it was a little bigger than that. Guess I need to retract my previous comment. The two door may indeed be that short.
  12. CurtisH

    Bronco mule

    There’s no way the wheelbase will be as short as the original Bronco. It was something like 96 inches.
  13. I was so close to posting this same comment. Jaguar was basically a mess when Ford bought them.
  14. Some tuners are offering "built" engines using the 2.0 block. Apparently, it is a closed deck design and supposed to be stronger.
  15. No, they really didn’t. I read it. It’s more fluff than actual comparison.