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    This would not be good but sounds like their is some merit there.... “The bottom line is that Ford’s announced job cuts are absurd," said market analyst Jon Gabrielsen, who advises automakers and auto suppliers. "No one who analyzes the Ford situation believes that 7,000 job cuts remotely scratches the surface of what will be required for Ford’s long-term longevity." He added, "Adam Jonas, the most respected analyst in the business, estimates that Ford will need to cut an additional 23,000 salaried workers through 2022, for a total of 30,000 since late 2018. My own estimate, arrived at separately and before his report came out, indicated an additional 22,000 cuts would be needed." https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/05/21/ford-job-cuts-analysts/3754205002/
  2. Looks like Ford is implementing their re-org this week...... https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/05/20/ford-layoffs-dearborn/3739354002/ Good luck to all affected and hope things work out!
  3. kyle

    NEW 2021 F150

    Got your logic-I think they would just give you an optional upgrade cost to add that and not add it as standard. Either way, it generates costs and revenue.
  4. kyle

    NEW 2021 F150

    Not sure I follow that......no cost to me is when Ford gives you the option of either axle and they are the same price. There is no way this will happen-they charge for different axle ratio's and just about anything else that the consumer will pay for-which is a hell of a lot at the high end market.
  5. kyle

    NEW 2021 F150

    I still see the fixed mast antenna-shocked that it is still there and wonder what the hell it does these days that cannot be added to the shark fins everyone has moved to? Ram did away with their fixed mast antenna so it must be possible.
  6. kyle

    NEW 2021 F150

    That is to damn funny not comment on......since when does Ford have anything "no cost" on their higher end trucks! If it happens, it certainly will not be free:)
  7. So what is your question?
  8. Hackett is not the guy designing and building their products and no I will not give him credit there. Ford has a lot of talented people that do a damn good job of designing and building vehicles-Hackett is hardly a product guy and looks like he was driving a Lexus ES300 sedan before he came over to Ford-or maybe a Buick. And you are right it is the execution of the strategy that will determine if he was successful and I have not seen anything that changes my opinion. This is based on way to many off the record comments and grumblings by senior management that have been posted in articles. Then add on the way he is telling his employees we are going to restructure the business and you will get to work with your team members to enact changes and then they will reduce head count. That is just so messed up and kills morale. If everyone was saying this guy is the best thing that ever happened to Ford and a great leader than I would feel differently. Like I said, I hope I am wrong and he carries this off but the jury is still out.
  9. This is the first semi positive article I’ve read about this guy and I’m still not a fan. Hardly impressed with his strategy’s since everyone in the industry is pursuing the same so its not like he’s some type of genius. Hope I am wrong but still don’t see this ending well.
  10. I’ve been a subscriber to him for about a year now and honestly think he has one of the best channels on YouTube. This guy is right down the middle and a performance/value geek. Last year he had the Challenger, Camero and Mustang-all top line models and he picked the Mustang even though it was the least powerful. Plus I love how he puts a vehicle on a lift and goes over it from underneath. I don’t know anyone else doing that.
  11. I work for Navistar (International Truck) so I hope you are wrong:) Our dealer's are very excited about where we are positioning this truck and definitely have Ford right in their cross hairs. What is interesting is from a long term perspective-we are partly owned by VW and if Ford and them get together in some joint ventures, this deal kind of complicates things.
  12. While every product has not been real successful there is no denying that they have a strategy and like you said, made painful moves long avoided by others. That took a hell of a lot of balls to walk away from Europe, Russia and Brazil. Plus by any measure, they are significantly more profitable than Ford. Sure maybe the upcoming Ford products will be all they are cracked up to be, but there are no guarantees that will happen. Plus it is not like they are doing anything unique here. Every car manufacturer in the world has some type of EV and likely a Hybrid strategy.
  13. I don't necessary have a problem with the hybrid and battery emphasis but this is hardly anyone on this board would of figured out. What I don't like is his management style and that he is running an automotive company. Look across town and tell me you would not want to have Mary Berra running the company and their senior leadership. She has brought about a lot of change in the company and been very clear in their business. I personally would take any current industry leaders over Hackett. Hell, get Ghosn out of jail and let him run the company. On top of that, I don't think this has a happy ending......Bill Ford has misfired several times, so he is hardly a genius when it comes to picking the leaders of the company.
  14. Yup.......like he said, "I had already moved on." This guy needs to move on to some social think tank, not run an automotive company. And for all those that think getting rid of the veteran leadership that is complaining (anonmously for sure) is the answer, well that is even worse.
  15. One thing I noticed was the guys cell phone stuck in the cup holder slot. If the guy testing the vehicle uses it like that then to me there is a design problem. Looks like there is a slot right in front of that spot but not big enough to hold a larger smart phone and cover. I will reserve final judgement when I see near production versions or get inside one. I like some of the initial design and glad they are going in a slightly different direction than the past 5 years of Ford products.