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  1. One thing I noticed was the guys cell phone stuck in the cup holder slot. If the guy testing the vehicle uses it like that then to me there is a design problem. Looks like there is a slot right in front of that spot but not big enough to hold a larger smart phone and cover. I will reserve final judgement when I see near production versions or get inside one. I like some of the initial design and glad they are going in a slightly different direction than the past 5 years of Ford products.
  2. kyle

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Good to know-I was just skimming thru the article and then looked at the pics and it just looked odd. I also think they will add a chrome option which is just a cap.
  3. kyle

    2020 Explorer Spied

    So after reading the changes to the mirror combinations and looking at the side view pics with the flat black mirror and high gloss A/B pillar, must say that looks like crap and cheap. I would seriously question why they don't have painted mirror options.
  4. Fair enough 95% of this forum is opinions and I hear the responses loud and clear. Ill be more sensitive next time I critique something to keep the peace:)
  5. Fair enough 95% of this forum is opinions and I hear the responses loud and clear. Ill be more sensitive next time I critique something to keep the peace:)
  6. I am not evading anything. I've shared my comments and taken shit for it-good or bad. Done.
  7. What a stupid comment. If Ford thought it was such a great design they would of kept it the same in the F250. I pointed out that you cannot easily see what gauge you are looking at and that all they needed to do was make the gauge needle thinner. It is my right to point things out, if you don't agree, so be it. But I am not going to give passes when things don't make sense.
  8. Are you a tech? If so it would be logical to you but I should just be able to look at the gauge and not think C/H L/O or whatever. I could look at 100 IPs and Ill damn near guarantee none of them will cover the icon with the needle. All they have to do is make the needle same size as it is for the Speedo and RPM. Its just a piss poor design.
  9. This design makes sense since the icons for the gauge are visible. On my buddies F250 XLT they changed the gauge needle so it is more easily read. Wonder if it is the same IP supplier for the 150 and 250? My gut says yes but not sure.
  10. I was trying to upload a pic but was having issues. Lol. Ok you have a new XLT I think? Top gauges-gas, coolant,etc are at the top. The width of that gauge is so wide that after it gets to normal operating temps you cannot tell which gauge is coolant and which one is engine pressure etc. you know your truck so it is a moot point. But Ford obviously saw the issue and changed it on the F250and Expedition. Small thing but it Should of never been built this way.
  11. Thanks for clarifying how you use it. Still not sure how it matters on a auto but maybe Im missing something.
  12. Ummm Ive had plenty of trucks and think I would understand so not sure your point. It is an automatic transmission and how would you use that function? Manual and towing I get it but it means nothing in auto mode to me.
  13. Saw this article and did not get much out of it. Had a F150 rental last week in MI that served as a great family hauler. It was a XLT and performed and drove well. But the interior to me is a big let down. Know i am in a XLT but not a fan of the design and layout. Hate the center stack with all the numbers for the radio. I've bitched about it before and realize this is subjective. My 18 year old daughter made a comment about the inside (totally un-provoked by me) that it just looked old. Two additional comments. The center cluster between the speedo and RPM threw me off because it kept showing most of the times a 10 in upper left. My thought and same as my wife that it is the screen I am on-but flipping thru various screens did not change. Finally realized it was what gear I was in. WTF do I want to know what gear my auto is in? Nobody ever shows that and it is useless. If I was in sport mode or a Mustang, maybe but just in auto to show it is stupid. Plus the top gauges indicators completely suck. They are wide and cover the pic of what that gauge is for. I saw on my buddy's F250 they made them way thinner and in the Expedition i rented they are digital.