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  1. 630land

    Holy $%!#... Another Avenger was sold!

    These last "new" Avengers were maybe found in a field somewhere, leftovers from a defunct Dodge dealer, almost forgotten, and sold for parts? ;-)
  2. "[Ranger] It wasn't rushed" Agree 100%, seemed to take a decade to finally bring it back!
  3. 630land

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    Other makers are waiting for a 'fire sale'. So they can get the "good parts", aka Ram and Jeep. OTOH: Some wishful Mopar fan-dreamers still think "a savior" will come along and "bring Chrysler and Dodge back under American ownership". And they think they can "bring back full line up of cars, including 2 door hardtops and station wagons".
  4. "Cool, and out of state driver, lets see what we can get from them!" After the truck was dropped off.
  5. 630land

    Buick Enspire Spied

    Snooze mobile for average people keeping up with "Joneses"
  6. 630land

    Holy $%!#... Another Avenger was sold!

    It was most likely a 'dealer demo' car used for loaners, never titled as "new". Finally sold with a used car price, but titled as "first owner". Happens all the time. Ford will have lots of loaner Focuses/Fiestas listed in the next few years sold as "new"
  7. 630land

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    "why no other manufacturer has challenged Jeep" Jeep brand is not just the Wrangler, even though many think that. The Cherokee, GC, Compass/Patriot and Renegade have plenty of competitors. Other auto companies don't want the F and C in FCA. Chrysler will be in brand graveyard soon. Fiat is secretly packing bags to leave the USA.
  8. "That's not competitive with the current V6 Highlander Hybrid.." Agree: "What does the Highlander Hybrid PIU get? Oh wait... " lol Also, Cadillac did something like this in 1980, made diesel 350 standard in new Seville. Ads went "first American car with diesel standard". But, gas motor was a 'credit option'. Wasn't too long when the diesel was dropped.
  9. 630land

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    "...there are still some new 2017 Sports on dealer lots.. " Reminds me of the stories of the unsold 1970 Plymouth Superbirds. Where dealers did their own "de-contenting" and removed the rear wings and added plain grilles to move them. "I'd take the 2023 date with a grain of salt" Agree, sounds like wishful thinking. And if they do, it may be "fleet only" like the 2005-07 Taurus.
  10. 630land

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    No tariffs today, 6/10. All the hand wringing about the 3 cyl. motor is reminds me of often said "American car buyers will only buy v8 full size cars". And, when F Series got Eco Boost, "real truck buyers want only v8's", etc, etc, etc...
  11. The latest "official" news was for Fusion to continue into 2021 calendar year. From Automotive News. [AutoWeek] Regarding Ranger, its about same size as a 1980 F series.
  12. Turns out was a mirage, see other post. Seemed like was just click bait to get comments from car fanatics. Most Mopar fans were screaming 'noOo!' as if they were still building brand new 1969 Plymouth Road Runners. A few were like "oh goodie, we'll see new Dodge and Chysler 2 door hardtops!"
  13. Better off without them.
  14. 630land

    2020 Ford Explorer

    MT also has many dubious COTY choices, so they really don't matter. lol
  15. "White space" vehicles was another "bone" for Wall St. I hope Hackett is out on the street soon! My big beef with Mark Fields is, on his watch, Ford didn't do anything about the DCT to keep customers. Just saying "you should have bought a truck" drains sales for the future.