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  1. Funny how years ago, there was all this crying about "What will police drive?" when CV was going to be dropped. Like it was the "end of times". "Cops only like BOF Panthers!" Now, all over the place are Explorer cop cars. And unibody Charger, too. [No kids, its not BOF]
  2. 630land

    Did VW need an Edge?

    VW is now mainly another SUV seller. All the "car guys" were praising VW for offering the Golf station wagon, but turns out it's getting dropped. All they did was sit and collect dust. Where were all the "enthusiasts"? They kept driving 15 year old Jetta wagons, with excuse "Oh, I wait till cars are 10 years old before I buy". "Other guys should pay for depreciation". Are they expecting the Gov't to "hand out free station wagons"?
  3. Someone eager for EV's said "oh, my wife and I can go shop for the hour that our EV is charging.." Who has time to "shop"? Mall Stores are closing!
  4. All those pre-BK Chevys had bowtie badges that would warp and peel in the sun. Instead of "halo cars", should have brought out better interiors and badges. And, all these "enthusiasts" who went nuts over the Regal wagon, from Opel, never bought them.
  5. 630land

    First c8 wrecked

    I remember the "first crash of 2015 Mustang" and "first crash of Ford GT". I'm expecting "first mass market driverless car crash!"
  6. Some Mopar fans were claiming that by this year, "there will be a fleet of Dodges on Alfa Gulia platform; coupes, convertibles, and more!" Where?
  7. 630land

    2020 Corvette revealed

    "... the C7 was no minced meat. " True, and same with C6.
  8. 630land

    2020 Corvette revealed

    I agree with "Autoextremist" Pete D. about new Vette. It's finally mid engine and not costing "an arm & a leg". Has good constructive criticism, but also he does trash "internet haters" too. The ones saying "I wont get it since no stick". Well, were you really in the market? BTW: Porsche is now a CUV brand, for upper class suburban parents picking up kids from soccer practice, that happens to sell small sports cars. JK, LOL ;-)
  9. 630land

    2020 Corvette revealed

    "... stereotypical buyer is a middle aged overweight gold chain wearing divorcee." Maybe in the 1970s and 80s, but new Vettes mainly sell to 65-80 y/o men reliving the 1960's. Middle aged men today were 20-something in the 1990's, and sure don't wear gold chains. More like still wearing a goatee and listening to Peal Jam. Sort of like the guy in flannel shirt in meme posted with "Um no". But, GM needs to move to upscale 'coastal' buyers, not "flannel guys".
  10. 630land

    Train wreck,,,,,

    Some in Detroit are happy, since less excess inventory! Just kidding, at least no one was hurt badly.
  11. Car fans are complaining about 'boring' Utes. But years ago, were whining about 'dull' sedans. Now, screaming "Save the sedan!".
  12. 630land

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    I go to Chicago Auto Show with friends who are more car consumers than enthusiasts. They were interested in seeing the new Blazer, but thought was "OK looking, but too much $$". They remember the compact S-10 to 2000's versions, not the full sizers.
  13. People have been complaining about car prices since the 70's. My dad thought $6000 was "too high" for a new car back then. Now, 40-something buyers long for their "HS days of the 90's". One main culprit is buyers demand more standard features. ["standard options" :P]
  14. Just don't call the next Fusion CUV a "wagon" or Mr. and Mrs. Urbanite/Suburbanite will run away.
  15. AutoWeek has the story. https://autoweek.com/article/rumormill/next-ford-fusion-will-be-wagon-style-crossover-report-says I told you all! JK, actually I remember remarks from Ford presentations about a "white space" vehicle. Subaru sales have been going up for years, and are not necessarily "a cult" as some dismiss. Cant just sit idly by and let buyers slip away. And, sure Euro wagon purists will complain about ride height and demand "sweet handling", but average Americans* will NOT buy a "car guy purist wagon", sorry but face reality. VW killed off the Golf wagons in US, that some "thought would be hits", so bye, bye. *Saying "I refuse to drive a station wagon", even if an Outback is really one with higher ride.