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  1. 630land

    Huge rebates on Chevy 1500s

    Chevy owners will get another brand, GMC. Shop between dealers a block apart.
  2. 630land

    GM Unveils Mid-engine Vette....Sort of

    Some on other message boards claimed that GM would keep the C7 in production alongside the C8. But no press release ever said that. BTW Lots of old C7's are piled up unsold, so where are the so called "loyal" buyers?
  3. Ford never pitched the old Maverick with a performance package, as the Nova SS or Duster 340/360. The Grabber was a décor package, and the 302 offered was only a 2bbl version. Was mainly a 'budget compact', and the 4 door, with Luxury Décor Option [LDO], was promoted during gas crisis to middle age buyers looking to downsize, leading to the Granada. Only lately, has there been interest in resto-mod Mavericks. And mainly since vintage Mustangs cost more, and who wants to butcher a mint original one?
  4. There is a big difference between "slated to..." and actual results.
  5. Decade old cars today are nothing like the rust buckets of the "good old days". 100K miles is nothing, too.
  6. The new "Mercury"! JK, it does have Edsel like headlights, though. Glad to see that the old DSM-Mitsubishi plant in Bloomington-Normal IL get put to good use. Was only opened in 1988, would have been a huge waste if closed for good.
  7. "Maverick" is also associated with past political campaigns... Not too many buyers under 40-45 remember the old car.
  8. Rebates are expected by domestic brand buyers, which is why they are saying "we cant make $ on smaller cars". With a "truck" product, they can raise the sticker, and slap on a rebate to say "look at the bargain you are getting!". There are still quite a few buyers who rely on rebates for down payments or to offset neg equity. Since they "have to have a new truck" to show neighbors, co-workers, friends and relatives they're "making it".
  9. I agree with Lincoln managers saying "we are not trying to be like the Germans". Even the big 3 German Lux makes aren't selling a lot of 'drivers cars' anymore, mostly big CUV's for badge buyers.
  10. " I said it because of the magazine . . . " Need to write that in posts. Anyway, I agree with "Corsair blows the Cadillac XT4 out of the water just like Aviator sucked all the air out of the room for lame cold pizza XT6." The Lincoln Utilities make the Caddy XT's look like the 1982 Cavalier rebadge job, the Cimarron. The XT6 is for sure like leftover Little Ceaser's pizza, cold, bland, and boooring.
  11. 630land

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    "...most BMW buyers would never even set foot in a Cadillac showroom" Wasted so much money trying to make the CT's into 'Yuppie cars'. Now, BMW sells mostly CUV's to social climbers, far from the Car & Driver fan boys.
  12. 630land

    Wayne Assembly

    "You’re confusing BOF with RWD. It’s unibody RWD." Happens sometimes. Once saw a web forum for 'fans of modern BOF American cars', with pics of 90's Impala SS, Panthers, and Chrysler LX [300/Charger]. Someone forgot to tell them that the LX are unibody. [And some assume the 60's/70's Mopar B and C bodies are BOF.]
  13. "That's because it is a rebrand Escape" So what? The "classic" RWD Lincoln Continentals and Town Cars of the 60's through 2000's [that fan boys say are 'true Lincolns'] were based on shared Ford platforms. The 1961-69 big Lincolns were actually unibody, and shared with T-Bird. And later BOF LTD and Panthers
  14. 630land

    Ford and VW partnership

    Someone on the 'truth about cars' site was saying "Golf can be a new Focus, Jetta a new Fusion!". Keep dreaming fan boy.
  15. 630land

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    I like it, and whenever there's new style of car/truck, there always some dislike. Then, later on, some will say "I'm used to it". The '79 LTD went through this, and many other restyles.