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  1. 630land

    Chicago Auto Show

    Can't say "nobody" since there were quite a lot of people there, just not at Ford display or Caddy cars.
  2. 630land

    This car is trying my patience

    Mine wasn't worst car, but most disappointing being a "modern car". When running well, enjoyed it, and never died at least. But, sure wished never had the DCT in it. Had more unreliable back in the "good old days" of carburetors.
  3. 630land

    2020MY Production Schedule

    Thanks for all the info you provide "Ice"!
  4. I was making fun of fan boys [Biker** or TTAC], not you or most on BON, expecting a "savior" to bring Ford's cars back from the dead. Anyway, it is interesting to see all the speculation some thinking a VW unibody pickup for Ford in trade for VW EV's. If they can work things out, then Ford would specialize in trucks and VW would be "people movers" and share platforms. Even in EU, wagons/hatches are slipping in favor of CUV's, much to chagrin of "car guys" thinking gas taxes should go up to "force" drivers into manual trans station wagons.
  5. 630land

    Chicago Auto Show

    I was there yesterday and the Ford display was dead compared to years past, and other makes like Chevy and Toyota. Rangers were ignored, after all the hype. Lots of 'on the way out' products, like Explorer, Escape, Fiesta, and Fusion, just sitting. 2020 Explorer off in a corner, locked, and no sign promoting it. The Aviator and Nautilus at least had a small crowd around it, and people wanted to sit in the "suicide door" Continental, but was roped off. Just my observation, but the new Chevy Blazer turntable had more eyeballs and the one on the floor had people waiting to sit in it. Sure, it's not BOF, but average UV buyers don't care, well known names sometime bring in bodies. Cadillac's cars were ignored in favor of the 'Slade and XT's.
  6. Regarding CAFE and "green-ness", large capacity/class trucks are exempt. Which is why the biggies got V-10's all these years.
  7. 630land

    This car is trying my patience

    Sister had her 2003 Focus since new, and traded in on Escape. Never had issues with the "old fashioned" 4 speed auto. Kept hearing "The DCT's are fixed now", and got a 2014. was ok, until 2016, and then had fixed 3 times under warranty and once out of it. Was acting up again last summer, and I came into $$ and dumped it. Got shit resale. Buit not worried about it anymore. Miss the handling, but not the crap. I didn't want a truck or Ute, and call me old fashioned. But at same time, got used car, enough of paying for depreciation.
  8. Will be interesting to see if "kits" appear to "drop in" this new engine in vintage cars/trucks.
  9. There's "fan bois" online who saw the VW-Ford story and posted "Yay, they will make new Focus ST off the GTI!" The Truth About Cars, for example.
  10. 630land

    This car is trying my patience

    I went with another brand, but wont say. Family members have good luck with their Fords; Escapes, MTX Fiesta, old Focus.
  11. 630land

    2020MY Production Schedule

    2019 Escape Balance out date is 7/21/19, then says Job 1 for 2020 is 8/5/19. Just have to wait for unveiling at New York Auto Show.
  12. You're never going to see the return of a new BOF Town Car, no matter how many wishes are made.
  13. 630land

    2020MY Production Schedule

    "... Corsair is still listed as MKC for 2020, with the same dates as Escape... " Will it really take just 2 weeks to retool for all new "2020" Escape? It's taking 2 months from last 2019 Explorer to new RWD design, which is usual for big changes. [March 1st to May 6th.] Or, will the '20 Escape be carry over for a short time until the new version? I'm betting the next generation may be called 2021's for next winter/spring intro. Makers usually stagger new intros. Having both all new Escape and Explorer at same season would be a lot to deal with.
  14. I should have looked for build info, thanks.
  15. "Replacing the Edge in the US, with even a stretched Kuga would be a mistake ! " "We're not talking about the US." Yes! Please read whole articles before commenting.