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  1. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the math on this one-it doesn't make sense. Only reason I think there is a 25th mirror is one is a manual one for PIU on the passenger side.
  2. That is going to be a driving factor in many people's choices-they don't want to be at the mercy of someone else's scehule to get to work. I know a decent amount of people who live in my area and commute to NYC or even Maryland (Military base shut down in the area and moved 2 hours south of me to MD) that using lyft/uber etc impractical-Personally I don't see the point of pissing away 2-4 hours of my life on a bus/train/etc if I don't have to every day getting to work every day. I looked into uber at my last job-I was only 17 miles from work at the time and taking it every day to and fro to work would have cost more then my car payment did at the time. Unless its going to save me a signifiant amount of money, its not worth giving up the keys (unless age in the distant future forces me too) and flexaibitly of owning my own car. I'm not interested in living in a city either-which also means more expesive rent/living expenses/etc that just doesn't make it worth it. I'm happy with the $$$ I make and my now 13 mile commute to work.
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimhenry/2018/11/14/ford-will-keep-it-simple-like-25-instead-of-139-mirrors-for-just-one-model/#779c746615a9
  4. silvrsvt

    2020 Ford Mustang Build Dates / JOB1

    That kinda blows launching the GT500 at the end of the summer when it won't hit the dealership till late in the fall. You'd think they have it out for summer time.
  5. Maybe because the Renegade looks like a 4 door Wrangler that was left out in the sun too long? The new Compass looks like a mini GC. I don't see the Maverick starting any more then $21K (which is the same price point as the Compass) in the US. You still have to have space for Ecosport and Escape.. As for styling-I'm not quite sure that we are seeing a production verison of the Maverick either from these photos-it looks like a concept or pre-production concept.
  6. LOL Man I'm 6'2...I won't be able to move my legs after that
  7. 2019 Ranger Height- 71.5 2018 Escape (closest thing to the Maverick) 66.3 inches So Almost a 5 inch difference, not figuring in any suspenison changes for the full sized bronco.
  8. I was slightly suprised at how long the Cherokee was. Just a personal preference, I'm hoping the full sized Bronco is less then 190 inches long. That is my biggest complaint about my SHO-its too fucking big. if the Bronco is roughly the size of the current Mustang, I'd be happy.
  9. I didn't notice any in the dealership I went past Sunday and Monday.
  10. I was looking at the Jeep lineup just now: Cherokee- Overall Length 182" Compass- OL 173" Renegade-OL 166" Ford current lineup: Edge 188.8" Escape 178.1" Ecosport 161.3" The Edge doesn't directly compete with the Jeep lineup right now (unless you want to compare it to the JGC)-so I would expect the next gen Escape to grow about 3-4 inches to fit a "useless" third row in the back and to better compete with other C class CUVs The Maverick would be roughly the same size as the current Escape-maybe an inch smaller overall due to styling (which reminds me of a moderinzed 2004 Bronco Concept) The question of the hour is the Ecosport-Ford still needs a "cheap" car IMO, so it would make sense to keep the Ecosport around and I think the next gen one would do pretty well with input from the EU and US markets.
  11. 2019 Edge/Natulious-Should be hitting dealer lots now? 2019 Ranger-In Production now, should be hitting the lots in next 60 days 2020 Explorer/Aviator- Job 1 May 2019 2020 Escape/MKC(Corsair) Job 1 August 2019 2020/21 Maverick/baby Bronco-Expect a Late 2019 Launch (Fiesta goes out of production late summer 2019) 2020/21 Bronco-Very late 2019 or 2020? Spring/Summer 2020 release? 2021 Mach One/Model E BEV CUV-Summer 2020 (When Fusion goes out of production, unless its being built with the Maverick?)
  12. I think your right, I just looked at the 2020 production schecle that was posted-Fiesta production stops August 2019-so I guess the Maverick will be out as a late 2019 or early 2020 CY product.
  13. The only problem is we won't see this till the Fusion is out of production, corrrect? Or is this going to replace the Fiesta when it goes away in Mexico?