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  1. Locked...going too political/off topic for its own good.
  2. silvrsvt

    GM Debuts New Electrical Platform

    IMO Its just fluff for saying they have an improved electronics system that can better handle the increased demands for automation and other things as they get rolled out.
  3. Thank you...he was posting as fast as I was reporting them...

  4. Thats why your seeing luxury companies offering all in one leases for consumers and leasing done correctly prob works out better for Ford and other companies, because the lessor pays for the deprecation of the product and Ford most likely double dips afterwards with selling it as a certified pre-owned car financed through FMC. I'm assuming that doesn't really do much for the dealerships profitability either. Not to mention many consumers are wrapped up too much into the monthly payment game, which also encourages leasing too. What is exactly considered affordable these days anyways?
  5. Not everyone wants something the size of an Aviator either...
  6. I don't think Ford is pulling a 1996 Taurus here either-I think they have the information in hand and the math figured out behind it. Its not like a you still can't get a pretty well equipped Explorer for $40K or so.
  7. Its the 3 panel of glass between the C and D pillar that is throwing it off Plus I don't think the styling is translating well for a 2D photo either. I've seen other photos and it looks good.
  8. https://carbuzz.com/news/is-this-america-s-ford-fiesta-st-replacement
  9. From what has been posted before-most higher end Explorers are leased vs purchased-Ford has that information and is acting accordingly to it. I've seen alot more Explorer Sports vs Taurus SHO's over the years-even with the Sports pricing increasing considerably over the past few years. There are other market factors at play with this too, but if you can sell/lease a $50K+ CUV without much in incentives vs a $4500 incentive on a $47K car thats on the same platform-your doing alright.
  10. In the grand scheme of things, it makes too much sense to share powertrains between products that roughly sell well over a million units a year combined F-150/Explorer/Ranger/Mustang/Transit plus Lincoln products and the upcoming Bronco. The pricing of the new Explorer and sophistication levels required for the Aviator made it a no brainier to move to a RWD platform. The F-150 does the heavy lifting to pay for the program and the rest benefit for it.
  11. The difference in battery packs
  12. https://www.autonews.com/regulation-safety/california-regulator-threatens-ban-gasoline-engines
  13. silvrsvt

    2020 Shelby Dealer Enrollment

    this image was pulled from Facebook and other sites also by request from Ford.
  14. Smart thing to do considering the current situation-not to mention I bet the Navigator take rate in China has to be tiny.
  15. silvrsvt

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    There is next to no demand for a performance 4 door sedan for the most part-the SHO has always had almost $4500 rebate on its entire production run and the Fusion Sport seems similar. If people are going to pay 40K+ for a car, they rather buy a CUV instead. Not to mention the Explorer Sport seems to do well sales wise from what I can tell around me...