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  1. silvrsvt

    2020 Corvette revealed

    In all honesty, when has GM actually come out with something that is styling leader in its segment in the past 30-40 years? Ford has done it multiple times since 1982.
  2. I'm assuming the choice not to go to the 6F35 was driven mostly by $$$, but I really wonder what the difference was.
  3. The 2011 Explorer was a far better looking product then the Stylefree/Taurus X was...the goofy rise to the roof towards the back didn't help them one bit. As for the evolved bit, that is completely misleading-the Explorer is shorter overall, wider and taller then the Taraus X-they shared the same platform, but it wasn't an evolution-more like a different branch on the tree.
  4. silvrsvt

    2020 Corvette revealed

    That is part of the problem with the Corvette-its lacking in snob appeal because its stereotypical buyer is a middle aged overweight gold chain wearing divorcee. Porsche/Ferrari are limited/bespoke production vehicles...in the case of the 911, Porsche reports there are only 2 twin cars (identical equipped/color cars) made a year. Don't under estimate snob appeal in high end products, real or imaged. Though I do wonder what corners were cut (unless they don't plan on making money on them) to make it profitable at the prices they are asking or the if the Z51 package is going to add 20-30K to the price, and the "Zora" with the Blackwing TT V8 and expected Hybrid is even higher then that.
  5. silvrsvt

    2020 Corvette revealed

    From what I understand, the DCT transmission (at least in Ford GT) is something along the likes 10-15K alone-Though they are using a similar transmission in the GT500 also, so I'm guessing they got the pricing down to something reasonable.
  6. silvrsvt

    2020 Corvette revealed

    Its not terrible- Things I don't like: The button wall separating the passenger and driver...would look far better if it was part of the center console flat, instead of rasied The black plastic egg crate design on the front and rear fascias looks tacked on and tacky The pricing is impressive-cheapest mid engine car since the MR2 and Ferio LOL Lets see how the market reacts to it. My generation (Gen X) is starting to hit its prime with purchasing something like this.
  7. I think it was more or less bad timing and styling that killed the Freestyle/Taurus X off...gas pricing and boring styling didn't help it.
  8. They where on different platforms to a point too (Probe/Mustang is the first one to pop into my head)...common platforms/engines with new tophats this go around.
  9. silvrsvt

    New Escape

    I think its one of those products that doesn't photograph well-I'm not a huge fan of it at first, but its growing on me. Its not that much different from the current model, outside of the face.
  10. But also Subaru has been adding models over the years too...they sold about 300K units between 5 different models last year. This is more about slotting vehicles into niches that they can make more money in vs dealing with 6 different makers in the mid-size market and competing in shrinking market with shrinking profits.
  11. I bet the vast majority of the stereotypical granola eating hippy dippy Subaru owner has no freaking clue as to what that is.
  12. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/car-design/a28422027/ford-taurus-sho-intercoast-gtp/
  13. silvrsvt

    New Escape

    The Kuga has only been shown off in ST-line or Vingale trims-they have different fascias. Even the Chinese one has a different Fascia.
  14. Add in the Fusion Sport wagon or whatever you want to call it. The TC sells around 30-50K units a year Figure the small pickup should do the same Then add in the Fusion Sport Wagon The other Mexican plant would be Model E, figure about 30-50K units a year and the Scout should be anywhere from 60-100K units year. Still need some place to build the entry level product Ford is working on also Need a replacement for the MKZ/Continental some place too, but I'd assume that would be in Flat Rock. Oakville would need some sort of product when the Flex/MKT go away-but I guess we will find out. I bet the Mexican product plans don't get told till after UAW negotiations are done.