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  1. You know your spoiling us and we will be expecting this next month? LOL
  2. Love the video, they surely make it look easy though...
  3. Hold now...Ive been following Tesla for a while now because I've been contemplating buying one of them. They by NO MEANS, call themselves a luxury carmaker....Yes, they sell in the higher end, but I haven't seen ANYTHING from them personally, where they call themselves LUXURY by any means. That's a fact. I have read automotive magazines try to throw them, into that pool but they are not. To add, I remember MANY years ago an article that Robert Lane wrote (Back in the day), where he used the average transaction prices of Lincolns back then, and in reality, they sold at higher averages than many "luxury" automakers, and it made sense. Whether Luxury is measured at a transaction price, an item (leather), we can throw a monkey wrench and call the F150 a luxury vehicle at the prices it sells....
  4. I can understand why it's easy to just "change" an exterior to fit a market. I don't see an issue where the same vehicle is the same underneath, but its styled aggressively for one client, and softly for another client. Mecury isnt around, so if you can gear it towards one group, and butch it up for another crowd, why not.
  5. Well remember Ford isn't going to post monthy sales, and is following GM's lead. But industry analysts have stated GM fell 7 percent, and Ford jumped up 7 percent.
  6. I just hope that when I filled out that survey, and I "Checked" on the ..."Looking to buy a new vehicle in 3-6 months", that they didn't think I ment a Ranger, when I was signing up for the Aviator...😏
  7. Actually, that's been the biggest disappointment in new releases this year, was the Toyota Supra..."we want a BMW sports coupe with Toyota styling" said no one, ever... And just about every blog will have those comments, where it was such a disappointment. All those years of hype, and it was an underwhelming release.
  8. At the rate Ford starts productions after it displays them at the autoshow, this "said" vehicle would be out by 2022-2023 🙄
  9. ..."Ford says about 300,000 people have already indicated plans".... that's a loose term. Indicated plans to purchase a new Ranger?....Indicated plants to purchase a new vehicle in 1-3 months? (as they do in usual surveys), like it's a vague statement...
  10. I was under the understanding that Ford would tap into their MBQ architecture for sedans and such....nothing of that sort was mentioned. Then again thats the only thing of quality I think Ford would benefit from...nothing else really, everything else VW does is unreliable otherwise.
  11. ..."I dig this new Aviator, and I look forward to seeing how it drives. I just wish it had coach doors."... So over hearing this (roll eyes), it's like the "In-thing" to say to sound hip, its like Barnyard doors, Shiplap, unless your house is country or you were raised in a manger and feel like an animal, it's tacky. These are the same ones that whined when the F150 had "Clamshell" (I guess the in word is Coach)...doors in the extended cab and couldn't access them well....
  12. I played with it and got about $78K which isn't bad really, but I do agree at $57K that's a sweet spot, it carries off where the Nautilus leaves off.
  13. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/01/22/2020-lincoln-aviator-pricing-configurator/