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  1. I just got the magazine today, no confirmation and alot of speculation, I can see this being as a Fusion replacement, yes there might be some Mustang cues, what they call it we won't know yet, but it seems to look like it's Subaru Outback from Ford. Still a bit early to find out WHAT it will be. As a plus, it's what we see, yet we see nothing from the competition though...
  2. This echoes what I have mentioned for years, GM focuses it's Silverado commercials against the F-150, and that's not really their biggest threat, it's the Ram. F-series buyers are very loyal, but Silverado ones I have seen fluctuate between that and the Ram. Granted, almost every Ram owner I know will never buy another one again because they can't design a transmission for the life of them, BUT the Ram is snipping at their heels, and they are designing to lead, not to catch up like GM has...
  3. Honestly, when I heard "entry level", I was thinking a 2.0L Ecoboost with 250HP...Granted, from 310 to 460 it's a big spread, and figured the 3.0L with 400HP would be a good middle crowd, but "entry" to me, as low as you can go.
  4. Considering the competition vulturing around it, 300Hp should be do-able for them with the 2.3L. Again, if they wish to lead...If they wish to follow, then watch it stay the same. They have options.