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    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    I test drove the Model 3 last month when THEY added everything up for me it was $69K. I think it's a good $40K car, I do not think it's by any means a luxury car (which Tesla does NOT classify itself as luxury but some perceive it is) at Anything over $60K. Yes it's straight-line performance was neck snapping, but even as aggressive as I am driving, I don't see myself stomping it from every light. It felt like a vehicle I rode ON, not in. Wind noise over my head along the upper windshield not acceptable. Having 2 little buttons on the steering wheel proved inconvenient of how many times I had to initiate the center screen, then choose with the two little buttons. Maybe I'm used to Fords where everything is on the steering wheel I will need and activate easily, and not take 2-3 push buttons on the center screen to activate. The doors sounded tinsy when you closed them. The awkward way to open the door handle was just inconvenient. And the sun visors believe in a GM 70s product, the most poorest, chintziest design since GM. Being in FL, I expect arctic cold air coming out of the registers. The air was "cool", but not at all as frigid as a Ford product. Air Conditioned seats, not available - (Sorry deal breaker being in FL). The interior center console compartments felt 00's Ford dinky. Yes they have cute little games and toys within the infotainment system, which any manufacturer could learn from. The stereo system was amazingly strong (I always use Baby Got Back to test out a system). The powered open/close of the electrical charger outlet is cute. And the acceleration was amazing (But felt top heavy-even though it's not) when I through it into a corner, again it felt like I was ON the vehicle, not in it. I think if you hate driving, Tesla is a good car that can do it for you most of the time. They are good on safety, computering, electrification and acceleration. By no means would I say they are a great manufacturer....and it'll sell well because of the hype and it's trendy but I will say WAIT till others get there, and suddenly what they do, will be seen as mundane.

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    We have all seen the Tesla pattern, the Model 3 was promised at $35K and it was 2 years before they released that version. Gotta load it up to $70K To have all the toys and you'll be surprised to see how much better the interior is on a Focus...sadly...I would know this.
  3. My "Miami Side" comes out when that happens and I use the emergency lane to pass, specially on the turnpike. Not uncommon down there, but up here in Orlando i get the "WTF" look, or the blinking headlights after I go back into the lane, then its like "Oh BRAKE CHECK!" and suddenly they knock that off real quick...
  4. And I believe the Corsair isn't coming out in Black Label trim with all those rewarding customer services amenities. It's a shame I did think keeping it around $50K tops would have made it a great seller for it's segment.
  5. At $60K fully loaded, might as well get a Nautilus. And it's not like the power was increased over the current models to justify such a higher price. Should have come in at $51-52K for the sweetspot.
  6. Doesnt matter, we aren't getting it and even if we did some of ya'll would whine about this or that..so its like complaining about camping at a Days Inn, when you know nothing more then a Racetrack or a Wawa gas station. So don't worry too much about it...
  7. Glitchy is an understatement, wow...
  8. Yeah but RMC breaks it down and makes it purdy for us to understand, we are now spoiled...đź’—
  9. Did we miss April sales results though?
  10. Isn't this the Chinese Car company Ford made a JV with in China ? Autoblog