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    2020 Silverado HD

    Reminds me of the Jeep Cherokee...they had so much going on with the headlights it was beyond weird, YET it sold so well they did a makeover and has normal "headlights and grille"...
  2. I have 3 tenants who all bought Ram's, and all of them told me they tried to purchase a Ford and GM and they didn't have the credit score to qualify. FCA has been doing this for quite some time, as VW, Mitsu, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan Etc. Some vehicles sell well because of some positive attributes we can somewhat agree with like Camry/Accord, etc. When you have POS's selling well who do nothing well in their segment, chances are its major rebates or lending to high credit risk borrowers.

    2020 Silverado HD

    Remember this is the company that designed the Pontiac Aztek, and wondered why it bombed...we shouldn't be surprised...

    Ranger sales estimate

    Wrangler Scored a 1 on Euro Crash tests... https://www.autoblog.com/2018/12/05/2018-jeep-wrangler-1-star-europe-ncap-crash-tests/
  5. Suddenly with that screen, and the LCD gauge cluster, the A/C controls look out of place. But they needed to appease the "We need buttons" crowd. Wonder how look before they go onto a screen as well, and be done with it...

    2020 Jeep Gladiator

    This is one of those vehicles that won't sell because it does everything well, but rather I know people who buy certain vehicles because of styling. I have many guy friends who are tired because of the limited choices on "butch" vehicles. Meaning, styled towards guys, not housewives. Time and time again I hear Land Rover, Explorer, Expy, Tahoe maybe a Durango here and there, even the Grand Cherokee has been relegated to a "chicks" vehicle, but the Wrangler is always the default example they use because of its lines. So yes I can see this appealing to the "Anti-chick-suburban-husband is now a wimp because he's married and wife cut his balls off", kinda vehicle. And then the next generation of buyers (kids) saying "Hey look, it looks cool", no matter how unreliable we know it'll be (FCA) but what will resonate is styling.
  7. Honestly whenever someone has an issue with tech I try to think of all the reasons why, the "I dont want big brother to know", "I dont want aliens to control my car", "I dont want my wife to track me", I even spoke about this with a friend last night and I'm still not getting why it would be an issue for someone. I mean, if you want to carry a key in your pocket, I'm sure the traditional way will work. This is just another option. I know my phone is on me all the time, and I don't carry any keys anymore cept my car, so this would make it easier for me. Is it an issue where your "trading cars" with your spouse or something? or is it based on fear, "the boogie man will take my phone and run with my car?" I'm sure for valets a traditional key will also be provided, because I surely don't expect anyone handing over their phone.
  8. And I believe that PaaK is also an option when I looked at the option packages. So if you can't cope with the new tech, just don't option it that way.
  9. Noticed the button the steering wheel at 10 o'clock, wonder what that does. Also 28 speaker Revel Ultima system sounds amazing...
  10. It's frustrating when these "Analysts" want to hear key words. I know in one board meeting of an organization I head, we constantly use "Cuts" , "fiscally responsible", etc cause the audience loves it. And if I'm not getting my way I use the "What about the safety of our children", and no one will argue with that and then just motion to spend even more money than the year before. That's why when Elon Musk made his comment about his stock I'm like "Hmm you can't but by all means, I'm over it too, Go for it!"...
  11. ANTAUS

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Wouldn't it make sense just to keep one mirrior (with all the tech and toys) and just let the "cap" be what you add which would be the body color cap?
  12. I was able to test out a new Ranger at the Central Florida Auto Show. It was "nice", but it was a Lariat version 4x4 which stickers around $35K and just about every panel I touched had hard cheap plastic. I was a bit under whelmed by the interior. The dashboard mounted mirror switches I loathe because I would need to reach out ahead and out of place, to be able to adjust (works better for the vertically challenged)...I did go back and "touch" Tacoma's, Frontiers and Colorado's, actually the Colorado probably has the better interior materials, while the Toyota felt more solid but basic. Otherwise engine compartment looked pretty tiny with the 2.3L in there and doors slammed with a reassuring thunk as well.
  13. ANTAUS

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Hey but we get to see in it's full glory the side mirrors they are saving money on LOL