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  1. 30 OTT 6

    Hackett, the Change Agent

    Drink'n that sweet, sweet cool-aid.
  2. Right. They'll change the bore or stroke of the block and then GM Marketing will claim an "all new" Chevy V8.
  3. 30 OTT 6

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

    I think the notched bumper ends on the GM trucks is a simple idea that does the trick.
  4. It seems to be a problem with the 8 speed units (8L45) that Chevy started using in the Colorado/Canyon in the 2017 model year.
  5. I'm currently in research mode for an upcoming pickup purchase. I haven't test driven anything yet. On the surface, I like the Colorado. I can get it in the configuration I'm looking for (4x2, crewcab, 6' box) and I like the looks, inside and out. However, there are quite a few quality issues with it. The major issue is with the transmission. There are a lot of stories on line about transmission shudders at highway speeds and a lot of return visits to fix the problem. GMs first solution is a transmission flush but it starting to look like the issue is the torque converter. Its funny that the transmission is the GM version of the unit designed in conjunction with Ford. I can't get the Ranger the way I want it so I'm not even going to look at it. I can't get the long box with the crewcab and in Canada they only come with the 4x4 drivetrain. So if I don't go with the Colorado I'll be going with another F-150.
  6. I'm currently looking at pickup trucks. The mid-size trucks have almost the same capabilities as my '97 F-150, so I've been looking at them. Unfortunately, the lack of a long box with the crew cab has knocked the Ranger out of the picture right off the bat. Also, in Canada, you can only get a Ranger with a 4x4 drivetrain, which I don't want or need.
  7. I seem to recall that the tech they were working on involved using gasoline in the direct injection system and ethanol in the port injection system (or the other way around). So it wasn't just dual injection... it was dual fuel system. This was right around the time rumour and speculation were swirling about some Coyote engine. I think the dual fuel engine was "Bobcat" (It was).
  8. 30 OTT 6

    New light & medium duty news

    All that marketing money FoMoCo pumped into NASCAR engine R/D is finally paying off.
  9. 30 OTT 6

    New light & medium duty news

    The optional OHV 7.3L should be a cheaper engine for FoMoCO to build than the standard 6.2L. Are they going to give a discount for optioning the 7.3L? Doubt it!
  10. 30 OTT 6

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    The FR9 block is a good looking lump of iron!
  11. It's a smart strategy to void warranties and associated costs.
  12. A "big surprise" would be an announcement for battery technology that will provide the power density and fast charging to match the standard set by chemical (gas, diesel, etc.) powered vehicles.
  13. Maybe Ford can slot the Bronco into a few Transformers movies before it's released?
  14. Tighter EPA testing procedures may be catching up to GM. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15347001/epa-refines-guidelines-for-fuel-economy-testing-promises-stricter-enforcement/
  15. 30 OTT 6

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    http://www.mustangandfords.com/parts/m5lp-1003-2011-ford-mustang-gt-50-coyote-engine/ The Short-BlockBecause a major mandate of the Coyote program was utilizing Ford's existing V-8 mass-production capabilities, and because 5.0 liters was considered the appropriate displacement, the jumping-off point for the Coyote was the closest existing engine, the Three-Valve 4.6 V-8. Bore spacing is critical in the modular engine family-all modulars use 100mm (3.937-inch) bore spacing-because bore spacing and right bank leading are the major non-adjustable features of Ford's block machining line at the engine plant. In fact, bore spacing is likely the defining characteristic of the modular engines. They got the name "modular" because they were conceived in the '80s as a family of engines the assembly plant would sense as nearly identical and thereby allow rapid flexibility in their production. Thus, a modular could be a V or inline four-, six- or eight-cylinder engine, and any one of those engines could be built on Ford's engine lines with just a few hours of change-over time. In some cases similar engines could be built at the same time on the same line in random order, such as is done with 4.6 and 5.4. Given all that, the new 5.0 was going to have a 100mm bore spacing and claim its place as the newest member of the modular family even though in nearly all other respects it is an all-new engine.