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  1. The recall that was had on Ranger should have never been. It was caught a while ago before they even started selling. But I would rather have a voluntary recall to address it then for it to come back and bite back in a bad way.
  2. Our average has been increasing. There are random issues still showing up from time to time but mainly from suppliers. I need to force myself to look at our final tally more. I think our average is more in line with 450 recently. Es-specially based on my hand pain meter lol.
  3. You guys will get the bulk of Bronco won't ya?
  4. Just depends on how the day goes, We have hit 400 though! LOL Just a lot of gremlins still hanging out there. Some are bigger than others. At least some of the vendors are able to keep us going now. Flex n gate sucks donkey balls. Such a terrible call to give those clowns so much work.
  5. You rang? We are doing 5x10. One single Saturday in Feb. on the 9th is scheduled. We have random saturdays coming. But not as much as you think if the schedule (which can change) stays as it is. 2 in March, April and May each. June, July, August and September look to more busy per the schedule (which again, Can change) if it stays as is.
  6. I had to sit in the back seat of a SC Ranger (for reasons out of my control, ) for 2 hours. I am 6'2" and I can tell you right now. I was comfy as can be. And that was with all season floor mats at my knees in their cardboard shipping. The front seat was set for a driver just around the same height as me. Nobody can tell me its bad back there. NOBODY. Not one reviewer (unless much taller than I am) cannot say anything that will sway my thoughts on it. Oh and Anthony, Did you try it out a stop light while the shifter was a in Sport mode? It is most certainly much quicker in S vs D.
  7. Since we started building. The color blend has been pretty darn even all around. I will say this, There should not be only 1 lone Saber out there. Far from it. It must be selling like hot cakes. Same with the Red.
  8. I heard he came to MAP today.. I seen a group tour head down flat top after last break. I wasn't able to mean ball em' all like I normally do. LOL
  9. So its just about the same as doing a oil change on a 3.0L Ranger. Still sucks lol. I take mine out of the wheel well but the tire does not need to come off. A few tree pins and you see it plain as day. Messy as all hell though.
  10. FLTruck does some really stupid shit on their channel. Base engine vs Base engine should have been the test. But they had to roll with what they had, No matter how STUPID it was. But hey, That lil Ranger didn't get slaughtered now did it. No it sure didn't. And they really didn't even highlight it.
  11. I can agree with this. I rarely use the heated seat in my sho. But that heated wheel with remote start is a beautiful thing! Must haves for me now. Push button start (for the ease of entry also no more clicker to get in), Remote Start and big screen for the backup camera.
  12. Where are you at now Fuzzy to see IP stuff for F150 or Escape? Pilot? I was told Friday there is Bronco tooling already in the wayne plant in crates waiting.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JImNJLjy9E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVye8Lgb2Ms
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