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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    I work on on a feature for CD6 and put my heart and soul into this beast. Aviator is my favorite vehicle lincoln has ever launched and I'm hoping others love it as well
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    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Well, I put a deposit down today for the new Aviator, Black Label Flight Theme in Flight Blue. The salesman told me they’re hoping to be in around the June timeframe. Needless to say, I’m excited!
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    You spelled profit wrong.
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    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    I refuse to believe any new trucks from Ford unless I see a giant powerpoint of a desert scene with only a vehicle name displayed on a giant screen at an auto show 3 years out. 😉
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    If it wasn’t for Ford JLR would have gone bankrupt.
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    Bronco news?

    Aside from the hybrid news Assimilator dropped before vanishing most of this I've been telling you guys for months, but no, don't listen to me!
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    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    As promised:
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    I have them in my Super Duty because we like two kids more than the third... 😄
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    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Navigator, Aviator, Generator
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    I just saw an article on Facebook from car and driver and what irritates me is the top sentence is Lincoln tries again with a Ford Explorer based suv. I don’t see headlines about Lexus being a Toyota based suv or Cadillac being a Chevrolet based suv, or even Audi being a VW based suv. This is the crap that causes good products to be labeled as bad.
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    The same person who told me a year ago in Detroit that suicide doors would show up on Continental (and they did) and that the Mustang platform was made available to Lincoln told me more last week at NAIAS. There will be a coupe and sedan version of the Mustang-derived, rear-drive model. He said NY Auto Show should be very interesting for Lincoln. It may be the debut of a concept or production Corsair or I'm thinking that this new rear-drive model which would replace the MKZ could be the big thing in New York.
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    Oh my - somebody has their panties in a big wad. Notice they never say that the competition was any better in those subjective areas. And the objective data tells a different story. Translation - Ford didn’t want to pony up for the TOTY award.
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    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Ford will be called Mach E... Lincoln will be called Mark E... 😅
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    Seen Any Rangers on the Street?

    Picked mine up on Thursday!
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    Ford builds the hottest factory mustang ever by a wide margin with 700+ hp and you people bitch and complain about it and say Ford doesn’t care about performance. Ridiculous.
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    Time to sprinkle the holy water on Caddy.
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    Autoshow leaks soon?

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    AFAIK (or have heard), design exercises were commissioned to re-envision the Continental more towards its original purpose: A luxurious, powerful mover for a handful of people with loads of style... as well as a "sporting" aspirational product... both to be built off of CD6. I think we'll be seeing the product that the MKT *should* have been with a Continental badge, and an electric "coupe" product that may just take some spotlight away from Elon (and beat Cadillac to the "electric luxury" punch, soundly).
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    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    17+ years and counting (became a garage “queen” 2 years ago).
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    As a brand awareness exercise, which is all this was, it's been about as successful as one could want. It was a gamble - and I'll admit I thought it was ripe for ridicule by the automotive media when announced. The whole campaign was well-executed and it's getting great play outside of auto-specific outlets. Many regular people have been reminded that Lincoln is still around building American luxury cars, and that is something that hasn't been consistently obvious recently. Knowing how conservatively Ford plays their marketing risks (for every initiative outside of F-Series, at least), I applaud them for making this work. I'd wager that the launching of this super low volume product (built by a 3rd party!) priced out similarly to the ground-up creation of a nationwide mixed-media campaign... and they made the right choice. The got many favorable shakes along the way, but you can't buy the type of exposure this has gotten them.
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    Depends how you define success...if by sheer volume then no, but in this instance, it was always about creating a buzz and stirring the emotions of the public who fondly love and admire the 1960’s Continentals. It also signals that Lincoln is willing to be daring and unexpected which again goes a long way in the eye of the press/public. It’s all about building the brand, step by step, in ways unique and applicable to them.
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    Well there you go, exactly what I was hoping would happen between Ford and VW. Ford still has spare capacity at all of its North American plants except for Dearborn and Kentucky Truck. Ford recently cut shifts at Louisville and the long suffering FlatRock plant. Wayne is only running one shift for Ranger and their Mexican facilities are getting some lower volume products like Mach-E, Maverick, and the new compact pickup/utility. Oakville is also running fairly light with only Edge and Nautilus going forward. I have LONG advocated for cooperation with VW, although alliances rarely seem to work out longterm. But if it HAD to happen, Ford and VW are perfect fits. I see less benefit in a shared US alliance, but there is massive synergy in Europe and Ford needs a ton of help in China where VW dominates and Ford is absolutely lost.
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    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Ford is developing a 3rd Pickup to slot below Ranger and it's coming fairly soon. Some details I discovered about it. It's FWD or Full Time AWD with a 2.0L EcoBoost and 2.5L HEV. Trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, FX4 121" Wheelbase, 17s and 18s wheel options, 4-Door only, sliding rear window option with manual or power. It also has a companion SUV. The Codes are P758 (Truck) and CX758 (Utility). The utility is not related to the CX430 which is the Maverick. Production begins at Hermosillo Mid 2021 as a MY 2022 vehicle.