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    My hope is that the regular sedan is Zephyr and the extended wheelbase with coach doors is Continental and both are at Flat Rock with the Mustang.
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    '20 Lincoln Corsair Officially Debuts

    Corsair blows the Cadillac XT4 out of the water just like Aviator sucked all the air out of the room for lame cold pizza XT6. The divergence path of the two American luxury brand is really fascinating.
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    New "Affordable" Nameplate by 2022

    You got it. As excited as I am about a new vehicle, the take-home message from this article is that it took only 12 weeks to make a business case for this vehicle, and to win approval. That's moving at warp speed for a large company, for that matter, any company. This is the fundamental structural change to product development that Hackett's has been talking about. If this is his legacy, it will be a good one.
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    Mazda B pickup and Navajo were “badge jobs” where they took the Ford vehicle and literally changed the badges. Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, etc. When you develop different vehicles on the same platform with different sheet metal, interiors, suspension, wheels, etc. that is NOT a badge job.
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    I agree I’m just trying to figure out why they seem to have such a bias against Lincoln and not other brands that do the same thing.
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    MKZ to be Renamed Zephyr, go RWD

    And build it in Flat Rock
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    Maybe Roush can get 456hp out of the 2.3EB in the Ranger? HRG
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    '20 Lincoln Corsair Officially Debuts

    How do you know the Escape is not a rebranded Corsair?
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    Ranger - there is no competition

    Ford had too much going on at the time they would have needed to engineer a replacement. Meanwhile, most manufacturers thought small cars were the wave of the future, and dedicated money and resources in thier direction. I still see quite a few of the older Rangers around, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the new models on the road.
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    The Ford Mach E (Car and Driver)

    That Bronco one that's been out for a while from BroncoG5.com or whatever it was is remarkably close
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    I am on the brink of getting my 2019 Ranger. It made it through steering wheel supply delays, bed liner spray in back up (everyone wants the cool Ford logo on the back of their cab that you only get from the factory), horrible weather at the plant and on the train trip and is awaiting final transport to the dealership. It’s been a long five months which resulted in connecting with dozens of really good people who shared their knowledge, insights, and thoughts about my new truck. The new Ranger has taught me so much without even sitting in my driveway. I can’t wait for the next Ranger chapter to begin. I’m doing jaw stretches in anticipation of the long lasting smile which will be stuck on my face. I seriously doubt the competition would have the same positive impact as the Ranger.
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    '20 Lincoln Corsair Officially Debuts

    It does Not seem rational to Lincoln to abandon the MKZ, which has good sales until today despite the age of the project. Keeping a sedan within the FoMoCo group would be an interesting strategy in the US and China likes sedans
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    '20 Lincoln Corsair Officially Debuts

    1. A BEV, developed and released parallel with the Ford Mach E (or whatever they are calling it these days). This might be out next year, so a fall 2019/very early 2020 reveal is likely. 2. There was talk as well about a subcompact crossover slotting in below the Corsair, though this might be China only. Some kind of 2020 announcement likely if it comes to North America. 3. Lincoln needs to decide what to do with its sedans. I expect they will come up with one or two products to fill their space, but no one really knows what that will be -- or when. 4. And then, of course, in probably 2021 an announcement on the Nautilus redesign. Might be a 2022 model year released late 2021. -------------- That's my guess.
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    '20 Lincoln Corsair Officially Debuts

    What was that quote from the Caddy/GM guy about Lincoln a few years ago?
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    I agree. This is the strongest lineup Lincoln has had in my lifetime.
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    This is arguably the best-executed Lincoln vehicle relative to its competition in decades, closely matched Aviator and Navigator. This team is focused, funded, and firing on all cylinders. Enjoy the ride, boys.
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    They never refer to the Audi Q3 as "Tiguan-based". It's a total double standard and it gets very tiring.
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    Not at all. It's the desire to make sure that sold vehicles are shipped as soon as they are built and that they are of the highest quality. Early builds have problems. They build them and inspect them and they keep building them until they go 5 consecutive days with no problems. At that point they give the OK to buy and start shipping straight off the assembly line. Then they have to go back and reinspect and repair all the previously built vehicles. Sometimes these early builds can sit at the factory for a few weeks before shipping. It's possible that an early build arrives at the dealer before a retail (sold) order but it's also possible that it arrives weeks later. It's just safer to wait on all counts.
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    2020 Explorer, sync 4?

    I sat in one about a month ago, and I checked the software level. I believe it was version 3.4
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    The Grand Tour

    The show is not ending. They are just going to no longer do the studio audience, test track, and conversation street. It will be all "specials" and adventures and documentaries.