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    He can't help it. He has a very specific requirement that doesn't fit Lincoln's vision, therefore it's a failure.
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    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    screw that...if Im spending 100k on on a car Im contacting Earl Schibe.
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    LOL You miss the important part: 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque This isn't a hybrid for gas mileage-its for adding power If your trying to compare a minivan to a luxury CUV...well you'll have problems. The Pacifica starts at 40K or so, the Aviator GT is nearly 20K higher then that.
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    The world of facts may not be as you see them. I'm sure if your vision was achievable, they would have done it. But lets say they could have made your day, maybe they are budgeting their credits. GM and Tesla are in phase out. In a business case, it is more important to sell more vehicles than keep a few customers happy. You will see lots of moaning also as the GT's won't be any where close to easy to get. A loaded GT and a loaded Reserve are only separated by $1600 after tax rebates. Watch for the dreaded ADM when dealers realize these are hard to get. Other factors could be weight which effects towing and fuel economy, there has to be a balance and you have to sandbag a new model for competition sake. They also could be keeping a price point gap between it and the Gator. Unless you wear a suit and tie at the Glass House everyday and have a private office, you can only guess why they did what they did.
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    Aviator For the Weekend

    I could not get the stills to upload, so I put them in an iTunes movie and loaded to you tube. Just hit pause to take a longer look.
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    https://www.tflcar.com/2019/08/yes-the-2020-lincoln-aviator-hybrid-has-nearly-500-horsepower-and-more-torque-than-the-new-corvette-stingray/ The Aviator GT might only go 18 miles on just the battery, but it has more power than the new mid engine Corvette Stingray... and it cant even get out of the garage on just the battery!!!
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    Damn Ford for not making the Aviator exactly to MY specifications! Hey man, Homer Simpson has the car you are looking for. It's everything to everyone!
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    2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek

    You mean you didn't find the sound of a stationary, relatively quiet, V6 diesel revving to 3k RPM to be stimulating? Yeah, me neither.
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    The 50 km doesn't matter in the US or Europe, it only matters on the export version sent to China. To me the hybrid is just a small bonus. I drove the regular for an entire weekend on all types of roads. It blew my wives Q5 Quattro away by a very large gap IMO. It cost 10K more, and the features and ride in the Aviator was well worth it. When I jumped back in my F-150 contour seats, I almost thought they changed them with the oil, the difference was that pronounced. THe tax rebate will be 6K or 6.1K depending on how the IRS does the decimal rounding. The difference in price between a loaded GT and a loaded regular after the rebate is $2,125. The GT is a no brainer for the better gas mileage and fast fun factor. 20-25 or 30 Miles in EV does not matter to me. If it mattered, I'd wait a year or two.
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    Here's a thought...let your wife drive it and see if she likes it. If she does, buy the damn thing for her. If not, move on to something else.
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    Ford will have a green option. It’s called the Mach-E and I’m sure Lincoln will get its own variant too.
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    Says you? Quit whining and enjoy the power. This is a joyous occasion. Lincoln is officially at the adult table now.
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    Based on the following article, We don’t know the all-electric range yet, but Lincoln did tell us the size of the battery pack and the electric motor’s output. Aviator PHEVs will be working with a 13.6 kWh battery pack and a 101-horsepower electric motor. With this amount of power, something in the 4- to 5-second range seems likely for a 0-60 mph time. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/12/lincoln-aviator-official-specs-more-power/?yptr=yahoo
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    No one is doubting that part...just don't expect it to show in from the factory in any Ford cars....
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    New light & medium duty news

    I think that would be safe to say.......
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    The problem is that you didn’t just say “it doesn’t meet my requirements” - you said it was a failure and that’s a ridiculous statement.
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    And how many manufacturers paid other manufacturers for the unleaded fuel neck design back in the 70's? Answer; none. Elon wants to control fuel delivery plain and simple so that he can "enhance investor value" of Tesla to drive up the stock price. His design is nice, but by no means should other manufacturers be held hostage to a design that is only designed to fatten his wallet. Hard pass.
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    New light & medium duty news

    I'd wager that Roush was involved in the design process.
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    Ford engineer and manager visit woman in Detroit News Story to fix her Fiesta https://amp.freep.com/amp/1945995001
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    To Ifeg Your not the only old guy here! I’m 70 years old and worked at Ford Engine division between 1968 and 1975 first as a test car driver and later as a product development engineer in fuel systems. The discussion is interesting about the new 7.3 V8. With enough money, you can do almost anything but you must make a profit when your done or you will be done in by the market! I do remember the 1968 thunderbird 429 as the first application of the 385 series. It was not any faster than the 428 but used more gas! The absolute best street engine in that time was the 428 cobra jet. It could burn rubber from 0 all the way up to 113 mph. The 460 never did anything but move very large cars and motor homes. Volume on F250/350 was very low. From what I remember the Chevy 348 was designed as a truck engine. It became the 409 which always beat our 406 FE V8 on the street. So a truck engine can become a performance engine with the right cam, cylinder heads and fuel system. The 6.2 can be bored and stroked to 7.0 liters. putting displacement on demand on it is more costly to do than on a push rod engine like the 7.3. edselford
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    2-door Bronco pickup under a blanket. A nearly identical one of these was in my local Menard's parking lot earlier this week when I stopped there,,,,, HRG
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    Continental Delivery Delayed

    It was worth the wait... arrived Monday.
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    Everything you said I just said. I'll agree to disagree in that it is still a marketing ploy/gimmick.