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    Charges for test drive damage

    Finally resolved. No charge for the radiator work. I went in this morning, asked for the general manager, got his assistant to whom I described the situation. I waited in the showroom and the GM came down after about 5 minutes, said my truck was ready to go and there was no charge for the radiator. He also warned me there are rocks all over the frame and it will happen again. I suppressed the eye roll reflex but will look things over underneath to be sure. The only debris near the engine bay was a thin layer of dirt on the suspension wishbones. There is a frame cross member below the radiator but a rock would have to levitate nearly a foot to reach the fan, which would have kicked it back toward the engine anyway. I paid for the service I ordered, and drove away from Fritts Ford for the final time. There are other places in the area to get service if the need arises on a future visit. FWIW, since I never authorized the radiator work that was already completed, it seems they knew they were on the hook for it. Their various offers were just attempts to get me to OK the work so they could bill me for something that was their responsibility. I understand mistakes happen, but a conscientious business person seeks to proactively make things right for the customer when it does. Instead, Fritts Ford seemed to treat their mistake as an opportunity to make more money. If I was the typical out-of-state traveller in a hurry to get somewhere else, it might have worked. Thank you all for you feedback and support. Mom is stable for now, but her long-term prognosis isn't great. She beat terminal cancer 21 years ago but her body took a beating in the process. I've learned to not count her out, however. She's a feisty Irish/Sicilian fire cracker.
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    Gotta give credit where it is due. If it weren't for old tubby over at Dodge, I don't think we would be seeing 700+ hp from this. They made 700+ the new bar.
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    The all-new 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 will produce 760 horsepower and 625 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful street-legal Ford ever. View the full article
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    Will be interesting to see if they have done anything on this engine to address the oil pump gear issue.
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    760 isn't bad. I just want to see these on the road and track, as they look and sound mean.
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    Status of my Mustang GT

    Excellent, thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad it made it all that way with no trouble. Looks awesome!
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    Status of my Mustang GT

    Hello Cyberman, finally the pony has arrived at my place. Thanks again for your support. greetings from Germany Udo
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    2020 Explorer Reviews

    Except the Base Explorer is Fleet Only!
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    We gotta go 100% Aloominum body......heh heh, that'll fix Chebby
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    Clay Bar Recommendations

    Well played 😂
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    GM Considering electric Hummer

    Who asked for this? A real Hummer, maybe could be cool.... but why electric? Seems like a lot of other GM vehicles would bennifit from electrification before building some kind of niche electric tank.
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    GM Considering electric Hummer

    Slightly on topic..on the way home from work, I saw a Wrangler with a "Hummer Recovery Unit" spare tire cover.
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    Was on my Goldwing Sunday morning when some jackass from Texas tried to do a left hand turn in front of me. Hope he found which way was south and went home.
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    30 OTT 6 said the last digit might be a 9 not the middle digit.
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    GM should really drop GMC and Buick and put all that money into making Chevrolet better.
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    Remember when Ford dropped out of first place when they switched over the plants for the new aluminum bodies?? Oh, yeah...thats right, they didn't....
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    Yes, just like Ford truck buyers since 1997.
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    FFS YOU NEED FUSES NEAR THE BATTERY TOO! Unless you like electrical fires.
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    Gosh, I remember Sheriff. That was a looooooooooooooong time ago. I follow Richard Jensen on Twitter (though he mostly just posts about sports as he is a writer for a blog or something I think). We got into it a couple times, but I really respect him. He backs up any argument he had with solid facts. I miss him!
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    GM Considering electric Hummer

    Man I love it when the headlines write themselves LOL Electric Hummer 😮 😛
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    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    I could imagine that the upgraded seats are already an extra 100 lbs. - if not more...
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    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    It seems like a pretty specific number. It had to be published somewhere before. I don't recall seeing it myself but I'll admit I haven't been paying too much attention either. It's not something that's in my wheelhouse of interest.
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    I am lurking all over, waiting for the first reviews. If the reviewers love it, then the threads at that other place will be massively entertaining................ and a certain .bott should get perma banned.
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    Autoblog’s Midsized Truck shootout

    I love the ride in my Ranger. There's really nothing much I don't love about it. It really is a perfect blend of power, utility, comfort and style. (Granted style is subjective, but I dig it and that's all that matter to me!).