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    Adventurer wouldn't be a bad trim name, but Bronco Sport Adventurer Ecoboost or Hybrid might be a bit much to fit on the tail gate LOL
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    The seat complaint is silly. My Lincoln dealer, that is one of the largest in the US, has to order everything they can with the 30-way seats. Once they came out, they can hardly sell a Lincoln without it (in the trims that it is available in). Seats that have a lot of adjustment take time to find what works best for you. Unless you have the car for a couple of weeks, you may not get it dialed into your preferences.
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    Ford Authority is now reporting that the baby Bronco could be named Bronco Sport. I like Scout but anything is better than Adventurer. http://fordauthority.com/2019/08/baby-ford-bronco-may-not-called-adventurer/
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    If the suspension "hard points" are the same on the chassis architecture, then you can spec up an SLA suspension for your upscale products while keeping costs in check for the rest of the vehicles that share that architecture by spec'ing up a lower cost, but effective McStrut suspension for the lower end of the line. It gives differentiation so that we no longer have to deal with "tarted up" Fords when we want a Lincoln.
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    I drove a Loaded Reserve today. Amazing. Can’t wait to drive GT BL. As for people from other brands buying it. It’s going to conquest so many BMW’s and MB it will make your heads spin. The details and the way it drives and rides with the dynamic suspension....well it was amazing. After 17 Range Rovers and Jags our next car is a GT BL.
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    The problem is that you didn’t just say “it doesn’t meet my requirements” - you said it was a failure and that’s a ridiculous statement.
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    The world of facts may not be as you see them. I'm sure if your vision was achievable, they would have done it. But lets say they could have made your day, maybe they are budgeting their credits. GM and Tesla are in phase out. In a business case, it is more important to sell more vehicles than keep a few customers happy. You will see lots of moaning also as the GT's won't be any where close to easy to get. A loaded GT and a loaded Reserve are only separated by $1600 after tax rebates. Watch for the dreaded ADM when dealers realize these are hard to get. Other factors could be weight which effects towing and fuel economy, there has to be a balance and you have to sandbag a new model for competition sake. They also could be keeping a price point gap between it and the Gator. Unless you wear a suit and tie at the Glass House everyday and have a private office, you can only guess why they did what they did.
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    it's Chicago, a 95 yr old plant. Some rocket scientist thought is was a good idea to retool and launch here. Even the handful that make it through final get stolen off the lot before transported to dealers, 15 this week.