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    Oh here is the truck... 😊
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    I just picked up my new Ranger yesterday. I LOVE it! It is my favorite vehicle I’ve ever purchased and I’ve only had it a day. Anyhow it is a 302A XLT without the tech package, but I have factory nav! I’m not sure how this mis-build happened, but I have a theory. When I was looking to order a Ranger in January to replace my leased F150 I sat down with a salesman and we spec’ed out a Ranger. He called me the next day and said they already had a dealer order in for an XLT 302A in magnetic with the FX4 package. They could still modify the order so he changed the ebony interior to medium stone, added a block heater, added the rubber floor tray liners and deleted the tech package with adaptive cruise and factory navigation. Anyhow when the window sticker showed up there was no tech package on it, but it still had nav listed as part of the Sync 3 system. I thought it must just be a misprint. You can’t get nav without the tech package. Somehow the nav remained on the build even though the package and adaptive cruise was deleted. It’s a rare one with standard cruise and factory nav. The unicorn of 2019! 😀 Anyhow I was very vocal about Ford not originally bringing the T6 Ranger to the US so I put my money where my mouth is. Love the truck! Thanks to everyone who took part in building it! BTW I have attached the picture where you can see the standard cruise controls and the factory nav pulled up. Go try to build one like that... bet you can’t!😁
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    If it is on the build sticker it is tied to the VIN so shouldn't have any update issues, it shows the vehicle as having navigation. The dealer probably deleted the Tech package option code and deleted the option code for the Adaptive cruise and didn't delete the option code for the Nav, which should have thrown an error, so it is either a issue with the system, or someone at Ford over ruled the error when the dealer was trying to change it and pushed it into the system. I remember when Ford had the B-lot there used to be some really weird optioned cars on it because people would over rule the ordering requirements and get different interiors and options on vehicles trim lines. I know they are rolling out a new ordering system to try and speed custom orders so that is also how the error could have occurred.
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    Because if they have excess plant capacity then Focus or Fusion would be far more profitable than a cheap Escort.
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    Wayne Assembly

    God I hope not. That would be the most redundant thing Ford would have done in the last 30 years.
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    My understanding is you need to replace the APIM with the Nav version and then you can activate it via forscam. Not sure if the GPS antenna is included in all vehicles or needs to be added but it wasn't as hard as one thought.
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    The navigation in my 2017 Super Duty was outdated when I drove it off the lot, so I just use Waze/Apple Maps. Waze through Sync 3 is actually pretty sweet.
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    Thanks akirby! That makes the "free nav" upgrade on 2005Explorer's Ranger especially nice. No big deal for the Ranger I ordered, Sync 3's Android Auto capability is plenty good for me.
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    There are no SD cards with sync 3 - it's all built in. There is no official Nav upgrade but lots of folks have done it using Forscan or using 3rd parties. But no it's not a simple upgrade.
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    They could if they want to sell twice as many, but lose money on every single one! A 60K Corvette will be harder to find than a 35K Tesla Model 3.
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    They'll bring over the Euro Focus before the Chinese Escort
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    When you said rare, I thought manual transmission.
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    Love it!
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    They aren't using those engines in China and any new product would need to be certified anyways with the EPA. Its simple-Ford makes $$$ on the Escape vs the Focus because the Escape is nearly 6K more then the Focus before any discounts. Just because they are on the same platform doesn't mean they are both profitable.
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    2019 Ford Ranger Track

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
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    +1 for gaming the system 👌
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    My new Ranger is a Very Rare One!

    That's a nice looking unicorn! Congrats!
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    Wow! That's a nice looking truck. Glad you got it and like it. Interesting about the rare navigation system and standard cruise control.
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    You’re talking to a guy who insists a mustang sub brand is a thing despite everyone telling him otherwise. You might as well talk to a wall.
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    Never going to happen; not at all the place Ford wants to be positioned in the US market. Not to mention the money that it would be needed to modify structure for US Crash and Bumper requirements. The US/Canadian market do buy plenty of expensive compact cars, its just the fact that Ford didn't do anything to the Focus after the launch to fix the disaster transmission that sank the car here. Honda has sold tons on Civic Touring from the 2016 and the new Corolla is actually a pretty nice car. Ironic the Corolla now uses an independent rear suspension and the Focus is now Torsen beam.
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    That's good that a rwd hatch will replace Fusion/Taurus. What's missing is the compact car side of things. I wouldn't bet against a Mexican-made "Chinese" Escort being offered here since it's a decontented Foucs, TC and "Focus pickup" will be made there and US buyers proved they won't buy an expensive compact but it's detrimental not to offer one against the Asians. If Ford pulls the trigger don't be surprised GM and FCA respond with Mexican Cavalier and Neon.
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    I’m not sure about that, it doesn’t have the Chinese grille. It looks exactly like the st line they showed for Europe.
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    If they did then they open themselves up to litigation should something happen. Don’t blame Ford, blame the lawyers.