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    the answer is so obvious,,,,, HRG
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Is it REALLY that hard for Ford to just fucking build what somebody wants? I understand needing certain preset packages for dealer lot vehicles, but if somebody is custom ordering a vehicle... just bloody make the damn vehicle they want! It can't be that hard to read down an option list and build the car accordingly. "Oh hey, this guy wants plain black mirrors on his Premium LTZ Deluxe Sport, that's cool, hey jimmy go get some black mirrors from the back!"
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Yeah that is odd. I still maintain that a sunroof should always ALWAYS be a standalone option.
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    May 6th they start building.
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    I sent that press photo to my buddy who works at FRAP. He an I came to the same conclusion, they darkened the press photo for some reason.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Thats the problem-it is, once you start offering different options, the builds become expeditionary more "complicated". There is no reason to offer special build packages like this if 1-5% of the market demands it. To the best of my knowledge, Japanese makes don't get grief over their build options, which are limited like this. The Explorer could use some more tweaking for some things that have been already pointed out-there really isn't a reason why a sunroof should be part of a $7K upcharge on the XLT.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Good idea although I really don't understand Ford's reasoning on this. Why would they give no third row option on the more "utilitarian" vehicle?
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    Because GM and Jaguar never do anything wrong.
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    Cmax Oil Change

    I always set to plackard. I'm fairly sure it's 38 on mine too.
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    Fall of 2020????? 18 months away? Did they hire the Bronco marketing team?