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    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Well, I put a deposit down today for the new Aviator, Black Label Flight Theme in Flight Blue. The salesman told me they’re hoping to be in around the June timeframe. Needless to say, I’m excited!
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    Part of it is that they are locals and a lot of sales preference goes to VW group, Peugeot ect...remember that Ford is still an outsider in Europe. Like the US, Ford has been caught in a huge shift away from cars to utilities and Ford Europe's sales are heavily skewed to Fiesta and Focus. And FYI, Ford Europe's profits helped to carry Ford NA when it was in the shitter 12 years ago
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    S550? I don't believe so. If anything S550 is more closely related to CD4 than S197 simply because they share wiring harnesses and the IRS in the Mustang is very similar to the rear axle in the AWD Fusion/Edge/Continental, despite the fact that until the Lincoln came along, FRAP didn't build AWD cars. Not sure if I said this before but because of the similarities between CD4 and S550, I believe that CD4 and CD6 are more closely related than we are being lead to believe by Ford. Remember at one time it was leaked that CD6 was supposed to be more modular and capable of both FWD/AWD and RWD/AWD but over the last 2 years the scope of the program changed and I think that (and I remember akirby stating this to be his opinion too) C2 is really just the FWD version of CD6 and at some point the 2 were branches off into separate platforms. I'll be curious to see how many modules, harness and chassis parts are shared among all of the C2 and CD6 vehicles in 3-5 years, especially since we recently learned that the next generation T6 is being folded into the F-150 program which tells me they are serious about more modular "architectures" as they call them.
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    Another thing to consider about platform consolation-the Mustang might not move to a CD6 platform per say, but might become a branch of it. I have a feeling that the next gen model will be a major refresh to allow electrification (PHEV/PHEV models), but the bones will still be S197 based like the current S550 is. Further more, suspension components, switch gear, wiring harnesses and other major end items like powertrains (engine/transmissions) will be shared with the CD6 platform. from what I understand, one of the major changes with the S550 was it shared harnesses another things with the CD4 platform, which was one of the big changes outside of the IRS being added. Its sorta like the upcoming T3 platform that is supposed to underpin everything from the Ranger/Bronco/F-series/Expedition going forward-they all won't have the same frame, but they'll share alot of major end items. With the Explorer moving to RWD configuration-it opens up sharing engines with the F-150 and other BOF trucks (with in engine compartment limitations) which helps with costs of developing engines/power trains.
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    https://leftlanenews.com/ford/mustang/2021-ford-mustang-hybrid-to-land-with-v8-power/ “Website AutoGuide uncovered the patent filing. It was filed by Ford in July 2017 but not published until January 2019. The filing outlines a "twin motor drive system for hybrid vehicle" made up of an internal combustion engine that spins the rear wheels, and a pair of electric motors each powering one of the front wheels via a reduction gearbox. This setup gives the Mustang all-wheel drive, a first in the nameplate's decades-long history.”
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    Not a bad set of countries if one considers global GDP
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    Good to hear some S650/NG Mustang news at last! With regards timescales, last I heard it was going to be a '23MY, anyone know if this is still the case?
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    Going over numbers now! I’ll share my impressions a bit later today when I get home.
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    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I look at it as a deposit to ensure you get first chance at the vehicle when it arrives.
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    His desire to keep things as close to the story as he could, barring that stupid family drama part of the movie. The guy the movie is based on drove a Mark LT
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    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    It’s interesting that some dealers make you put a deposit down on an order. I have never had to do that. I can understand if it was a unusual color or configuration, but for a normal desirable vehicle it doesn’t make sense to me. They should pay you interest in your money. Nevertheless, congrats on the new pending vehicle. That is exciting.
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    I'm glad that Ford took the time to develop new RWD architecture the right way, how ironic that GM's RWD Alpha and Omega platforms can't sire a Utility
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    Oh trust me, I know. They stopped selling the LC200 in Europe a couple years ago. With diesel's starting to lose favor in Europe, selling the Explorer Hybrid alone would make sense. Lexus has been doing an exclusive hybrid lineup in Europe for years. But Everest makes more sense logistically. They already have the import channels from South Africa established. Little need to change much for EU spec since the Ranger already does that. Also, from a dealer level, service centers already know how to work on the T6.
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    Got this year's x-plan pin yesterday. Going to test drive a Crew Cab XLT FX4 with 302A, Sport and Trailer Tow package either tomorrow or Tuesday.
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    Correct. it's got nothing to do with USA, that market is highly profitable, a dead set money earner that is being improved, what about everywhere else. akirby, I agree with your estimate on replacement revenue being much better and Ranger being the perfect offset or replacement for low end F150 incentives. Again, the US market is just a massive cash cow, the rest of the world is where big changes are needed and Hackett needs to man up and own them. In Europe and ROW, there's basically $40 billion revenue that's frankly not producing any nett income, something he needs to address. There's an April event for Ford Europe, that would be perfect for Hackett to reveal his road map to salvation for Europe and global operations. Everything ROW stems from European vehicles, if they are faltering or not working, then the ROW will equally falter. Fix one and you fix the other.
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    I think he's alluding to the fact that for decades now, Ford has had no idea what to do with any market outside of North America and by all indications that isn't changing any time soon.
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    I'm pretty sure this one is Pristine White:
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    2020 GMC Sierra HD teased

    I hope Sintercast is paying you extra for all this advertising.
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    2021Mustang Hybrid to have AWD, V8?

    We’ve been speculating about this for at least a couple of years so I wouldn’t be surprised.
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    last date able to order

    Hi U251. Balanced out essentially means the model years production schedule/scheduling is finished. If you want a new Taurus of any kind, you will need to find one which is or will be in Dealer stock. On a side note...just to avoid any confusion: Although it is a moot point here, there is no "special handling" to get a vehicle with or without a moonroof (or any other option). What is in the Order Guide is all there is as far as standard features, options and option package choices. It is as simple as can it be ordered that way or not. So if a Limited comes standard with a moonroof, you can't get it without a moonroof (random example). I had that situation when I ordered my 2018 Lincoln MKZ. I wanted the Black Label trim level, but to get the engine, options and option packages I wanted, it came packaged with the moonroof. My only choice would be to eliminate the option package that included the moonroof, or keep the option package and have a moonroof. If I recall correctly, it was the Luxury Package that forced me to have the moonroof for the other features. So I went with the Reserve trim level instead, since I could get everything I absolutely wanted, minus the moonroof. I did have to lose a few of the Black Label niceties, but got all the important features I wanted. In my case, no t being forced to have a moonroof was more important than the minor Black Label only features I lost. And Lincoln lost a Black Label sale along with the higher profit. Enough about me...let's talk about you again...LOL: So there is no "special handling" to get things which are not available in the Order Guide for a vehicle. That goes for the Taurus SHO, Taurus and all other Ford vehicles. Just do not want you or anyone else to think they can go to a Dealership and order something "special", which is not available in the Order Guide. In this case, if a Taurus SHO with the options and option package you wanted came with a moonroof, there would be no "special handling" to order one without a moonroof. Hope my explanation about "special handling" is clear and understandable. Good luck with your quest.
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    The sooner they separate Ford and Lincoln dealerships the better IMO. A lot of them have no idea how to sell a luxury car and have been in business so long they have no desire to learn.
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    "Most Reliable" ad pulled

    Sorry but it's not that difficult to change the TV spots in a schedule. It's a matter of the agency placing the schedule to change the insertion order. The spots may be placed by different agencies depending on the distribution... national, regional, etc. It depends on the client communicating with their agency and the agency then making the changes with the cable or broadcast company. The broadcaster (Network, Cable Operator, TV Station, etc.) then makes the changes and generates the revised insertion order, etc. Then it's up to the advertiser or agency to review and verify that the changes are correct.
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    last date able to order

    The order bank closed already. If you want one you have to find one on a lot. shame on the dealers for not knowing that
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    Finding a Competent Dealer

    That just means they don't give you as big of a discount on the price. If they're only getting $300 then they're making up the other $2200 somewhere.
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    Finding a Competent Dealer

    Best to get some word of mouth opinions from friends and family if possible. There is no way to tell if they'll be good or bad. My previous dealer (6 vehicles) was a mom and pop operation owned by one family. I had a good salesman but I was using X plan so never had to negotiate on price, but they always lowballed my trade-in. Had two bad service experiences - one where I had to contact the owner. Now he made sure it got fixed correctly but I should not have had to contact him in the first place over a simple repair. Bought the MKX from another dealership - corporate owned but not a big chain. No problems. Fair price on the trade-in (2012 Focus) and excellent service. Bought my F150 from a different smaller mom and pop Ford only place about 30 minutes away because they had the truck I wanted in stock. They gave me what I asked on my trade-in and the price of the truck was the same as all the other dealers. In and out including 2 test drives in 2 hours. Could not have been a better experience. Did not use their service department. Since we moved I haven't needed service but I'll give the local Ford dealer a chance. They have a good reputation.