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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Jesus Farley....did you practice at all? Anyway, a technically clever presentation, loved that part of it. The Explorer looks great to me, but people aren't going to universally love that front-end like they did the last model. The interior looks strange in general have to admit, but the 12" IP is a surprise to me. The pod mounted vertical screen high on the dashboard is not...great. It's still a small screen awkward placed.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

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    2020 Ford Explorer

    This is pretty cool photo
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    I have a bad feeling about this. Very bad.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Fuck that is impressive...it was 15 years ago that was hot shit in the form of the 4.6L V8 in the Mustang GT! I bet it gets close 28 MPG or better too
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    I'm guessing this alliance will look similar to Nissan-Renault but without the cross shareholding or Carlos Ghosn's luxury apartments and sketchy tax returns. So lots of joint development of platforms and powertrain, some sharing of manufacturing, lots of beating up on suppliers, and some rebadges of fringe segments in markets that one or the other is particularly weak.
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    I'd rather you stay employed than someone in Europe.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Personally, I do not like having to use a screen to change the radio or for a/c. It ticks me off having to look to see where I am touching on the screen.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Ford's vertical screen doesn't replace the physical buttons like the other larger vertical screens better integrated into the dashboards (Volvo XC90, RAM, Tesla). This makes Ford's approach very different.
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    I can't see this as a good thing. Ford has been struggling with quality lately and aligning with VW is definitely NOT going to help that.
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Exterior size stays the same at 199" but wheelbase is almost 7" longer
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    Does anyone know if this multimedia is already Sync 4?
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    I’ve got no problem with it, as long as the Ford family still controls Ford. As well as them being able to pull out if it doesn’t make sense at some point in the future.
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    Ford stock up over 4% today just on the rumor of a VW collaboration. Seriously, if you are an investor, buy some Ford stock.
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    That's what will keep your paycheck coming when a recession hits.
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    Profit margins. That's literally the only answer given the decisions made recently.
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    Still not a huge fan of potentially building Volkswagens, and I know I'm not the only one....
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    CON!!!!!! CON!!!!!!

    Hmmm mighty quite on the cooperate with the prosecuting attorney front.... wonder if we will make it through these negotiations without some groomed individual taking a trip to a federal day care center??? ORRR maybe Big Jimmy can take time off from his political career to tell us (spray it) you`s should bees thankful you`s even have a job.... speech, that always works
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    I got an early out at work so I was home anyway getting the nursery ready for number 2.
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    It's worth listening to at least once.
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    2019 Mustang CS/GT Ordered

    Thank you for helping track our new ride!!!! You're appreciated!!!!
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    Version 06/01/2018


    2018 Transit Order Guide
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    Version 12/04/2017


    2018 F-Series Super Duty Order Guide Supplemental Reference
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    Version 01/02/2018


    2018 Super Duty Pickup Order Guide