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    Well it's a 49, 50, 51, 52.... One of my favorites!
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    Did you know Johnny Cash?
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    Fuzzy will need to be patient if he plans on taking out all the pieces one at a time....and will need a big lunch box and a friend with a mobile home. 😃
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    I sure that you ment 1986 Taurus
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    2019 Mustang CS/GT Ordered

    Thank you for helping track our new ride!!!! You're appreciated!!!!
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    Yet again a manufactured crisis to boost web views on a website....
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    Ford Motor Company Yearly Sales Figures: 1998 - 2018 (totals include all divisions of Ford Motor Co., and all products: cars/trucks). 1998: 3,922,604 1999: 4,163,369 2000: 4,202,820 2001: 3,971,364 2002: 3,622,709 2003: 3,483,719 2004: 3,331,676 2005: 3,168,156 2006: 2,918,674 2007: 2,507,366 2008: 1,988,376 2009: 1,620,888 2010: 1,935,462 2011: 2,148,806 2012: 2,250,165 2013: 2,493,918 2014: 2,480,942 2015: 2,613,162 2016: 2,614,697 2017: 2,586,715 2018: 2,497,318
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    Damn have to wait until tonight? I was hoping the press event would take place in the am. Still, I'm excited for the reveal!
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    I don't know where a livestream will be for sure. Check facebook to start, that's been a popular place for them them the last few years Event starts at 7. I would be there in person if I didn't have to work tonight.
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    Anyone know when we will start to get the information? Is there a live feed for the reveal? What time does it start?
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    Man, I wish all you old fuckers would retire already 😂 Just kidding, you’re the man Decker
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    I wish they would change the name EcoSport is a stupid name
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    Oh god is this their Kind of like The Thing, when it ate and became the dog. 🤮
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    They should but it doesn't always mean it happens. There are companies that piece all of this data together and they know everything about you. They do know who you are too! Especially with all the hacks of records, your phone number is tied to a name, which is tied to an address, which has an internet SP, which has all of your dns entries, so on and so fourth. Add to it that Equifax hack which was the worst hack ever but they brushed it underneath the rug like it wasn't that big but really it was everyone in their database. My biggest fear is what happens if this gets into the wrong hands? Black mail, extortion those sort of things. Putting away my tinfoil hat for now.
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    New light & medium duty news

    I think the cab issue is kind of a side show. Isn't the problem with E-series that the chassis can't accept a larger engine/transmission package? And the fact that Ford is so beholden to the aftermarket upfitters that it does what its customers want (which is nothing)? Right now ford has 3 medium duty platforms while most competitors have 1 or 2. Causal observers and armchair CEOs like us can see that there is opportunity to consolidate your position through economy of scale. But Ford has other considerations... 1. Does its customers really want changes? Remember, who buys the bulk of E-series... it's not the retail customers. Not even fleet managers. Most E-series are ordered by upfitters. 2. The larger F-650 and 750 chassis and cab doesn't have a lot of commonality with F-450 and 550 but does Ford really want to invest in a new chassis that works across the board when its F-650 strategy is a value play? It is the low cost option in the class 6 market so keeping cost low is the first priority. 3. Don't forget the stripped chassis business. Ford sells vast majority of stripped chassis in the US. Ford offers two main family of stripped chassis and one share a large amount of commonality with E-series and the other with F-650 chassis. Stripped chassis are also ordered by upfitters... do these customers want changes? So thinking about all these factors, I believe Ford will just keep doing minor updates to E-series and F-650. The only missing link here is a suitable diesel for E-series... but sales may not be enough to justify the investment to engineer the 3.0 V6 diesel in there.
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    So I got a call back from a rep at Michelin. He made the following points, which I’ll post here in order of usefulness to me: Michelin has a money back gurantee. If you don’t like the tires they’ll take them back at full price within (30 I think) days — INCLUDING THE MOUNTING AND BALANCING COSTS. The Defender LTX M/S is designed for SUV and Crossover applications, so it isn’t too radical a departure and for the area I live and for driving I do is definitely a recommended choice. He does not recommend, for example, the Premier A/S even though that is usually a top choice. His personal experience is that he doesn’t see noise complaints with thar Defender LTX, though it will likely be a bit more noise than the OEM, it shouldn’t be too noticeable... however... Michelin does do noise testing across its tire line, however as there is no industry standard for how they test or how the measure and report the result, they do not make that data public. for me, point 1 closes the deal. I’ll give tbose a try in a few weeks and take a long drive up to the northern end of I-95 so I can measure both milesge and noise subjectively. It will be a few weeks, but I’ll write up what I find.
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    I was able to get the attention of a Michelin marketing type via Twitter, and apparently they're going to have a "senior representative" contact me about my technical questions. I'll let you all know what they say.
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    All that damn noise for nothing. 😑 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/300071/ford-ranger-oil-change/amp/
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    GM Sales number December and 2018

    Not done completely but the bulk of the platform development and testing will be done and that's the part that requires a lot of resources. Ongoing improvements would be relatively small and probably mostly battery improvements.
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    GM Sales number December and 2018

    I still feel like Ford is backwards in their thinking... How about aiming to sell MORE cars for MORE money each? That seems like a much more ambitious and worthy goal than "We'll just make less and charge more". At some point, you need to chase new customers. Not rely on repeat buyers forever. (An unsustainable strategy when you start cutting costs and cheapening your vehicles)
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    Big question for me is why would you go to jiffy lube in the first place. Their prices alone are reason enough not to. Ford’s works package is a deal. You will pay more for just an oil change at jiffy lube than a oil change and rotate at Quicklane. On top of all that. The dealer is using ford filters and your records are filed away Incase you have issues later and need proof of maintenance. Other than time, I see no reason to go to a jiffy lube.
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    It’s not a big deal because: 1 - most people don’t change their own oil 2 - you should be rotating the tires anyway 3 - it’s a fairly common issue that’s been occurring for decades on certain vehicles
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    Come September We need To Help The Company

    Local 600 will determine the fate of the next contract.Isnt that right Bernie Rickie,my lord.