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    Thanks ANTAUS sir. Don't know why Autoblog considers Chrysler Pacifica a U.S. domestic car. It's made in Canada by a company based in U.K. and Netherlands. I put the list of all IIHS Safety Picks in a Competing Products thread.
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    Is it time for a new Sport Trac?

    I recently sold my house near Akron, OH. I hauled the last part of my stuff out last night. Pulled an enclosed 18 ft trailer loaded with a '68 390 Cougar over 200 miles across I-76 in NE OH and I-80 in western PA. My '07 V8 Sport Trac just topped 163k miles and has been one super tough and reliable little SOB.
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    PLEASE NO πŸ˜‚ The camaro product placement in Transformers is so painful. I always considered that franchise cheap and basic. Kind of like Chevy actually.
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    North Stamping (old Wayne Assembly building) F-150 Dash (firewall) line. I get loaned out to the Escape/MKC Floor pan line quite often. We also build F-Series roof rails over here too. There's shit all over the place in here, no telling what some of it is. Most of what I've seen that's new is labeled CX482 (2020 Escape) and CX483 (2020 Lincoln MKC). There are some HUGE shrink wrapped things over in the empty section of the building that look about the size of Stamping dies or larger and those have come in steadily since I came over here in August and I have NO clue what any of that is, nor to I have the balls to go check it out either. A, it's creepy as fuck over there and B, no need to draw attention to myself like that.
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    2021 F-150 is like the 2004 to 2009 Update and 2011 and 2013 powertrain updates in one.
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    2019 Ford Ranger

    Scheduled to Day (2019-01-10)
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    To me, the problem with "One Ford" was that no one really planned for what happened next after consoliating the platforms worldwide. It didn't help that Fields pumped the brakes more or less at the wrong time with product development either. The Escape and Kuga is old. The Kuga came out in 2008 and the North American Escape was't moved to it till 2011. Here we are almost 7 years later with basically the same product from 2008. Ford didn't see the market trends that showed a pointed increase in CUV and Truck sales that started in 2013 till it was too late. The new Escape also seems like its a victim of cost cutting (from Fields and to a lesser extent Hackett in a the pursut of higer profit margins), so who knows how it will turn out. The Automotive market future is at a crossroads and even the more successful companies aren't sure were to go to next. There is alot of pressure from investors for auto companies to act like IT Hardware companies with their corrasponding profit margins-which isn't going to happen IMO. Then add in the new players that may or may not make a dent in the market (see Tesla and others) the future is defently cloudy-but at the same time I don't think the market is going to actually change that drastrically in the next 10 years...you'll see more BEVs, but they will be in the 50K+ range, unless some pricing break throughs that drop the price down to under $40K.
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    Wouldn't it be ironic if the very vehicle type Ford refuses to build (Town Car) is still sought after by a select audience...
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    I think that stems from design studies done at the time and why it seems everything was more or less thrown into the trash after Fields left-it looks like they where looking at doing the Bronco as a C class CUV type vehicle at one point and trashed it, but was resurected as the Maverick-then again we've been hearing about the Gen Z/Schort C CUV (assumed to be the Ecosport replacement for NA) a for a few years now prior to that-so who actually knows what the deal was. It still kills me that they've spent the past 24-36 months more or less dicking around with this project. This isn't the 1980s where takes 5 years+ to develop a new product.
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    What happened with the Escape anyway? Wasn't it one of the best-selling compact SUVs at one point? I can understand not spending money on the Focus and Fusion, but the Escape is/was one of Fords most popular utilities.
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    Troller is Ford do Brasil's pet project. It serves purpose, but they could do a much better job of boosting it.
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    No, everything is as it's always been, lots of products cover development cost and small profit but Ford really relies on trucks and Larger SUVs to make most of the profits, that's why no hurry to refresh certain products like Escape and why cars went away... Don't forget Hackett is diverting billions away from PD and into his pet projects that may or may not pan out. Zero mention of quality.
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    I wonder how long Ford will continue Troller. Perhaps there is just some delay in NG T6 going to the ROW?
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    Cost cutting in action right there, though I question whether a right hand drive Bronco was ever in the cards.
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    Is it time for a new Sport Trac?

    The market is softening and we will likely see declining market sales next year. Hackett warned they were drawing down volume and cutting shifts because the new vehicles will be more expensive. I posted the entire article somewhere in here, but it's an interesting read. Essentially Ford intends to sell less now and in the future because they want to keep prices up and prepare for the lower volume of the more expensive Escape and Explorer. Either way, 2019 is probably going to be a fairly brutal year for sales charts at Ford. Only Ranger will be here to absorb the declines from all the discontinued, transitioning, and aging products.
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    Yeah, as usual they get it wrong. The SuperDuty is being refreshed this year (as is Transit). The Maverick (CX430) is a 2021 MY product, it should be running pretty closer to Bronco actually. I know the new F-150 gets a new code which suggests it's all-new, but I suspect it MIGHT be a significant MCE instead of an all-new product. If it is all-new, that's a relatively short lifecycle for the F-Series and again divides F-150 from SuperDuty. My prediction is a major rework with the same cab and doors.
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    That'll give me a good reason to go next year, I skipped it this year.
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    Yes, they way I remember it being described, they scrapped using the current generation platform which isn't going to last too much longer. I hypothesize they did this for V6/hybrid purposes. The next Gen should be able to handle electrification and a V6, allegedly.
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    I think it was always on the Ranger platform.
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    Next generation F-150 will be a 2021MY, with production slated to changeover mid-2020CY. The Bronco will also be a 2021MY with production slated to begin December 2020. It’s still 2 years out from rolling into showrooms.
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    It's actually the Super Duty refresh, not F-150.
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    Because the planning of it started years ago and the overall cost to do it wasn't determental to the profitibitlity of it.
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    2020 cadillac escalade spied

    I would give up 50 HP and 250 ft-lbs of torque from my diesel for an additional 2-3 MPG. I want more, yes, but I want more fuel economy. As jcartwright mentioned, I don't even use all of the 440/925 that I have now.
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive

    Thanks for sharing these reviews! I'm now looking forward to taking delivery of my 2019 Ranger XLT in the springtime even more. 😎 Regarding the complaint about interior trim feeling cheap, it's a Ford. Ford car and truck interiors have been cheap feeling forever. People who buy Fords know that's just the way it is and accept it.
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    And I suspect that Troller is not long for this world...