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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    Well, Aviator should have been their big clue. I still haven't seen many people picking up on just what a big deal the Aviator/Explorer Hybrid system is. It's like the first EcoBoost engine.
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    Ford will get versions of VW minivans and large cars - the new Touran to replace C-Max, Sharan to replace S-Max, and some version of Passat to replace Mondeo. VW will get rebadged Ford vans and pickup trucks.
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    Previous thread on the exact same topic
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    2020 Explorer Interior Pics

    Clearly the market doesn't care about that.
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    I figured you'd be along to point out all the differences I said there was no need to point out.🙃
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    One of the articles on this story claimed the new Ranger's fuel economy was better than the old one. I doubted this, so I dug up the window sticker from my 2011 (2.3, M5OD, 2wd) and sure enough, it's 22/24/27, which is better than the new one. FWIW, fueleconomy.gov currently lists the same numbers under the new system. I know; it's apples to oranges (I'm fully aware of all the differences between the trucks - no need to point them out), but I thought it was worth pointing out an obvious error in that story.
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    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    It happens. One guy had his car (Fusion or MKZ I think) pulled by NHTSA for crash testing. They normally put those in with an expedited priority and get them built within 2-3 weeks IIRC, so it may not take another 2-3 months.
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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    But does it come without a center console too?
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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    It wasn't a 2021 oil sheet...
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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    No, it's getting the 3.5L EB Gen 2, Mustang uses the 5.0L V8. This hybrid motor is built into the transmission, it's completely modular. I know it's being paired to the 3.3L, 2.7L EB, 3.0L EB, 3.5L EB, and 5.0L. I should also point out I don't really see any indication that the Expedition and Navigator are getting Hybrids before 2023. I know that keeps coming up but I still don't have evidence of it (same with Ranger). I think much of this is dependent on next-gen platforms or major MCEs. I don't have details on what Transit will be doing with Hybrids, I think that's also further out. But Ford has their new Transit Connect 2.5L HEV/PHEV coming which is the other half of their Hybrid drivetrain strategy (+AV). Specifically, here are the vehicles getting this RWD 10-speed Hybrid. Bronco: 2.7L EB Mustang: 5.0L V8 F-150: 3.5L EB Explorer: 3.3L V6 Aviator: 3.0L EB (PHEV)
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    All of these products are very specific to Europe and I don't think Ford really want to develop EU only products if they can find a solution around it.
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    Elon Musk admits Tesla nearly died

    The path through the next decade is a perilous one to chart, everybody has a very different vision and how to invest into it. It's awesome and scary at the same time. All of the Detroit companies could be gone by 2030 and we'll have a bunch of new BEV companies taking over...or it could look like a consolidated version of what we know today. It ultimately depends on how dramatically things actually change and how quickly or slowly electric adoption is. Ford is counting on a much more gradual process, GM and VW are going all-in. I obviously favor Ford's approach which basically makes the transition faster and more widespread, even if it's only partial. And of course there are the AV programs and the transition to utilities, all of which Ford seems to be on the forefront of. The only thing I'm concerned about is the BEV truck ambitious of other upstart companies getting ahead of Ford, that's where Ford's F-150 BEV could particularly shine depending on how ambitious they are. The last thing you want is Tesla taking the top out of the market for Ford. The good thing about Ford's ambitious is that they are very customer focused, they want electrification to deliver benefits well beyond economy, just like eco boost.
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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    That's the impressive thing about these Hybrids, their performance is software. They can change their behavior for each application (or just change the personality of the car). But indeed, Ford has to train people to think very differently about Hybrids because right now people associate it with Volt, Prius or C-Max....boring slow cars.
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    Elon Musk admits Tesla nearly died

    That's true of the other two U.S. automakers too (GM and Ford). And there's no guarantee than any automaker will be "bailed out" by the U.S. federal government if it does fail. Tesla, GM, and Ford have all learned from their near death experiences, and each has done the right things to prepare for the next downturn. Plus, all three are investing heavily in EV and autonomous vehicle technology that represent the future of the whole automotive industry. I'm cautiously optimistic about the future of U.S. automakers.
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    Interesting Hackett Interview

    Dear God, no there is no 4-door Mustang, and you can see the look of bewilderment when asked about it. It was that stupid forum that generated that rumor. That forum is a terrible source of info. The V8 remains because it's also tied to their electrification. I don't think many realize that the Hybrid Mustang and V8 Mustang are the same thing.
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    2020 Super Duty Spied

    Chop chop! Get to it!
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    That makes no sense. The Euro market is abandoning those types of products, so lets enter a partnership to keep making them - something people don't want?
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    2020 Super Duty Spied

    All signs point to it being a V8
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    This is one thing that you don’t see discussed much - Ford’s investment in new drivetrains the last 10 years or so. In addition to all the ecoboosts (does anyone have that many turbo engines) the 3.3L Duratec and 5.0L Coyote and 5.2L FPC (forgot the cool nickname) are relatively new. The new 7.3L (if/when it gets here), the new hybrid capable 10R80 and 8 speed FWD trannies. The 6.7L diesel isn’t that old and a new heavy duty tranny is also on the way. Performance hybrid 3.0LTT.
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    Version 06/01/2017


    2017 F-150 Order Guide
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    Version 06/01/2018


    2018 F-150 Order Guide
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    I hope that your build and delivery goes much better than mine has. Ordered Nautilus Reserve with everything but towing and DVD in late June. Vehicle was produced on October 23 and then appears to have vanished. Dealership; and Lincoln Area Rep have said they are actively working on it but so far nothing. Finally contacted Lincoln Concierge last Friday and they said they will do their best to get me info by today. Would have cancelled order but received $5971.00 discount when ordered. If nothing by end of week will cancel .
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    Well, definitely not what I wanted to hear. Received the call from my general manger today and I got the “why” my car has no ETA: it was damaged in transit from the factory to the body shop at Flat Rock. So much damage apparently, that I now have to reorder my car again!! Yes, start over and re-order a new VIN!! 🤯 So after placing my first order 7/28, I now have a second order placed today 12/10 for the exact same build. They are estimating 2-3 months; they said they will do what they can to expedite. Wish you all well in getting your cars folks, and pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else.