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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    You’re getting really close to spammer status.
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    Love me some 312 on a summer afternoon
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    Hey Da Bears are looking like contenders and ya still got the best pizza!Whattaya want,seniority rights?Seniority has been diluted over the years of 'give-back contracts'.I don't understand all the particulars of what is happening but how does it make business sense for Ford to train all the lower seniority employees when Ford must still lay-off by seniority?Or at least I hope the company cant just pick and choose who they lay off.
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    They do when ya vote'em out. Last one cried FMLA soon as he got put on a job it was comical.
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    Union reps don't go back to the line with a shift reduction. I've seen it first hand twice now.
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    @jpd80. Yep, electrification is hyped, but it’s difficult to argue with the performance impact. Aviator Grand Touring is an example and is the basis for future Ford/Lincoln performance vehicles. Fuel efficiency increase will be secondary (for the very near future), but the potential to use electric to drive performance is here.
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    My truck has 470 lb/ft of torque. The 6.7L SD can go over 1000 lb/ft with a simple tune. And folks are complaining because there’s no high performance factory option. Heck even a factory 5.0L comes real close to outperforming the old Lightning.
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    People (Ford employees) need to take off their blue colored glasses and realize while GM was fucking around and begging congress for a bailout and going bankrupt anyway, Ford actually closed the amount of plants they needed to. I understand that's a painful concept for Union membership but that also means that Ford is NOT in the same position GM is in where they have way more plant capacity than they need and should have probably announce they are closing at least 2 more on top of what they announced this week. I dont agree with most of the cost cutting bullshit management has been doing but I also know that Ford is in no position to be closing plants right now. Especially with a major product blitz in the pipeline for the next 2-4 years.
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    Pretty sure I've seen a dealer or two advertising them.
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    AFAIK that loan was paid off a few years ago. Paying that off was one of the key reasons they were able to retool MAP for Ranger.
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    Wouldn't it be ironic if automakers like Ford contort their plans to suit today's tariffs knowing that inside two years, everything could change back to what was originally planned.....it must be maddening to be in charge of product planning at Ford and try to predict the future with any certainty.
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    Hi Ken. Wondering why you are not having this work performed under warranty? Are you doing it yourself because your 2017 Fusion Hybrid is outside the 3 year/36,000 mile Bumper to Bumper warranty...or perhaps this repair was necessitated by a collision or other warranty disqualifying reason?
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    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Credt to bzcat for posting about this very subject on another forum - vwvortex.com on 7-27-18
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    Sshhh....don't tell @SoonerLS
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    Mach E is what needs to be on the hybrid performance Mustang. I'm betting that's where Mach E goes, not on the electric SUV.
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    Very very frightening me.......
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    Because I'm a geek, I just hear "Maquis" instead of Mach-E. Traitors!
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    One has the ability to stop a human heart and the other has the ability to power up a defibrillator to re-start it...
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    It's happened before, and you know who won? The UAW Look up what happened to all the people who were spun off into visteon but then lost ALL of their seniority when they were forced back into Ford plants. They got royally fucked, the UAW did nothing to help them, got sued and still won.
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    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    I refuse to believe any new trucks from Ford unless I see a giant powerpoint of a desert scene with only a vehicle name displayed on a giant screen at an auto show 3 years out. 😉
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    I'm just glad they're offering a 2-door Bronco.
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    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    I really don't see any way the government can incentivize GM to keep any of these plants open. They've had way too much capacty for years. This was inevitable.
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    Welp, I got confirmation on the 7-speed manual for Bronco.
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    It’s not too much at all. It’s probably not enough. Tracking is done by a Ford employee in his spare time as a favor. It’s for members, not for someone who wants to just come here and get tracking and disappear.
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    2019 Ranger first impressions

    I went to the #ReadyforRanger event at the plant today. They had about 10 Rangers there of various configurations open and available for us to check out. I also did a ride along on their "off road" course they built in the parking lot. These are my thoughts First, my thoughts on the ride along. This is an awesome little truck. The driver used the terrain management system to navigate the course so he didn't actually touch the gas or brake pedals. He only had to steer. I was very impressed at the off road chops this thing has. No wonder it has the reputation it does down under in Australia/New Zealand. The engine barely broke a sweat going up a 15(ish) foot hill at about a 45 degree angle, so any worries about whether or not the 2.3EB can handle off roading can end right now. Now to the rest of the truck. I was impressed at the fit and finish of the interior. Of course being preproduction models there was a couple of minor things here and there that weren't quite lined up, which should be fixed before Job 1. That's why they build preproduction after all. The back seat is a little bigger than a mk3 Focus and I'm fairly certain I can fit 2 car seats back there, but for long road trips a full grown adult might not be so comfortable after a while. I did have one problem with the interior though. There is a BIG jump from the XLT to the Lariat. The XLT interior is plastic everywhere, which is fine for the XL but I would expect a little more of an upgrade for the mid-level trim. I was a little disappointed by that, and definitely guaranteed I will get a Lariat for myself. It just felt too cheap for a trim level starting at $28k. The version with the bigger Sync 3 screen seemed a little better but it doesn't fix the door panels feeling really cheap. If you pay enough attention you can tell that this truck was never intended to be sold here when it was first launched for 2011, but Ford NA has done a very good job (my interior complaints aside) of eliminating that feeling. They definitely put some thought into how to make it appeal to this market, unlike the EcoSport. That thing to me just screams it was never meant to be here, the Ranger doesn't at all to me. I don't see this version taking the sales crown over from the Tacoma but I can definitely see it being a solid second place. It looks and feels far superior to the Canyorado and the also-ran Nissan whatever the hell they call it. I will say this, I now have high hopes for the next generation Ranger coming in a few years. This is a very good start.