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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    I work on on a feature for CD6 and put my heart and soul into this beast. Aviator is my favorite vehicle lincoln has ever launched and I'm hoping others love it as well
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    Optional on Reserve, standard on Black Label...
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    Nope. Politicians have short memories. They'll be right back to groveling at the feet of some large corporation promising jobs at the first chance they get.
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    It is so perfect, that I would be afraid of parking lots. I'd hate to come back and see a door ding on such a great design!
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    The silhouette and interior on this thing are world-class. Something still looks off / weird about the front-end grille area, but I can't put my finger on it (especially the Grand Touring hybrid pictured in silver above). I'll chalk it up to weird camera angles / color combos. If this doesn't sell, Lincoln might as well close down, because it isn't going to get any better than this. Bravo.
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    Aviator Revealed!

    https://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66095-2020-lincoln-aviator-debuts/ I beat ya. 😛
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    Automotive Analysts know better than Automotive Journalists. Bloomberg is journalism and they clearly haven't done their research here. They never do. Ford is better positioned for the future, GM is better positioned today because of their superior cost structure. GM is very vulnerable moving forward compared to Ford, but GM has a less complicated task than Ford.
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    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    I really don't see any way the government can incentivize GM to keep any of these plants open. They've had way too much capacty for years. This was inevitable.
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    2019 Mazda3

    Very nice design for a small car. Makes the new Corolla look like a Yugo
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    Announcement at LAP

    I'm with ya there, the contracts aren't written for the C crew scenario.
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

    So there are actually 3 grilles: The regular model, with the standard star punchout mesh seen on other Lincoln models: Black Label, which gets an evenly spaced chromed star pattern: And Grand Touring (hybrid), which gets the chromed star pattern similar to the concept, which fades outward and has a blue-hued illuminated Lincoln star:
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    Aviator Revealed!

    This changes everything! https://www.autoblog.com/2018/11/28/2020-lincoln-aviator-crossover-400-horsepower-la-auto-show/#slide-7475265
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts

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    Still waiting on them to issue a retraction on the Chip hacking story (it made no sense from a technology standpoint). They are fast becoming a total trash publication.
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    2019 Mazda3

    First....WOW! But 2nd...that hatch rear quarter panel is a little much. Either way, doesn't make you miss the Focus anymore.
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    They’re probably thinking Ford should have closed the Mexico plants but they’re completely ignoring the new utilities that Ford has coming that will use that capacity (including Bronco in the US) and the plans to offer hybrid utilities, F150 and Mustang.
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    The politicians know where their biggest paychecks originate.
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    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    Well, damn... The truck and SUV look great except for maybe the grille/headlights which look like cartoon eyeglasses. But mostly I really like them!
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    Ahead in some ways, behind in others. Ford ahead of GM examples. Just to survive, Ford did more dramatic adjustments to its operations than GM prior to the last recession in 2008-2009. Including bringing in Alan Mulally as CEO, one of the most important milestones in the history of the U.S. automotive industry. More recently Ford announced the elimination of unprofitable cars in the U.S. market prior to GM Ford behind GM examples. Ford's ongoing restructuring plan to get "fit" is longer and more drawn out than GM's, with fewer concrete details on actions taken and to be taken Ford has made fewer cutbacks/adjustments in money losing regions outside North America compared to GM Mary Barra became CEO of GM before Jim Hackett became CEO of Ford. The last point is key. Thanks to Barra's leadership, GM has a head start compared to Ford when it comes to "trying to lower the point at which [company] breaks even while the economy is still in reasonable shape" as the Bloomberg article mentioned. Ford was hurt badly by the "lost years" between the time that Alan Mulally left and when Jim Hackett became CEO.
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    The board knew this was coming for a while I've been roomers from Jan/Feb this year. You take some one time charges, lower executive compensation, offer more lucrative buyout/job training offers (what was offered to salary was a joke, it was basically nothing) and most of all do it in early Oct so you don't get the play of tossing people on the street during the holiday season. My Coworker had a new Silverado on order and been a GM lifetime buyer, he said today he's getting a RAM, "You don't do that to people during the holidays, F*** them"
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    Size and price wise it will be similar to GLE, Q7, X5, RX, Cayenne, RRS, XC90, and MDX. Of these, GLE and Cayenne are the only one not available with 3rd row seat. GX is so old and archaic, no one takes it seriously unless you have a fetish for Toyota Prado with fake wood trim.
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    Cause that’s more important than whether it’s called a MUSTANG GT350 sitting on a MUSTANG chassis with MUSTANG sheet metal and MUSTANG interior built in the MUSTANG factory with MUSTANG parts.