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    Challenger takes no.2 spot

    rperez will be along shortly to make excuses explain everything.
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    bought a new car yesterday

    A 2019 Fusion SE sweet car thought i would find some Fusion forums to help me learn more about it, not so much i guess.
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    NEW 2021 F150

    So i just saw a prototype of the new f150 today, nothing revolutionary on the exterior but the interior is a huge improvement from today. Huge landscape touchscreen with Sync 4 and all digital instrument cluster, exquisite materials, lots of leather and high quality materials. If you have any questions feel free to ask
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    So much in this picture hurts

    It took a while but it finally got here 4/29!
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    That makes total sense. I'm reading the tea leaves here... Look at who is involved: I'm thinking autonomous driving Amazon delivery vans. Ford supply the self-driving software and potentially build it, Rivian supply the skate chassis, Amazon is the guaranteed fleet buyer.
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    Let's not forget that at various times both Toyota and Daimler have held 3 - 4% stakes in Tesla, and both sold out. The fact that Ford are getting a basically fully developed EV platform out of this, for half a billion dollars, and then to also get a dividend on what Rivian can sell to other manufacturers? Great deal IMO.
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    bought a new car yesterday

    Been a FORD man all my life, this is my retirement car.
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    Ford to move to Quarterly Sales Reports

    C-Max 3 Fiesta 6,697 Focus 953 Fusion 14,850 GT 20 Mustang 8,020 Taurus 1,367 Total Ford car 31,910 E-series van 4,731 EcoSport 5,921 Edge 8,658 Escape 20,487 Expedition 7,961 Explorer 12,923 F series 70,006 Flex 1,447 Ranger 5,748 Transit 13,415 Transit Connect 3,026 Total Ford truck 154,323 Total Ford 186,233 Continental 379 MKZ 1,414 Total Lincoln car 1,793 MKC 1,729 MKT 434 Nautilus/MKX 2,530 Navigator 1,500 Total Lincoln truck 6,193 Total Lincoln 7,986 Ford Motor Co. car 33,703 Ford Motor Co. truck 160,516 FORD MOTOR CO. 194,219 Cascada 260 LaCrosse 1,010 Regal 1,186 Verano 1 Total Buick car 2,457 Enclave 4,378 Encore 8,562 Envision 2,653 Total Buick truck 15,593 Total Buick 18,050 ATS 182 CT6 761 CTS 845 XTS 1,299 Total Cadillac car 3,087 Escalade 1,495 Escalade ESV 878 SRX 0 XT4 2,445 XT5 4,620 Total Cadillac truck 9,438 Total Cadillac 12,525 Bolt 1,502 Camaro 4,205 Caprice 1 Corvette 1,372 Cruze 8,112 Impala 4,614 Malibu 11,900 Sonic 1,552 Spark 2,235 SS 0 Volt 877 Total Chevrolet car 36,370 Blazer 1,052 City Express 228 Colorado 11,655 Equinox 30,796 Express van 5,991 Silverado 39,779 Suburban 3,838 Tahoe 7,256 Traverse 11,909 Trax 8,553 Total Chevrolet truck 121,057 Total Chevrolet 157,427 Acadia 10,857 Canyon 2,420 Savana van 2,285 Sierra 14,109 Terrain 8,826 Yukon 2,497 Yukon XL 2,705 Total GMC truck 43,699 General Motors car 41,914 General Motors truck 189,787 GENERAL MOTORS* 231,701
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god how clickbait-y. C&D must be really pissed that Ford refuses to pay for their awards anymore.
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    This is the kind of stuff I think about when I say this increasing ATP stuff isn't sustainable
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    Sure... 😎 I think this is a pretty smart investment. If Ford is really far ahead in F-150 EV development as they seem to be, this investment means Ford can now block Rivian from working with another car company, basically just locked out GM and FCA from catching up. And if Ford has been bluffing and F-150 EV is really not ready for prime time, then this will help them move faster.
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    NEW 2021 F150

    They have that dash really covered. I’m hoping it’s going to exceed the interior of the new ram. The Ram is the only other truck I would even remotely consider. Actually, not really. Raptor all day for me. But the Ram is a good looking truck. Good job to them.
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    Go buy a Wrangler then
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    I'm still appalled that Ford would just make a chopped Ranger and call it a Bronco (Yes, I'm obviously joking)
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    Ford to move to Quarterly Sales Reports

    Ha, sorry! I have them all pretty, I can post it here or in its own thread if we want?
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    Syracuse, NY

    It's now official. I picked up my '19 Edge Titanium today!
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    Challenger takes no.2 spot

    @akirby...you were right!!!!
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    Things must be going ok at Chicago Assembly Plant. Placed order for 2020 Ford Explorer ST on April 25th. I just got my VIN number today from dealer. Never thought it be that fast. Production date week for July 8th right now.
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    At any rate it's probably not happening Once you all see what is happening you won't complain at all and if you do there's no hope for you
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    That's still 30 more minutes than I want to spend charging my car.
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    Seriously? I hate idiots who only look at stock prices.
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    Being a child of the 1970's, and like a '72 Nova SS is to the name 'Nova', this picture is what I forever will see in my mind when I read the words "Ford Maverick"! -Ovaltine