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    Oldie but a Goodie!

    My buddy had this 1998 F150 3 Door 4x4 in his oversized garage (along with two other daily drivers). It had been very well maintained, and preserved. He was driving it about 4-5k miles a year doing chores etc. About 3 years ago I told him, when you downsize, and are ready to let her go, give me first dibs. Patience pays off, he calls me last month and said he sold his gigantic house and acreage, and he and his wife (kids now adults and out on their own) are finally moving to a much smaller property. He told me if I took it "as is", it would be a great deal. We went through the stuff that needed to be fixed and most were things I could do myself (I may have a question or two for Fordtech1). I saved him the trouble of having to have certain things fixed that a potential buyer would bicker over, so it was win-win. I grabbed it at a really great price, and now she is mine. While everyone, including myself, wants a new truck, I think it will be fun using this for my truck chores and keeping it running great and road worthy. I told all my friends; "...I wouldn't buy any old used truck, but this one was one in million..." He is an Air Force Veteran, that explains the color scheme. It is really quite nice in today's black and white world.
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    Notice the F150 in the pic. It's hooked up, getting ready to drag it sideways.
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    Tesla will announce that their "as yet released" prototype will be able to tow a BAZILLION pounds!!!
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    Finally, In Person

    I got a private preview of the local Dealers loaded Reserve. The owner was going to take it for the night, but they thought there was a suspension problem (Does anyone read manuals these days) Any how after the owner left, they discovered there wasn't a defect, but you had to select the drive mode again after playing with it. Crisis averted, but owner had left for the day. I knew it arrived earlier with the new explorers, so as I drove by, I spotted them moving an Explorer limited to the showroom. OK, Right turn Clyde. Went back and first salesman said no one was allowed in and they didn't have the key, the owner kept it. So I drooled over the outside a bit, went in to have a look at the Explorer, next salesman wanted to sell me the Explorer, moments later the GM popped around the corner to say hello, asked what I was up to? Said "Man I saw her on the side and just had to stop" too bad the owner took off with the keys". What? No, I have the keys he said. I gave him the 220lb linebacker puppy eyes and he said "can't wait until tomorrow can you" A quick nope and we were off to play. I don't get to drive it until the owner takes it to show off to his friends, said I'd probably get it Monday for 24 hours😀😀😀😀😀 Five smiles right there. OK, so here is my impression of my first visit: The top 10 1. Love at first sight, I am not a professional reviewer so forgive my articulation. 2. Did I say love at first sight yet? Holy bat-mobiles it is really handsome in person, the pictures do not do it justice. The new Explorer looks better than last years, but the Aviator will not be mistaken for its cousin. 3. Next wow moment...SHUT THE DOOR...wow is it quiet, I could not hear a word outside or the traffic going by. Compared to the Nautilus beside it, I could hear traffic faintly. Inside the Aviator was like being in a sound booth where they check your hearing. 4 The 28 speaker stereo...They had not tuned the radio yet, so I took it upon myself to tune to the local classic rock station, what a treat to blast AC/DC. The depth of field was amazing. I can't wait to personalize mine. 5. You'll fall in love with the sexy/handsome look It was just a wow moment walking up to it. It doesn't scream manly or feminine, it just screams look at me. 6. The steering wheel feels oh so sleek, sporty like. It is smaller than the Gators and the push to talk button at the 10 o'clock position was long over due. It just feels natural there. 7. The display seemed unobtrusive despite its size, I think it is some kind of designer trick. When you are navigating the menus it seems huge, but sit back look a the road ahead and you barely notice it. Maybe I'll notice it more when I live in it for 24 hours. 8. It was 94 out and the A/C was refreshing cold almost instantly, but it should be right? The engine noise was barely noticeable while revving the engine. 9. The seats were the same as the 30 ways in the Gator, so yes they were very comfortable. And the big test for me, was stretching my legs all the way straight without tangling in the pedals. 10. The double pull to open the hood...no more searching for that secondary latch...genius!!! The only negative thing about today was realizing it would be many more months until I get mine...at least I get this one early next week to rock and roll.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

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    Got to drive a 2020 Explorer ST

    Got to go on a quick test drive of the 2020 Explorer ST on Saturday. It was my first time seeing a new Explorer out in the real world (not at an auction/show type thing), and first time being able to sit inside (and obviously drive) one. I meant to take a picture of it sitting next to the outgoing model, but forgot to before the guy moved it. Design wise, while the overall look isn't drastically changed from the outgoing model (especially the back), it definitely has a more athletic stance and "toned"/sleek design, whereas the old one is more "frumpy" and bloated looking. The front still isn't my favorite, but it looks good - the ST's black grille looks far better than the regular grilles on one I saw elsewhere on the lot. In the rear, I still find it an annoying and cheap that they stuck with incandescent bulbs for the reverse and turn lights, especially when every single other light on the vehicle is LED standard on all trims. A more minor complaint is that there is no longer a cover for the trailer hitch when not in use. Moving to the interior, I like it more in person than in pictures. It's a nice update for Explorer, and obviously drastically different from the outgoing model. One big change that's immediately evident (to me) is how....."flat"/vertical the dash is, while the old one pushed out toward you more. This results in a seemingly larger space. They had some nice stitching on the door panels, but I was somewhat disappointed to see the dash top did not have any stitching on it at the edges. Platinum models add the stitching. I think STs should get it too, but not a big deal. The buttons/controls were well laid out and straightforward/easy to use. I only briefly got to explore the digital gauge cluster. I know it's configurable but I didn't get to play with it long enough to fully see its options. It was a high quality/resolution display, though, and the animations were great. The model I drove had the regular center stack screen. It worked as expected, and had the newest version of SYNC. I like the setup better than what I have - it seemed as though the control tabs on the bottom of the screen (audio, nav, climate, etc) remained on the screen at all times, rather than sliding down and disappearing like they do on SYNC 3 (requiring a touch of the "controls" button to make them reappear, which drives me nuts). The model inside, though, had the tech package with the larger screen. It was not as imposing as it appears in photos. It obviously does stick up from the dash, but it doesn't block your view, and isn't an obnoxiously large bump above the dash like it may appear in pictures. I didn't get to use it, though, to see the difference of how the taller screen works. STs come with buckets and a low floor console in the second row, which can slide forward and aft allowing for more second row room or more third row room depending on what you need. The second row seats were comfortable, however I didn't like the inner chair-mounted arm rests. They sit a good inch or two higher than the door panel arm rest, which results in an odd feeling uneven arm height/position. The third row is where some complaints may arise. Access to it is great - you can either step over the low console in the center, or push the button on the second row seats to make them tilt and slide forward. The plastic step (instead of carpet) between the 2nd row seat and door opening was a great addition, as it won't get dirty or ruined from going in and out of the third row. Headroom was fine, no complaints there. Legroom was acceptable. I'm 6'0 and with the 2nd row all the way back, my knees were toughing the 2nd row, but should you slide the 2nd row forward, you'd have good leg room. Here's where the big problem lies - the previous model had the rear well where the seat would flip backward into to go flat. Conversely, they sat up higher and had a recessed foot well. This new generation basically plants the seat bottom on the floor, and the backs fold forward over the seat back to fold flat. This results in your knees being very high and not the most comfortable. The one I test drove was a base ST model without much in the way of options. The interior pictured below was of an ST inside the showroom which had the tech package with the larger screen. So onto the drive/performance.... Visibility was good in all directions. The surround view camera was nice. One of the first things I noticed was how little pedal travel there was on the gas pedal. You'd barely push it, and you'd be at the end of its' range, flooring it (let's be honest, I was trying to floor it, but it was still a very short travel distance). I put it in sport mode which wakes it up. Acceleration was quite good (I've been spoiled by the Mustang). Cornering seems much improved from the last model, which would roll/tip a lot more. The new one is a lot more planted and Flex-like handling wise, which is definitely a good thing. The seats were comfortable. I wasn't able to figure out if it had adjustable pedals - there wasn't a button in the usual locations, but perhaps it's embedded in the center display now. I think they'll sell a ton of them, and people will like the new model. Here are a few pics. I should've taken more. Instead of regular puddle lamps, STs get the red ST badge displaying on the ground from the mirrors. Neat Explorer silhouette in the rear cargo floor panel behind the 3rd row:
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    People like them because they put dogs in their ads.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Those spy shots make it look close in size and greenhouse shape to this right here.
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    New Escape

    Well, we added another Ford to our garage today. It wasn't a new one, but it's new to us. My mother-in-law purchased a new Escape, so we bought her 2014 with 30k miles. It'll be my wife's daily driver. We haven't decided yet if we are going to sell the Flex or keep it as a 4th vehicle. We will have 3 drivers in the next month or so, so having an additional vehicle would be nice (and so I don't have to drive my Super Duty on short trips). The deals right now are crazy on Escapes. She got $5700 in rebates on a $34k car, and another $3k+ in dealer savings. When it was finished, she got about 28% off sticker. It's time for the 2020 to show up so Ford can hopefully scale back on the rebates. My MIL did get me a hat and shirt thrown in since I found an additional $1250 PCO rebate and haggled another few hundred bucks out of the price. 😐 I know, I know, I don't have any pics. The wife will be cleaning up her new ride tonight!
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    New light & medium duty news

    I wasn't in Cape Cod....🤣🤣🤣
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    I'll see your silly little 300K lb airplane Mr. Musk and raise you a 1.25M lb train! You do not want to poke the bear. F150 is the biggest meanest grizzly out there. What a fantastic stunt/commercial. I can't believe they complained about not having women truck owners when the lead engineer is a woman!
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    New mid-sized "Outback" style crossover

    There is your white space Fusion replacement. If it is on C2 as the article says then this would be built in Mexico and can share the assembly line with other C2 products. So even if they don't sell a lot of them they can easily adjust production with other C2 vehicles as needed. I think it needs more rugged sheetmetal for North America though.
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    Silverado diesel 33mpg,,,

    They would be foolish not to put this in their full size SUVs with that kind of fuel economy numbers. So, yeah, they probably won't.
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    Seemed like a great time to reinvest my dividend into more shares of F, so I did just that today.
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    Almost as basic as how to spell braking!
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    My dealer had me out and I drove the Aviator Reserve, finally! Published a quick-spin review. I defiantly need MORE time with the Aviator.... either a review vehicle or mine when it comes in... here are some words i put together.. https://www.automotiveaddicts.com/68697/2020-lincoln-aviator-reserve-awd-quick-spin-test-drive
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    You'll like it.
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    They're just rationalizing because they love the vehicles or the idea of BEVs in general. I think they fall into 2 camps: 1 - the gadget lovers. They view a Tesla just like a big smartphone. Look at all the cool stuff it can do! And they don't have to buy it from a stodgy 50 year old dealership. 2 - the greenies. BEVs will save the planet! And they'll ignore any bad news or warning signs just because they WANT Tesla to succeed. Facts be damned.
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    Aviator GT Order

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. You could slum it like me and just get the standard Black Label. 😉 Hopefully about a month to go.
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    Harley Lover

    New lawsuit $1.2B

    What do you call 1,000 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.
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    Finally, In Person

    Had to go back and look at her again today, they parked her next to a Gator so I could compare. The Aviator is in the approach or showroom height. It seems a lot lower, but not so much at normal height. It also makes the Gator styling appear old and boxy. Heard one customer shopping Gators say "wow whats that?"
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    Finally, In Person

    Enjoyed your review, only had to "fix" one thing since Lincolns never scream at you.....lol
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    Powershift transmission woes haunt Ford

    A few years ago or so, I put on this forum that the Focus transmission problems were going to seriously damage Ford's reputation and cause many buyers, most of which are first time buyers to swear off Ford for good. Someone, I forget who posted in response, "Drama much?" Well... here you go. Read the articles and see. It is simply not just the people who bought the car that got burned, its also those who bought the car second hand, and between these people many were first time buyers (young) who will now never buy Ford again. At least if I got burned by this, I'd have other Fords I owned that I liked and may still consider Ford based on that. But these kids, will trash Ford to their friends too and they won't buy them either. Henry Ford was pretty explicit on how he viewed reputation. (You cant build a reputation based on something you say you're going to do.) It takes may years to build confidence in your product and one bad experience to lose it. Multiply this over seven years averaging 200,000 cars a year or so and all the used car experiences and that's a lot of angry people who are advising everyone they know to stay away from Ford. So drama much? Yes, I'd say so.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Nothing in this industry is permanent except for maybe plant closures.
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    Finally, In Person

    I guess you only get one edit, Got a text last night and was asked if I would like to trade Monday for ALL of next weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) Oh heck yes, I'll take her for 3 days. I should be able to get some really good pics and videos.