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  2. Not sure what that means... Ford is getting a board seat on Rivian so it's pretty exclusive in the sense that Ford will know what Rivian is doing and that means other car companies will probably not want to work with Rivian.
  3. Except we don't even know what ICE they are using in the Aviator. It is the 3.0 but what hp version? I'd say they need at least a 150 hp electric motor and a 17kWh battery to be serious. The Euro Explorer PHEV has a 350 hp 3.0 and 100hp electric(although this could be wrong because hp in PHEV is not simply the sum of both) with a 13.1 kWh battery with a total rating of 450 hp and 620 lb.ft. of torque. Not worried about a 40 mile commute. I want this to be able to run around town on electric only with reasonable performance. Also, not looking for max performance in an SUV - have my car for that. Currently our 2017 Explorer Platinum with 365 hp is fine. Add a 150 hp electric motor with a 17kWh battery to get a real 30 mile range (and the full $7500 tax credit) and that would be the sweet spot.
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  5. RIcky Ranger

    Shudder at low speeds

    Now my check engine light came on. I wonder if it is a clogged injector. I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Kinda sad. I’ve had the truck for less than a week and it’s going into the shop.
  6. This isn't the kind of stuff I've been complaining about and you know it....
  7. You shouldn’t assume that Aviator will have the same battery pack as the Euro Explorer. Not saying it definitely won’t but it’s certainly possible.
  8. Yet you and others still complain endlessly about Hackett. This type of stuff would not have happened under Fields (and maybe not under Mulally).
  9. That range is also using a more conservative cycle so I expect the EPA rating to be even less. Yeah the torque sounds nice but it’s also adds a good bit of weight. I’m going to assume that’s going to hamper agility. Like I said, didn’t order it with the internet of thrashing it; if I wanted to I’d go get a F-Pace SVR instead.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Tesla drops a bomb

  11. At any rate it's probably not happening Once you all see what is happening you won't complain at all and if you do there's no hope for you
  12. mlhm5

    Tesla drops a bomb

  13. Model 3 with Long-Range Battery - 8 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first, with a minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period. Tesla will bring the price of the battery pack way down. They would own a five-billion-dollar battery plant if they didn't have that in mind!
  14. Broncho scout is rumored to have a chebby sourced motor.....just what i heard
  15. How about the cost of driving not counting maintenance? Let ’s assume you own the Model 3 with a 75 kWh battery and you pay the national average cost for power across the United States of 13 cents per kWh, then it will cost $9.75 for a full charge. Given this car has a range of 315 miles, the cost per mile works out to $0.030 per mile or $30.00 per 1000 miles driven. Let's assume that you own a 2019 Ford Fiesta which gets 31 mpg and you pay the national average cost for regular gas $2.842, your cost to drive 1000 miles is $91.67. If you drive your car 15K a year, your cost would be $1375 vs $450 for the Tesla. Teslas sell themselves. Other EVs sell Teslas.
  16. Not really if you make the Bronco Pickup have a removable roof, doors, etc. like the Bronco. I'm not saying it's a good idea, just not redundant. Two top hats, two distinctly different trucks.
  17. 92merc

    Tesla drops a bomb

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/24/investing/tesla-earnings-loss/index.html $702 million dollar loss in a quarter. Double analysts projections. Any guesses on what that do to their stock? My bet is nothing. Cause the analysts are always right. 😄
  18. Maybe Ford will build a city delivery van on the Rivian chassis and sell them to Amazon?
  19. Those V3 super chargers are going to be real cheap once there is a fire sale over at Tesla. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/24/investing/tesla-earnings-loss/index.html
  20. The charging times are getting better and better. 35 mins is pretty good. My question is using these batteries so aggressively, will it degrade the life span? Also, what’s the replacement costs? I remember ford using the nicad batteries conservatively to keep life span high. The replacement costs was $7000. I know the new batteries are lithium but anyone has a new battery drill, one min it has power and next it’s done.
  21. Now we know why Ford trademarked Mustang Mach E. <just kidding>
  22. Rifle

    The Glass House

    I think that the purchase and renovation of the old train station in Detroit is a great thing. I've noticed however that World Headquarters is in desperate need of a renovation. The cement on the top of the building looks stained ant dirty (maybe needs to be sandblasted) idk. Also, the glass, looks like it needs replacing. Jmho
  23. No. Would be redundant with Ranger around anyway.
  24. Never in a million years, did I think Topgear would publish this...
  25. That's still 30 more minutes than I want to spend charging my car.
  26. Just saw this is California only.... Ugh NJ only has the $500 rebate or 1.9x36 mo. 2.9x 48 or 3.9x 60.
  27. Right. I was countering the point that you brand it as "powered by Rivian". You'd only consider that if said powertrain company is a powerhouse/known brand (i.e. Cummins diesel in Rams). Amazon/Ford's partnerships will certainly increase awareness, but that doesn't mean they'd benefit from slapping "powered by Rivian" on the product.
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