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  3. Sevensecondsuv

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Good to see the big gasser wars are back! It's been a while!
  4. I’m sure that the N.Y. auto show is just about a guarantee, but it’s not til April.
  5. I was so close to posting this same comment. Jaguar was basically a mess when Ford bought them.
  6. 7Mary3

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Oh boy, one of the GM enthusiast website is reporting that GM is working on a V-8 over 8L.! If true, it has to be for commercial trucks.
  7. The recall that was had on Ranger should have never been. It was caught a while ago before they even started selling. But I would rather have a voluntary recall to address it then for it to come back and bite back in a bad way.
  8. Some good news on the Avon Lake Ford Mediums, traveling today from Baltimore to Las Vegas through Chicago, I did notice Southwest Airlines using several of the Avon Lake Mediums as service trucks for their airplanes! From a distance, they appeared to be 6.8L V-10s
  9. CruiseGuy24

    Cupholders on rear on center console

    Good to know. Thanks for the input.
  10. Yes, I am also curious about this as well. I am in Kentucky and there is Louisville Auto Show coming next weekend (22-24) and I have no clue what will be shown there in addition to the usual 2019 line up of vehicles. The website said nothing at all what will be shown. I follow their Facebook page and I asked them on one of their recent postings. They replied that they don't know because Ford and Lincoln did not reveal to them with a list of vehicles that they are bringing unlike most other manufacturers who already submitted their lists. So I guess I'll go to the LAS this weekend and just see. Surely the 2020 Explorer and 2020 Shelby GT500 (the one I really wanna see) would be shown. But certainly the 2019 Ranger would be shown there too (other one I wanna see). So yeah, I'm curious as to a website or listing of all the upcoming auto shows and what vehicles will be shown on display. Even if we can't sit in or even touch the new Explorer, that would be fine. Just to see one in person is all.
  11. I’m curious if the deal they made with Waymo is part of these earnings, there’s no way they’ve even produced enough I-Paces for all that they ordered. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/waymo-jaguar-ipace-self-driving-electric-suv/
  12. Yesterday
  13. I know the 2020 Explorer was shown at the Detroit Auto Show, and I believe the same 2020 Explorer prototypes were on display at the recent Chicago Auto Show. My wife and I would like to see the 2020 Explorers at an upcoming auto show -- and we're willing to travel to do so -- but can't seem to find which auto shows will feature the 2020 Explorer. Is there a website that presents Ford's auto-show schedule and indicates which locations will have the 2020 Explorer on display? I know most of the auto shows are supported by the area's Ford dealers, but "future" vehicles like the 2020 Explorer must be supplied by corporate. Correct?
  14. It will be appealed to almost 1/1000 of that once it heads to a judge.
  15. The worst one was the dude who was driving drunk, not wearing seatbelts (including passengers), went off the road and back on rolling his explorer. He and most of the others were ejected and killed. His family sued Ford claiming they should have used safety glass (windshield glass) on the side windows to keep him in the vehicle. And they won big. I know Ford appealed but that verdict was completely ridiculous.
  16. akirby

    10A vs 6M

    Drive a Ferrari or Porsche DCT and you might think differently.
  17. This will be appealed, as it should. The fact that he wasn't wearing his seat belt puts his own negligence front and center. This seems like an ambulance chaser attorney trying to strike it rich.
  18. This might be different than the other lawsuits if the engineers raised the issue and it was covered up. OTOH any tall vehicle is subject to rolling under the right circumstances. Was he wearing his seatbelt? If not then I don't think Ford should be held responsible at all. Stupid juries just feel sorry for the plaintiffs sometimes and ignore contributory negligence.
  19. https://www.yahoo.com/news/alabama-man-awarded-151m-ford-133605681.html Ouch... I'd really love to know specifics on this. 17 year old vehicle, person not wearing a seat belt.. what type of maintenance/upkeep was done on such an old vehicle.
  20. Zooks527

    2019 auto rev match

    No. All 2019s GTs with the manual transmission have the rev matching feature. Now, people who've spent the effort learning to heel-toe may want it off to stay sharp, but when you're teaching someone to drive stick, it's a nice thing to have. Or, for that matter, any time you just want to drive it yourself without having to think about it.
  21. PAG was a bit of a disaster but most of those brands probably wouldn’t be around if Ford didn’t buy them.
  22. 2018 AV Disengagement Reports are now available from California DMV. Waymo had the fewest disengagements (0.09 per 1,000 miles driven) and Apple had the most (871.65 disengagements per 1,000 miles driven). https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/autonomous/disengagement_report_2018
  23. That is world class irony, a car maker with a long-standing reputation for electrical gremlins going to all-electric.
  24. At least that shouldn't be something that comes back to bite them in the ass in a few years with a recall.
  25. Well depending if the Timberland trademark turns out to be-it might be a slightly less capable/more luxurious Raptor type trim?
  26. silvrsvt

    Focus ST

    Yeah I do have to say that Ford's current design direction for Sedans/Hatchbacks is pretty lame/boring as of late
  27. Vins

    2019 auto rev match

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