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  2. twintornados

    New light & medium duty news

    Dang!!! Every time I see a new post in this thread, I think, "Ooh, finally!! Word on the new 7X V8...."
  3. blwnsmoke

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I completely believe what you are saying and I believe Ford goofed on this. My actual order is the last one without the dvd.. The technology package and street pack are both listed at $0. I am under the belief that these options will be at least $3000-$4,000 more then what my order is. I was planning on holding off on getting one but with this order submitted with this pricing, I cant give this up. Already talked tonthe wife last night lol... so looks like June or July.. I know once they start production of customer orders, mine will be built quick as a Priority 1. I really wish I knew what the Track Pack was giving you... it says the Track Pack brakes are dealer installed in the order guide... so is it just better pads? Not enough info out there yet. If it is just pads, I assume I can just buy the pads at a later date if I choose too.
  4. I see Lentz's comments as self serving for 2 reasons: Toyota plan to continue sales in that segment, therefore it behooves him to toe the company line and predict adequate sales levels going forward. The other reason is Toyota seem to be suspiciously absent in BEV development, so one might infer that Toyota have not strategically bought into the BEV hoopla quite yet, and perhaps plan to continue down the path of hybrids and fuel cell development.
  5. HofstraJet

    2nd row car seat covers - bench?

    https://www.canvasback.com/ I know they make cargo liners and seat back covers and I’m pretty sure they have seat covers. I have used them for seat back covers for years. Very nice company and great quality products. I believe they make items to order, so if you need anything special, they hopefully can help. I wanted my seat back covers without the opening for the latch and they handled it for me. EDIT: Here are the bench seat covers: https://www.canvasback.com/index.php/bench-and-bucket-seat-covers/bench-seat-covers.html
  6. Henry Payne, the auto writer for the Detroit News, bought his Model 3 in Ohio. Cleveland i believe.
  7. Anyone had any luck finding solid seat covers for the 2nd row? Especially in a bench seat? Just wanting to protect them from our young kids ... at least for these first years. I am running into issues finding ones mostly due to having a 2nd row bench. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, you're probably right about the percentage of trucks vs. sedans up here in Northern Michigan. Full-sized pickups reign supreme. I suspect this is true for most rural areas.
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  10. ausrutherford

    New light & medium duty news

    VW and Ford are not getting into bed when it comes to those trucks. VW nor Ford is in a position in the partnership to tell the other not to produce a product.
  11. Joe771476

    New light & medium duty news

    I see the latest Ford truck commercials are promoting the theme "Built Ford Proud." But do you want to see real pride? Check out all the Turkish Ford Otosan videos on Youtube.....videos with engineers and CEO's proud of the Cargo and new FMAX. You'll see videos of the research and development facilities, test tracks, cute quirky promotional videos....you name it! You don't see that here in USA. Of course without a Class 8 offering, how can you be proud if you don't make a class 8 chassis worthy of a heavy duty COMMERCIAL fire apparatus protecting your community and children?! Or a school bus bringing your kids back and forth to school?! Or a tri-axle dump truck helping to build your highways and bridges!? What does Ford have here in the USA to be proud of? Some rinky dink emasculated mediums? Sickening.
  12. Here in Georgia, I’ve probably never seen more than three in a week. On average, I may see one per week. To be honest, though, I don’t really look for Tesla’s. They don’t make anything that I’m interested in.
  13. I've always thought Diesels in the 1/2 tons are dumb. Where I am now, Diesel is around $1 more a gallon than regular old unleaded. When you have an engine like the EB 2.5 that gets close to Diesel MPG and better performance numbers why would I spend more on the expensive Diesel? Especially since it has a higher up front cost, higher ongoing maintenance, and lesser performance.... And then you have the EB 3.5 which will kill the Diesel in every metric but MPG.
  14. This is why I won't buy any more GM products. Unlike many here I'm not a long-time Ford guy. I've had VWs, Audis, Infinitis, and even once owned a Saturn, but feel no need to give GM any more of my money as I already gave them a good chunk of my tax dollars in the bailout.
  15. Short c looks to be Puma and Maverick...... maybe factor in both for USA?
  16. There is another C crossover in addition to Escape and Maverick.
  17. akirby

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    I think it will start closer to $50K. They already said it would not only make a profit but have a good margin as well.
  18. They early EB's were fine too. Had some minor issues but are still great powerplants. I've got 2 of them and both have been stellar. One, a 2010 SHO that just crossed 129k with the only engine "problem" was a bad knock sensor which was replaced under warranty. Also have a 2011 F150 with the EB 3.5. 93k and it's great and tows our 10k camper great with plenty of power. They truly are great engines - the only thing missing is the V8 rumble but I'll trade that for the feeling when you put your right foot into it.
  19. My bet (and hope) is that the redesigned Nautilus, when it comes out in a few years, will have an upgraded interior (though I'm not a huge critic of the existing one -- I only wish it had a bigger touch screen and available head-up display) along the lines of the new Aviator and Corsair, along with 2.3EB as base engine (though for a variety of reasons they will probably stick with 2.0), 3.0EB as upgrade engine, and a grand touring plug-in hybrid super trim. My big wish is a switch to a rear-wheel biased AWD architecture, like the Aviator. ...not expecting the RWD, but still hoping.
  20. silvrsvt

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    Well I'm going to assume the Mach E or whatever they are going to call isn't going to be "cheap"-I'm thinking its going to start at 40K+, which means the Lincoln variant will be even higher.
  21. I believe the Short C is the Maverick, since the Escape is getting bigger. There are a couple postings of a new product that slots above the Ecosport-styling looks alot like the upcoming 2020 Escape with funky headlights. I'm assuming that is the high end B product that will be an easier sell in Western countries/China vs the Ecosport which is designed for BRIC countries.
  22. ice-capades

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Any time in the past, when the USOB opened and pricing was in the WBDO system, the pricing was accurate. This time there's no Price Level Code assigned and the pricing is substantially below the comparable 2019 Explorer Sport 4WD. Could Ford really be this aggressive with pricing on the new 2020 Explorer ST? Sure, maybe but very doubtful. If anything, there's always a price increase however small at times. If anything, there's almost always a price increase at the end of the Model Year so that the new model price increase looks smaller by comparison. I was going to price out a 2019 Explorer Sport 4WD with similar equipment to your order but the WBDO system is completely down this morning. Ford IT does their system maintenance on late Saturday night/Sunday morning for what it's worth. Anyway, I pulled a window sticker to use as a quick example of why I'm questioning the 2020MY pricing that's in the WBDO system. The MSRP on the attached 2019 Explorer Sport 4WD is $54,525 vs. $51,155 for your 2020MY Explorer ST 4WD and your order includes the $1,995 DVD Entertainment System which the 2019 Sport doesn't! No question that you'll have a great deal on the 2020 Explorer ST at those prices! No doubt, I'll anxious to see what the introduction prices are when Ford releases the actual 2020 Explorer Price List. Just wanted to provide this information to explain why I'm questioning the 2020MY that's in the WBDO system. 1FM5K8GTXKGB0014313_WS.pdf
  23. ice-capades

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide hasn't even been released yet so pricing is a non-issue still.
  24. No question that we'd all like to forget 2018 and look forward to the new product later this year. But the new product won't arrive until the 3rd and 4th Quarters and it'll take time for enough inventory to be in stock before the new model sales kick in. In addition, Ford needs to make sure that they do enough advertising to support the new model launches. Unfortunately, any time Ford's looking to cut costs they usually trim the marketing budget. And with all the talk about how much more successful GM's being profit wise with a rate double Ford's, those of us here know that a lot of that is because of the GM taxpayer bailout. GM's debt was wiped out so, of course their financials are going to look better.
  25. Also getting the Mark E..
  26. falconlover 1

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Ford Europe needs a car to replace the C-Max and to compete in the small C segment crossover market. In Europe the C segment crossover market is splited in two sizes. The Kuga will be the "big" C crossover and a new car will be the "small" C crossover. Even the B segmant crosoover market is segmenting in two sizes! here, Ford has the Ka+ Active , the Fiesta Active and the EcoSport, that cover it very well. But the C segment needs attention.
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