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#645228 *CURRENT Tracking Rules*

Posted by cyberdman on 27 September 2010 - 07:10 AM

I've done some house cleaning and consolidation and added in a few new items to take notice of. Please review the items below for changes / updates.

1.) I request that you subscribe to this thread if you haven't already. Click the little button at the top that says "Watch topic". That way I'll get no frantic responses from any of you that don't keep up with this and ask me a million requests when I am gone or on vacation that I have already said I won't be available. You will be automatically notified as long as you have your forum / board settings set up properly.

2.) There are a number of you that have come to this forum for only the purpose of tracking and have in a sense spammed the forums with silly banter in order to fluff up your post count to get in here and demand some tracking action. I would think that if tracking was that important, many of those of you would have read my rules and responded accordingly. I know how you feel ... it is just like Terms of Service agreements or software piracy acknowledgments - you know, those agreements in software programs that scroll on forever that those people ask you to read, but you don't and you just click "agree" anyway to get to quickly click on the next prompt. Humor me and read each and every rule. I ask for a reason and there are so many rule breakers I'm close to my wits end with a lot of you. The rules are here to assist me in helping you - that is it.

3.) If you break a rule, I am no longer going to give you a kind reminder. I am simply just going to ignore your request. If you find you are being ignored, then you did something wrong. Figure it out. Re-read the rules you were supposed to have read in the first place. Then, once you are ready to comply properly, you can re-bump your thread properly. I am not going to respond until you do.

4.) I am sorry, but some of you are taking extreme advantage of my generosity and this free service I offer on my own time. Those that do are ruining it for everyone else. From now on: Absolutely no more than ONE (1) update per tracking thread, per week. I don't care if you are in the process of shipping, or have started production. You plan it out when you want to hear from me, but no more than once per week. I don't care if your lease is expiring and you need to know tracking info so you aren't left without a vehicle. Get a clue - If you are to the point where you need to know where your vehicle is in production because you may/will be left without a vehicle to drive - you have definitely already screwed up and have extremely poor planning that even I can't help you with.

5.) All PMs asking about information or updates will be deleted no questions asked. I thought this was clear, but apparently it is not. I don't care if you can't figure out how to post in this forum. No PM's about updates, period!

6.) I am not ignoring you, but at the same time I am not baby sitting your vehicle tracking either. If you want an update, bump your thread. If I haven't gotten to it in a few days, please re-bump - it may have fallen off my list of new updated topics.

7.) If you start to become annoying by wanting timely minute-by-minute updates of any fart that happened during your production run or shipment - please stop posting and see your dealer. I am not a service, I do this in what little free time I have because I want to. Please don't make me not want to do this anymore. If you respect my free time, I'll respect your request - it is pretty simple. You don't own me and I don't have to respond.

8.) I have to be at work to do this and I'll typically handle most requests in the morning. Don't ask me for a weekend update because you won't get it.

9.) If I have previously given you an update and in that update there was a specific date listed of something to happen next in the production run, please don't ask me for any more updates until that date has passed. I waste a ton of time with folks wanting updates to production dates I have given you when that date hasn't even happened yet - there won't be any changes. Please be smart about it.

10.) I am not the plant, delivery system, production scheduler or your dealership. Don't ask me to estimate any type of dates or time frame for you, or why things are such and such or taking so long. I can't and won't. There are a million and one variables in what happens with your order - things take as long as they take.

11.) I provide vehicle locator updates - status updates that can be found in your vehicle visibility report. That is it. Don't ask me to provide you with anything other than that, i.e.: no build sheets, window stickers, production schedules, etc. You can look up your own window stickers.

12.) Do not make multiple threads for updates. Stick to one thread per VIN / Dealer Code-Order Number for updates. You want to follow a second car you have ordered, make a new thread for that vehicle. Repeat, do not make multiple threads for the same vehicle - even if you've provided incorrect information the first time. Just correct your mis-information in an update to your thread. I will get sick of figuring out which one I need to respond to and just not respond to any of your threads.

13.) I am a human, not an internet robot. I appreciate civility and I enjoy pleases and thank yous. However, please keep the extra chitchat outside of tracking info to a minimum because it helps me sort through threads I haven't upated yet and ones I have.

14.) I do not want anything in return for this. However, after all this work for you, my only payoffs are, 1 - knowing you are happy, and 2 - seeing that final picture of the vehicle I helped you follow for weeks on end. Please don't forget the photo. I love that.

15.) I need a valid VIN, or dealer code and order number to track your order. Please quadruple check the numbers you provide me. I know they are a long string of numbers and letters, but reporting those numbers right the first time will makes us both happier.

16.) When you bump your threads looking for more info, please repost your VIN (or Dealer Codes and Order Number) within your bump.

17.) Do not come here looking for information if you don't have either a VIN or proper, correct Dealer Code AND Order Number. Don't try to give me a Dealer Code with your vehicle description and expect me to find your vehicle. In most cases it is a needle in a haystack. Without both - forget it. If you have your DORA, the Dealer Code and Order Number are both on there, do me a favor and give me both or forget it. Also know this, most dealerships order multiple vehicles -even different types, under the same Order Number, so I will need a description of your vehicle along with your Dealer Code AND Order Number - such as: type, engine, trans, body style, that is it. Don't give me packages or trim levels, those things don't mean squat to me and are not listed in the Visibility Report as trim levels, just a laundry list of options.

18.) I am only a partial admin on this sub-forum, I have no control over how it works and how you get here. I can organize threads, delete some junk and close topics, but I am mostly just a user like the rest of you. Forget all the conspiracy theories of what I am doing to you in why you can't post here or your threads disappearing or whatever related to how the forum works, it is just all B.S..

19.) If I give you a status and it is Unscheduled-Clean, that means you have a successful order in the system and it isn't scheduled (and who the hell knows when it will be - not me). There are a multitude of reasons something doesn't go right from that status to the line. It has to do with production schedules, plant availability, ordering priority numbers, where you live and that region / dealerships specific allowed allocation segments for that vehicle. I have seen Unscheduled-Clean status stay that way for weeks and weeks on end - even as long as 6 months depending on the availability of what you are ordering and speed of the plant, etc. etc. If I give you an update with that status, stop bothering me every other day for an update you won't get. From now on, when you are Unscheduled-Clean, I will provide updates no sooner than every two weeks, providing you bump your threads. IF you are upset about your vehicle being Unscheduled-Clean for an extended period, you need to work with your salesperson to try to adjust your order priority or find out what period your allocation unit is limited to.

20.) Enjoy yourself. If these updates start making you angry or hostile, or your attitude is making me angry or hostile, please go elsewhere and blow off some steam.

Thanks as always. Any comments will be deleted.
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#987489 What happened to Deanh?

Posted by Deanh on 28 October 2016 - 03:26 PM

All good lads, wont get into all the details, just had a loaded plate for a while, actually seemingly forever...call me Sleprock...ongoing battles with Insurance dealing with an 84 year old tenant driving through our rental in Dana Point snapping off a gas lines, rodents eating water supply lines in same house, Owner passed here at the store ( wonderful man for whom I have worked for for over half of my life!!! ) and that but skims the surface etc etc....main reason was the site just kept on locking my computer whenever I tried posting something, but seems fine now ( saying that before I hit POST )....and I must be becoming a crotchety old bastard as my patience wanes faster as of late.....so barring any hiccups Ill make a concerted to frequent more often....forgot how long its been. Some GOOD stuff on the horizon....cant wait to hear the scoop on Fords Model E...the Tesla bots are almost unbearable...Cheers boys Im BAAAAAAACK 

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#818777 New Fusion Owner Pics and Impressions

Posted by -Strike- on 11 December 2012 - 10:16 AM

My review so far; May be fairly long.

Ordered the car back in August to move into something new and more fuel efficient than my V8 Explorer, that was struggling to get 13-14 mpg highway. Tank of fuel a week was costing me in the $90 range, and it started to have some issues.

I ordered the car without seeing one in person, without driving one. And, only going by photos. They hadn't even hit the dealer floors yet when I jumped the gun and ordered the car, so I didn't know what to expect.

There was some delay getting going with the order due to selection of the wrong optional wheel package, which pushed the build date into Nov. Which, luckily enough for me it put me out of the TBD Black hole, and the car was built and shipped almost right away. I got very lucky.

Dealership contacted me, and told me they had a 13 Titanium on hand that I could come up and see, I did and test drove it for a few minutes, and I was excited. The cabin felt so secure and quite, I was in love. Furthered my anticipation!

First Impressions: I was contacted by the sister dealership to the one in town, and they let me know the car had just been delivered, and I could go up and see it and go over the deal. They handed me the set of keys and I went out to find it in the lot. There she was, all wrapped up in plastic, dirty as all hell and plastered in stickers. The day had finally come. Oh, boy was I excited. I went over a few things inside the car real quick. Checked it over on the outside, but didn't spend too much time with it. Figured I would wait until it was ready to go. We had made the date for the Saturday to have it ready to go.

I set the time for 9am Saturday morning, the car was due to have the windows tinted, plated and ready to go. I pulled in Saturday morning, and she was inside the show room, all shined up, windows tinted, plated and ready to drive home. My goodness the car looked amazing. I don't think I could ever forget that moment! We signed up the papers, went over the car, and I drove it home!

Now, here's for the information you've been wanting; Details!

Interior comfort:

Absolutely love it. The seats are very comfortable, everything feels like it was designed to be where it should be. There was some early reviews complaining about the center stack being in the way of your right knee, and some complaints that the LH foot rest is in a bit of an odd position. Honestly, I have no idea what they're talking about. I have not noticed one issue with the stack, nor feel uncomfortable with the foot rest.

Soft touch materials everywhere! It feels great inside. Materials are all quite nice and the fit and finish of the panels is great. The piano black surfaces is a nice touch, although as people said, I could see them scratching rather easily if you're not careful. Even the "plastic metal" pieces seem to fit well in there, and polish of the look of the car. The only area I noticed that feels a little cheap, would be the bottom of the door panels in and around the cup holder in the door, just a thin plastic material. That doesn't bother me much, because it's down low and you don't really have to deal with that everywhere.

The heating system is very nice, it was one of my areas of concern, as it gets flipping cold up here at times, and I wanted the car to get hot! My Explorer was always weak in the heat department, but so far the car warms up quick, and gets rather comfortable.

Rear seating does look like it could be a little small for some people, depending on the settings of the front seat, however I had my brother sit back there - He's about 6"3, 300lbs, big guy! He told me it was quite comfortable, even for his size, and didn't notice any issues with head room.

The ride on the inside is very smooth, and pretty damn quiet, there is a little bit of road noise on some road surfaces, but nothing major, overall I think it's pretty sound.

The 2.0 engine does have a bit of a growl to it when you let'r rip, which puts a little smile on your face as your head gently throws back!

The trunk space is quite large, although people have claimed it's not that big. It's true. It does have a low loading area, and if you're not careful you can or could hit your head on the trunk panel that lifts up, due to the design of the sloping rear window, it cannot go all the way back.

Same with the low roof line, if you're not expecting it you could have a kiss with the car on the way in. My friend did on the first day I brought it home, haha.

The wipers, lights, signals and such; The wipers take some time to get used to, as it's just a little different than what I am used to, once you figure it out, it's like there is no other way it should be. That and them opening from the center is different, but I could see it benefiting me in the snow, by pushing it up and off, rather than back down.

The highbeam and turn signal stock, again takes a bit to get used to, the tap down for three flashes is nice, full down for full signal, and it never has to turn to center, it's very, very different than I was used to, but it quickly became second nature. I like it.

Also, the little windows at the front, by your mirrors can catch you off guard some times, as at quick glance it appears as though there is something there, but it's just your mirror.

That, and I have noticed a slight distortion in the driver side mirror, probably due to the window tinting, plus the auto darkening film combination, doesn't bother me much now, but something I did notice.

And yes, those auto darkening mirrors work very, very well! I love it.

Exterior Styling:

Amazing, beautiful, stunning.. you name it. I have had so many looks from people it's not even funny. This car is definitely in a league of it's own here in terms of it's style. The low roof line, the aggressive front end, and even the broad sides.. Everything seems to flow really well. The one thing I did notice is the car really does look a lot better in person, up close, than in any photographs you can find.

The dual integrated exhaust, LED tail lamps, and the chrome finishes.. Just completes the car and give it more of an upscale look for the bargain of a price. I am impressed.

The headlights aren't bad. I find them a "bit" yellow for me, and a little dim, however that's just the properties of an H11 long life bulb, which can be an easy fix. The cutoff is nice on the projectors, and apparently, I drove past my father the other night going down a hill, and he complained the headlights were too bright! I laughed at him. May be something I'll upgrade in the spring if I still have the same thoughts, but overall it's pretty good, city drivers probably wont have an issue. I drive a lot of rural areas at night.

The tail lights; yes.. I love them. The Titanium only feature apparently. Looks amazing at night, they're so bright, you'd swear your brake lights are on. And they have a bit of an evil eye appearance, which is cool. It's unfortunate, this is only available on the Titanium. Definitely gives the car the little quirk that makes it stand out even further than it already does.

Also gotta love those H-Spokes! Gives the car a real sporty and aggressive stance.

Everything else, back up camera, heated seats.. just wow. I don't think I could honestly ask for any more. I already feel too spoiled!


Excellent! The steering is precise, accurate and feels very nice, not too weighted, and not too light. Seems to have a good balance of both. Only minor gripe, is you can hear a little whine sound from the electric motor when you're moving the wheel at almost a stop, but it's pretty quiet. Definitely has some good feedback. Nothing feels unpredictable.

The suspension is quite nice. It does have a slight firmness to it. Which I find great, gives the car a little more of a sporty feel, while not being overwhelming in any way. It's very smooth on the highway and handles the unexpected bumps with ease, you hardly hear anything in the cabin, nor do you feel it. Seems like a very well rounded system with comfort and quietness on the top of it's list. Everything feels very tight, with no feeling of ever pushing anything to it's limits. The car handles tight bends at reasonable speed with ease, with little to no body roll. I'm very impressed.

Engine Power:

I am very impressed by this; something I did not expect. But, but this little 2.0L I4 does really like to move. You kick it down, and it honestly throws your head back a little bit. Very smooth and refined power which I am not used to, so I have to be careful to watch my speed.

Normal in and around town driving it's great, has good pickup and power when you need it, and a smooth, effortless feeling when cruising around. Nothing feels harsh, or being strained.

The engine note is quite cute. It's a little 4, but it does have quite the growl to it, which is quite nice, and you do hear it on the inside. Something I love. I love to hear the sound of the engine, and what it's doing. When you throw it down on the highway, it really moves. I am quite impressed. I have not pushed anything to the limits yet, as the car is still new. But, I have a feeling this thing can have some pretty mean top speed.

Sync with MyTouch

So far, I have had pretty good luck with this system, everything flows out pretty nice, and there's a ton of options and settings, which can get rather confusing if you don't sit down and figure everything out. Voice commands, navigation, cell phone pairing.. everything has worked for me so far. I've only had a couple of minor issues. When I was down in an area with little satellite reception, I tired to search for genre in the menu, as it was searching I think the signal cut, and it continued to search, never finding results, or finishing the search, still sits there saying, "searching".

The other bug I've noticed, is when you're trying to connect to a wifi, or router or what ever. The letters are all blanked out for the password to the network.. nothing I can do fixes this, so I can't try that.

Sometimes, it defaults back to Stereo sound, rather than my last setting of Surround, and the odd time, it randomly changes sources to USB for what ever reason.

Voice commands take some time getting used to, but I have not had any issue with it not understanding me, and skipping a few steps, like saying, "Climate" "Set Temp 72 degrees" works really well, and simplify's the system pretty good.

The touch screen is nice, not too hard, not too light, though it's covered in prints already! All in all, coming from someone who has never used this type of system, it's very nice, and relatively easy to use. Even with a few bugs here and there, I love it.

Navigation System:

Used the system only a few times, and I am really impressed. Sure beats having the little guy suctioned to the windshield. Voice controllable, very user friendly and quite easy to set up. Very quick to update your location on the map, with no delays. I found my old Garmin, I'd pass an intersection before the map would show me even being there. Not much else I can say about this as I haven't used it too much yet, but so far so good.

Intelligent access

At first, what a pain in the ass! This took some time getting used to. But, now that I have figured it out, it works great, and is very neat. The first thing I noticed, is when I was trying to unlock/open the door, I tended to rub/press the lock area on the door handle at the same time, causing it to relock the door when I went to open it. Once you figure out that you just put your hand inside the handle and open it, it works, no tricks or anything, which I expected.

Simple lock of the doors is a small swipe on the hatches of the door handle, that's it.. which never really gives you the assurance that it is locked, and with my windows tinted, it's a little harder to see the LED's, which light up when it's locked.

Another thing I noticed, is that when I unlock my door, a passenger's door was still locked, and I would have to get in, press the unlock button to let her in. There's a setting in the LH settings menu for locks that you can change it to unlock all doors from the drivers side, which is awesome.

The push button start takes some time to get used to, there's been a few times I've caught myself reaching for the key in the ignition that isn't there.

The remote start feature is awesome, but also takes some time to get used to, it isn't a simple double press of the button on the fob. For mine, I have to press the lock button, sometimes twice to chirp the horn before it'll allow me to start the car via remote, which I couldn't figure out on the first day I tried it, figured something was wrong. And there's a ton of different settings you can change for the starting cycle, have the seats heat up, defrosts on or off, durations.. Quite nifty.

Fuel mileage

The car is still fairly fresh, not even close to a thousand miles on it, and I am already pretty impressed. It's not quite near the EPA numbers, or the advertised numbers here in Canada, but it's excellent for me. As I said earlier, coming from the big V8 Explorer that struggled to get 14 mpg highway, this is definitely a major improvement already. To be honest, what more could I ask for in a full time AWD vehicle. I knew it wasn't going to be incredible, or mind blowing in anyway. But, so far I am rather happy.

The one thing, the tank is smaller than my other vehicles, so it appears to me as though I am using more fuel just by looking at the gauge, but in reality, the fills are cheaper, and they're smaller amounts. I think my first fill up cost me about $51. Where as in my Explorer, (in the same driving time frame) would cost me a little over $90.

My best fuel economy so far has been 27-28 mpg doing a mostly highway trip in freezing temperatures and wet roads. I am very impressed. It'll be interesting to see what it'll do when it's broken in, and during the summer time.

When shopping around for a new car, I knew I wanted something smaller, more efficient, and AWD. My choices were rather limited cost wise. And full time AWD vehicles are never really that super fuel efficient. So far, I am really impressed. It may not be the best it can be, nor the best in class, it's still amazing for me.


All in all, I totally love this car. One of the best decisions I have ever made. The balance of comfort, style and cost is perfect. Again, the car is in a class of it's own. Fuel economy is great, standard features are plentiful and the level of quality you get feels great. For the relatively low cost of the Fusion, the amount of stuff packed in there is incredible. Ford has definitely made a great stride forward with this car.

The only downside, is some of the added options packs are a bit pricey, in Canada, the added packages are $1500 each, to the exception of the Driver Assist package, which is $1000. But we do make some savings on some stuff, as the 19" wheels are $500, and the Navigation is a bit lower. Again, the amount of car you get for your money is amazing.

If I were to jump back in time, I believe I would have still made the same decision. I have a few minor rattles in the interior, and by minor, I mean.. pretty minor, nothing that distracts or is very annoying. Simple fix I'd imagine, the exterior quality is very nice, paint work looks great, the car cleans up and shines like no tomorrow. Everything looks fit rather well, and the doors and hood close with a nice thunk.

To anyone who's still waiting on their Fusions, I'd urge you to continue to wait a little longer if you possibly can. Everyone throws out the term, "It's worth the wait". And let me tell you.. it certainly is. You will be impressed, happy and set in a car you will love and enjoy for a long time. It's unfortunate that the new Fusion launch has been affected by some of these early production problems and delays, dealers in my area still don't have very much stock, so it's hard to get them out there. Just remember, the cars will make it eventually!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I'll add more things to this thread as I think of it.
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#1029367 My New Mustang!

Posted by rmc523 on 16 April 2018 - 10:53 AM

With my Flex turning 9 this last November, I've been looking into new vehicles over the last several months and thinking about what to get.  I've mentioned a few different times on various threads about vehicles I've been interseted in - Mustang, Edge ST, Bronco, and Mach 1 have all been contenders (obviously some of those are further off than others) at various points.  Despite its age and having ~128k on it, I still love my Flex and have an attachment to it haha (I still give it "check that out" looks walking away/toward it), and love its' uniqueness, so the thought of parting with it has been hard.  I think that and the fun factor had me leaning in the adding a Mustang to the "stable" direction as opposed to outright replacing the Flex (with an Edge ST, Bronco, etc) at least for now.


With that in mind, I had gone for a walk with my brother a few weeks ago and we walked by the local dealer; they had a used white '17 Mustang GT Premium convertible with 20k miles, which seemed like a lot, but he and I wound up searching online and found a pretty much loaded white '17 GT Premium 'vert with only 8K miles on it for $33k.  45 mins away at a Chevy dealer for the same price as the one with 20k on it.  My dad came with me up to see/drive it.  We call to make sure it's there before going (it was), and we arrive and started looking at it.  The sales guy comes up and then says he'll get the keys so we can look at it.  The thing looks like brand new inside and out, so I wanted to drive it.....we pull it up to the front of the dealer (it was off to the side) so that he can copy my license before we go.  He comes out and says "bad news, someone has a deposit on the car and is coming to pick it up tomorrow."  So basically that ended up being a waste of time.


The casual search continued, looking through used models trying to find ones with similar low miles, and there were a few around the state, but none jumped out at me, and I wasn't in a rush to do anything either.  Then, I come across a listing for a new 2018 Lightning Blue GT Premium convertible in Tampa (4 hours away), and they're offering it for 8K off sticker because it's been on the lot for a while and they'd like to move it.  It had the 401A package (digital gauges, upgraded interior trim, heated steering wheel, navigation), active exhaust, and the 20" wheels (which happen to be the only ones I like of the 2018+ wheels).  The only thing it didn't have which I would've liked, but I could do without is the safe+smart package, which adds adaptive cruise control, BLIS, auto high beams, lane keeping, 3 seat drivers memory, pre collision/auto braking/pedestrian detection, and rain sensing wipers.


I call up, and they do indeed still have the car (and it's not sold this time haha), so this past weekend, I drove up with both my parents who wanted to come this time to check it out.  I drove it, and liked it, and after a ridiculously long time at the dealer (a few hours, not helped by banks being closed on the weekend/at that hour), came away with a 2018 Mustang GT Premium convertible in Lightning Blue.  I know you all want to see pics after suffering through my book here, so I'll put my initial driving impressions after the pics.  These aren't the best pics, as I haven't had a chance to clean it up from the bugs and take proper pics, but they'll do for now haha.


cZ7g1rK.jpg (You can see Flexy in the backround there ;) )









Now for initial driving impressions....


Though it sucked starting a 4 hour drive at 10:30 at night, having to drive it home 4 hours gave me time to experience it.


I think it's appropriate to start off a Mustang GT overview with the sound.....  :wub:  You can't beat the intoxicating V8/Mustang growl it has.  With this model having the active exhaust, you're able to switch between Quiet, Normal, Sport, and Track modes.  And there's a significant difference between the different modes - quiet is very quiet, while track is very loud.  I tried to set the quiet start mode for mornings, but it didn't seem to work this morning.....unless that was quiet start and it's just still pretty loud haha.  Making it loud is fun, but on a long drive, it's nice to throw it in quiet mode and slip along without too much noise.


Acceleration and performance is awesome - the 5.0 + 10 speed is a fantastic combo.  It's fun to throw it in sport+ mode and especially when slowing down and hearing it downshift through the 10 gears.  Did I mention the exhaust sound?  Didn't experience too many twisties on the journey home, but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with it haha.


Interior - awesome - this isn't the '05 Mustang here with hard plastics everywhere - materials are all of high quality, and soft where you'd expect/want it to be.  As I mentioned, it has the 401A package which offers the upgraded trim and floor mats.  While I wish it were the "midnight blue" option (which uses blue stitching and accents in the seats/dash, and would've been nice on the blue car), the gray stitching looks nice.  SYNC3 is the same setup as in my dad's Raptor.  I like it more than the MFT setup, as it's a very similar arrangement to my Flex's setup.  I do wish that the "controls" panel would stay up (or at least minimized to a short bar on the bottom) instead of having to click the "controls" button in the corner of the screen before then changing feature, but it's not terrible.  I LOVE the digital gauge cluster - MUCH better than the standard gauges/screen combo.  I'll do a more complete writeup another time showing the variations it allows, but it's really cool the ways it lets you customize the setup to your preferences.


Anyway, I'll save further rambling for another review type post in a few weeks or so.... hope you enjoyed the pics!

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#612242 constitutional convention

Posted by EnlightenMe on 29 April 2010 - 09:08 PM


Tim Rowe 453, Tim Donovan 425, Michael Donovan 327
Mary Springowski 307, Roy Escandon 301, Nick Gallogly 275 (alternate)
Herb Bennett 240, Jimmy Hall 239, Bryan Brummitt 231
John Pena 182, Bruce Yates 148, John Bado 148 (alternate) Brian Maust 137
Ron Rowe 135,Ken Kruse 119, Mike Piscione 104, Eddie Brezina 91,
Eric Gonzalez 64, Randy Johnson 57,Rebecca Arena 51, Andy Karbler 49,
Andy Karbler 35, Russ Childress 26, Ken Waldrop 21, Ken Waldrop 17,
Denis Burlingame 15, Paul Miller 8
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#975431 New Ford EcoBlue turbodiesel engine debuts amid diesel woes

Posted by RichardJensen on 26 April 2016 - 05:34 PM

They going to paint those blue in real life? I mean, probably not, but hey, it'd be kind of cool to bring back good ol' Ford Engine Blue

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#917051 Jalopnik: RWD Lincoln coming, and it's a crossover

Posted by akirby on 07 October 2014 - 11:58 AM


I don't believe that you'll see a CUV-style RWD/AWD Explorer any time soon. And doing anything like this strictly for Lincoln seems incredibly foolish.


Why do I have a feeling that quote will end up in somebody's signature?

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#831879 Useful resources for those joining the Ford Family

Posted by inkblot on 13 February 2013 - 04:25 PM

I'm fairly new to these forums myself, and as I look around the Welcome forums I see a lot of folks like me.
Someone who lurked here, doing research before purchasing their (next/first) Ford vehicle.  Someone who has (or is about to) take the plunge, maybe even special ordering their new car or truck.  Someone who can't wait to learn all about their new vehicle and don't want to pester their salesman until they get thrown out of the dealership.
So, I thought it might be nice to collect some of the useful tips I've learned the past few weeks.  These are some basic information gathering tasks you can do if you've ordered a new vehicle and can't wait until it arrives.  Undoubtedly, you've noticed the "Vehicle Locator By Ford Employees" forum.  While it's a wonderful and generous service provided by "someone on the inside," we must always remember it's entirely voluntary and never abuse the privilege.  With that in mind, here's ways to keep yourself occupied without needing to pester cyberdman.  :)
New Orders
When you make a new order for sale or lease, the Dealer (or possibly a Build Manager at their dealership) enters the order into the Ford system.  This will generate three things: an order number, the vehicle's VIN, and a projected build date.  When tracking your vehicle through the build process, a Ford employee can look things up by either the Dealer Code + the Order Number, or by the vehicle's VIN.  For most of the sleuthing we can do, we need the VIN.  So when you place a special order, try to get the VIN and projected build date whenever you can.
When looking into the status of your vehicle, you might bump up against some of Ford's tracking terms.  Some common ones are:
  • Unscheduled - Clean: means the order has reached FoMoCo, and is clean of any production holds.
  • Scheduled or Segemented: means the order is scheduled to a producton segment week.  Once you see this, they typically won't accept any further changes to the order.
  • You can find more terms here: http://themustangsou...iryGlossary.pdf
Window Stickers
One of the first ways to 'track' your order is by grabbing the Window Sticker from Ford.  There are two ways to accomplish this: first, by crafting your own URL.
Put this into your web browser's address bar:
Then put your VIN at the end of it, and hit enter.
You can also click through this link:
And simply type or paste your VIN into their form.  I believe they rely on the same system, but if you're paranoid use the first link; fordvehicles.com is Ford.
Now, just because you've placed a special order and gotten a VIN, doesn't mean the Window Sticker will work right away.  Window Stickers don't tend to appear until 4-7 days prior to your build date.  So this is the first way you can tell when your vehicle is ready to be built.
Aimed at auto techs, the FordEtis website is an online database for those who service and repair Ford vehicles.  It also provides information about specific vehicles by VIN.  And not just 'decoding' the VIN (where some basic options can be determined by the letters and numbers), but by actually pulling info from Ford's databases.


Go to http://www.etis.ford.com and click on the "Vehicle" tab.  Enter your VIN and click "Search."

First of all, don't panic if the vehicle it finds doesn't match what you ordered. Especially would-be Fusion owners. :doh:

Like the Window Sticker generator, your vehicle's info might not show up in the system right away.  

  • Early on, you might get errors that the VIN cannot be found.
  • Later, a simple entry might come up with just a few lines of data.  The vehicle type might be incorrect, and the build date will show: "30.11.0002".  Dates are displayed day/month/year, and 30.11.0002 seems to be a place holder until the actual build date is in the system.
  • Even more later, often on or just around your build date, the entry should fill out with more info, including your actual build date (note: it might not match the project date your Dealer gave you), as well as an expanding section called "Minor Features" which lists all the build options your order did or did not take.
Rail Tracking
And finally, if you've been on the forums awhile and use the Vehicle Locator by Ford Employees forum, eventually you'll learn when your vehicle is complete and placed on a railcar for shiping to you.  Like me, you're probably bouncing off the walls at this stage wanting to get your hands on your hot, new, little car or truck.  How to do it?
If you post to the tracking forum for an update, and you get a message like this:


In Transit - Shipped Rail - Railcar # ETTX711123 (Ferrocarril Mexicano S.a. De C.v. ) Ramp 54, Hermosillo Asy, SO Feb-07-2013, 19:00 MT.


Your vehicle is on the move.
  1. To track the railcar, call CSX at 1-800-235-2352
  2. When prompted for location or weight, press 1 or say "location".
  3. When prompted for the car initials, say "ETTX" or press 32-81-81-92.
  4. When prompted for the car number, say or press your 6 digit ETTX car number.
  5. When prompted for the next car, press ## or say "Done".
A recorded voice will tell you the last known arrival or depature location of your railcar.  Most times, it won't provide an ETA (and anyways, it's likely not an ETA related to your vehicle specifically).
Some friendly Customer Service reps have Facebook accounts where you can ask questions.  Keep in mind, this is publicly visible, so I wouldn't go posting anything you don't want the whole world to see.


I'd like to thank all the kind and knowledgable folk on these boards, from whom I was able to compile these tips and tricks.  If anyone else has any tips or info, please post below.  Mods, if you feel this would be useful, could you make this topic a sticky?  Thank you!

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#615830 BC Fired for Theft, Grievance Withdrawn & $70,000 Buy-Off Given

Posted by WRH on 20 May 2010 - 02:03 PM

Level brother no disrespect but your a international rep and your not in the plant. Since you want facts heres some. Theres a lot of us that are pretty pissed off about this deal. There had to be some kind of deal cut with the company and the union because the company don't do nothing for free and we're gonna be the ones paying for it. Everyone at OHAP pretty much knows that this asshole stole money from people getting packages if they were taking it voluntary or because they got fired. Then he goes and steals checks from people who retired. What kind of person does this? Why is it still a issue? Because his brother is our standards rep and our standards are fubar and its got a lot of us wondering if this was also part of the deal. He steals and gets caught and then gets a nice chunk of change and is working at another UAW plant and is going to run for chairman there? And this is stuff that Fred is saying! He doesn't hide it! Its almost like he's proud of it. He was telling some of us that he was actually trying to get his job at our plant back. The facts are that this is bullshit. I just found out that this stuff is public record now so I'm going to find that public record and see the facts myself. Trying to throw other people under the bus like you did is just wrong. How do we trust someone like you now whos a rep but is taking sides? Pretty biased! These guys may be friends of yours but they are no good. Let Fred fight his own battle. Your not helping matters either by keeping it going and bringing other people into it. People say that unions are corrupt and this makes the case for it. Defending him makes you look corrupt too.
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#982946 New (to us) ride for the wife

Posted by papilgee4evaeva on 20 August 2016 - 05:06 PM

After being a member of this forum for the better part of a decade (maybe longer?), I'm proud to say that today we became part of the Ford family.  :)


My wife's 99 Maxima had pretty much run out of usable life (read: I can't be bothered to fix it now), so we needed to go out and find her another car because there's no way I'll be able to give her rides to work since we moved.  Long story short, she ended up wanting a Fusion in Ruby Red, with all the toys.  After about a week of headaches and near misses, we brought one home today.  We're calling this her week-late birthday present.  ;)


2013 Ford Fusion Titanium, Ruby Red w/black interior, every option but AWD.  I expect her to have fun with this one, especially the modernity of it all compared to her Maxima.


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#967925 Lincoln is bringing back the brown

Posted by fuzzymoomoo on 27 January 2016 - 06:36 PM

I think I put the left rear door on that car
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#951287 Cut the Bull

Posted by blazerdude20 on 01 September 2015 - 01:15 AM

I don't what the freaking deal is between some of the posters and moderators around here but people seriously need to cut the bullshit arguing out. It's tired and drives useful posters away because no one wants to wade through the petty arguments of some old guys on a car forum. You want to attack each other then meet up in person and settle it but otherwise STFU and get back to Ford vehicle discussion.

- no personal attacks or jabs.
- no need to twist words of other members trying to share their points
- if someone can't follow the basic rules of an online forum, suspend them.
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#928226 Joined the Dark Side

Posted by Anthony on 23 January 2015 - 06:17 PM

Yup, finally....after over a decade of imparting my wisdom of Chrysler branded vehicles upon this forum, I have joined the dark side.


After years of hearing from your guys how horrible the transmission shifted and how dumb the central locking system was and how disorganized the controls were, I needed verify it for myself.


So I went and bought a new Ford Focus hatchback today (Yeah, yeah yeah). 


My one prerequisite for a vehicle was for it to be a hatchback.  I didn't need a full fledged CUV / SUV, so that left me a bit limited in my selections.


So what the heck, I figured I'd take a look at the Focus hatch before I went and looked at anything else.  Well, let's just say I didn't need to look at anything else.


I loved it!  I got an Ruby Red SE hatch back with the 201A package (leather seats, ambient lighting, chrome fog lights, automatic, leather steering wheel and shifter, overhead console, etc...), Winter Package (heated seats and mirrors) and Keyless Entry Number Pad thingee and the dark 17" aluminum wheels.


The deals Ford is running to get rid of the 14's are REALLY good.  Like stupid good.  Totally stress-free experience.  Did all the negotiating over email and went in and test drove it and signed the papers.  No haggling or garbage (they did try to sneak in VIN etching which I had them take out).


The test drive hooked me on the driving feel.  It doesn't feel like it has much on the bottom end, but I didn't punch it either.  I'm more in tune with the MPGs than the HPs.  I dig the whole SYNC thing from what I played with.  It has the smaller screen (MyFord) which was pretty cool (again didn't play with it a whole lot).


Here's a crappy pic taken with my potato phone, I pick it up on Thursday.  I dig those wheels.


Posting the monthly sales numbers next month will be bittersweet.  ;)









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#921233 Car and Driver Reflects on the Taurus SHO

Posted by Pioneer on 20 November 2014 - 09:36 PM

I had a '95. My ex talked me into trading it in on an Explorer for her around '00. Looking back, I should have kept the car and got rid if her.
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#910466 RIP Nick... Passed away 7/15/14

Posted by atomcat68 on 16 July 2014 - 06:37 PM

Even though most of us never met, you do seem like a group of friends. Any loss of one of you is tough.


Use this to remind ourselves that we won't be here forever. Remember that no matter how much we argue like children on this forum, please remember you may be speaking to someone for the last time and don't write something you won't make amends for later. All of us have more in common than we think or we wouldn't all keep visiting here. If there is something to learn from this passing, let it be this.


I wish Nick's family well and I hope they can find support and comfort in this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss.

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#888788 Official 2015 F-150 Release

Posted by Anthony on 15 January 2014 - 11:02 AM

Slow morning in the office.



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Posted by Long forker DTP FINAL on 13 March 2012 - 05:30 PM

I got $15,675 after taxes

you are a d--k head!!!!!!!!
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#764296 Burning Koran = killing people and we apologize?

Posted by RangerM on 25 February 2012 - 09:35 AM

I find it interesting that a liberal always has to come between two right wing religious fanatics and try to smooth things over.

The burning of the Quran was stupid and ultimately it only inflames those already mad at us and drags those with a Wahhabi mindset into attacking our soldiers.

I'm tired of these conservative nut cases trying to make our soldiers in Muslim countries vulnerable because their non serving ass doesn't like Islam. Obama shouldn't apologize he should load up the Quran burners and let them loose in Kabul or Sadr city to do their work. See how long they last then.

As I heard the story, the soldiers who burned the books were burning refuse (ie. they were acting as garbage men). The presence of the Korans was either unknown (to them) or the destruction (since they were already in the trash) not known to be an affront; much less one worthy of killing innocent people.

I have no idea where you'd conclude "that a liberal always has to come between two right wing religious fanatics", but I know that you don't see large numbers of other religions' followers going out and killing others over the destruction of an object.

I see Obama apologizing to Muslims in other countries, and subjugating Catholics in this country. Tell me how I'm wrong.
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#1036304 Ford/VW In Talks to Develop Vehicles Together

Posted by fordmantpw on 20 June 2018 - 11:10 AM

Seems clear VW would get access to Transit vans.  Not sure what Ford would get from VW.


New diesel exhaust emission control software.  ;)

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#1011071 2018 Mustang can get 32 MPG

Posted by akirby on 10 October 2017 - 08:26 AM

Duct tape will be part of the Aero Package?


And you people say Nascar doesn't contribute any tech to passenger cars........

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